Punch Newspaper: Cyber-bullies on the Prowl [ICT Clinic Page]

As I settled down to write this piece, it struck me to do a quick search on twitter on this subject matter, which is certainly a cause to worry for parents, I found a number of tweets and the one that struck me the most, read: @Private_Eye1 #Cyberharassment and #Cyberstalking are the fastest growing internet crimes, and law enforcement is unprepared for its onslaught.

From the above tweet, there are other terms used to describe this worrisome trend and don’t you for once assume that Nigeria is exempted from this evil.

Cyber-bullies on the prowl

A few weeks ago, some parents and ICT experts gathered for the “Parents Cyber-safety awareness seminar at Radisson Blu Hotel” under the auspices of FBI Initiatives and the Lagos State Ministry of Communications. Mike Saunders, a South African based ICT expert did great justice to the subject matter, so much that I left the event more fulfilled as an attendee than a speaker. This piece is largely credited to him for the fresh insights he provided.

Every child holding a smartphone or tablet device is at risk and my intention is to throw more light on what parents should know and to be on the look-out for. These predators are everywhere and they are particularly after young children or teenagers.

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