Top 10 Free Cloud Backup Service

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No need to emphasize the story how important data backup is, a number of occurrence can burst you into tears as you see your data destroyed on your device especially when they will be irretrievable.

Some of those accidents that may make you lose your data permanently involves;

1. Mistaken deletion of files
2. Virus attack which may eat up your files.
3. Sudden crash of hard drive
4. Theft or misplacement of your computer or device etc.

There has been the conventional way of storing data which I may refer to as the offline method, and such involves, the use of External hard drive, floppy disk (now obsolete), flash drive, memory cards, CD/DVDs etc. As technology grows, there is now a new method, and now we have a number of them, that is, the use if online drives called Clouds for data backups.

Here are the best 10 free cloud backup service for your use;

1. Dropbox

Dropbox cloud backup service is coming first because it seems to be leading the cloud backup service industry. The service is unique because of the way carefully utilizes the user bandwidth. Dropbox will only sync a part of the file that changes.

This cloud backup service offers a 2GB free drive space with a 500mb for every referral made. On the premium, it costs $9.99/month for a 50GB space, or $99/year and $19.99/month or $199 for a 100GB. Unlimited space for tea plans goes at $795/year. Dropbox cloud backup supports; Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Blackberry. It enables web access and online sharing.

2. Google Drive

Released in April 2012, the Google Drive cloud backup service is built on the Google Docs tool. Users are able to review previous saved files. The online cloud backup service utilizes the Gmail and other Google products.

It offers a 5GB free cloud space and a premium goes for $2.49/month for 25GB while the 100GB goes for $4.99/month, 16TB users pays $799.99/month. Google drive cloud backup service supports; Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. It also enables web access as well as online sharing features.

3. Microsoft SkyDrive

SkyDrive online cloud backup service by Microsoft became popular in early 2012, the service is packed for the launch of the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone. The SkyDrive is built on the office 2012 as well as its online version like OneNote. SkyDrive gives 7GB free space, 25GB for users registered before 2012 upgrade. You pay $10/year for 20GB, 50GB space goes for $25/year and $50/year for 100GB.

This cloud backup service supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Windows Phone 7, also Microsoft-approved third party apps for Android. It offers online sharing as well as web access.

4. Amazon cloud Drive

You can upload any file type on Amazon cloud backup system, although it has high optimization for music files. This cloud Drive works with the Amazon retail operation, any music you purchase through filters to your computer through a download tool linked to cloud Drive.

You get a free 5GB space on this cloud backup service as premium users will pay $1/GB per year in increment of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000. This service is not available on the desktop clients while it supports Android, Blackberry, and Palm. The service makes use of web interface, but does not possess the sharing features.

5. Apple iCloud

Instead of folder synching, the Apple iCloud backup service stresses integration of data and app. iCloud integrates connected email, calendar, contacts and mobile apps across an account for the number of devices linked with the account.

The iCloud backup service gives free 5GB space including email and it does not support the desktop clients, of course, it supports the iOS, uses a web interface and enables online sharing.

6. SugarSync

This cloud backup service enables data sync to multiple devices, like the Dropbox, data backup is automated. You are able to view and share photos and videos on SugarSync. Users are able to publish photos to their facebook accounts with this online cloud backup service. It uses the 128 bit AES, utilized for online financial transaction ensuring encrypted version top level security.

It dashes a 5GB free space, premium subscribers pays $14.99 for 100GB. It supports Windows 7, Vista and XP with 512mb RAM, 100GB free disk space, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, 512mb RAM, 100GB free disk space, Android, iOS 4, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and Symbian. Web browser supported are IE7 or higher, chrome 8 or higher, Firefox 3.6 or higher, Safari 5.0 or higher.

7. Ubuntu One

Integrated into Ubuntu Linux, the Ubuntu One cloud backup solution has special features for contact synching and notes making use of the Tomboy program within Ubuntu. Ubuntu One supports music streaming, offers a 5GB free space premium users pays $2.99/month or $29.99/year for each additional 20GB. Ubuntu One cloud backup service supports Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Android, iOS, enables web interface and online sharing features.

8. Box

Providing a robust consumer experience, Box cloud backup system can be run on three account types: Personal, Business and Enterprise.

Box offers a free 5GB space and premium subscription attaches $9.99/month for 25GB and $19.99/month for 50GB. No support for desktop users but supports Android, Blackberry and iOS. Enables web access platform as well as online sharing.

9. SpiderOak

Amazingly, SpiderOak cloud backup service gives out 50GB for a successful referral as bonus, data here are password protected. You will have to pay for other machines added in other cloud backup service, but at SpiderOak, it is completely free. You get a 2GB free space, premium involves paying $10 per 100+ GB storage space. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and OpenSUSE), Android 2.0, Blackberry and iOS. It runs on all modern web browsers.

10. Wuala

The Wuala cloud backup service is guarded by a military graded security. Files are encrypted at your machine before transmitted and stored at multiples servers. This service is expensive, but highly confidential in its features.

Wuala Cloud backup system offers 2G free space and subscription to 500GB costs $499/year. This application runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android 2.1, iOS 4.2 and later, and support modern web browsers and enables online sharing.

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