Celebrating yet another Birthday

Its a few minutes past mid-night and I am right on my bed, writing this post using evernote (one of my most productive tools) on my blackberry phone. I can only but marvel at how the world has evolved and keeps evolving and how I have also evolved right from the day I was born to this point.

So, here I am again celebrating another July 10th – a day God Almighty deemed it fit to bring me to mother earth. It’s been a fascinating year so far and I know it can only get better. Believe this because as a July kid I can assure your will bring joy in certain region – can you imagine how many Nigerians are headed out of the country this period? 🙂

I am grateful to God for life and for the wisdom to start this blog 4 years ago and looking back I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions of my life, more valuable than even the money I set out to make online.

Celebrating yet another Birthday

I love to set goals because of what I have to BEcome to meet them. I encourage you to set some great goals today trusting God and your guts that it is achievable.

Let me share 5 things that I have done and doing in order to surpass my goals in certain aspects of life:

1. My Book on Internet/Social Media will hit the book stands within the next 30 days.
2. Training to become a UK certified Life Coach.
3. Training to become a UK certified NLP practitioner.
4. Now a member of Lighthouse Toastmasters club.
5. Reading to earn a diploma in digital marketing as well as become a member of the chartered institute of marketing UK.

Each of this 5 activity are all geared towards residual income, increased authority, a more excellent communicator, increased speaking opportunities, international expansion and much more. So watch this space 🙂

So, let me conclude by thanking my friends, visitors of this blog and family members for their prayers and support – one assurance I have and can boldly profess is that it can only get better for us all by the grace of God.

I love you all!!!