4 Lessons from a Visit to Ikoyi Prison, Lagos

It is indeed a visit that left me wondering how important it is to live right and stay on the right side of the law. How would you explain a situation where people are spending the better part of their productive years in confinement?

For all those that are free, how much value can you really place on freedom? The fact that you can move around freely whenever you wish is often times taken for granted.


My church decided that we would pay a visit to Ikoyi prisons so members were asked to give whatever they could, from provisions to clothing to personal utilities and so on. As the day approached, our Reverend always reminded us of the need to make out time to join other members of the church for the planned visit to the prison.

I thought to myself that it will be a good time to visit a prison for the first time in my life not as an inmate thankfully but rather as a visitor and it was truly a very humbling experience.

The 2 places that I believe should humble the average haughty mind are Hospitals (especially specialist hospitals) and Prisons.

So I made up my mind to join other members despite the fact that I was extremely tired due to my busy schedule. One of the things I promised myself is that I’ll not allow being somewhat popular make me lose my sense of staying sane and humble. I saw this visit as one cool way to keep reminding of myself that without the grace and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ I am NOTHING!


We took off from the church premises and as we were heading to Ikoyi prisons some thoughts ran through my head, what should I be expecting? How would I counsel the inmates without allowing my emotions give way? What if we were attacked by a frustrated inmate? What happens if a riot breaks while we were inside? Frankly, so many thoughts ran through my head but I guess it was just a case of my mind playing tricks on me. Thankfully, we arrived Ikoyi prison sooner than I expected!


As we made our way into the prison environment proper, the first impression was the foul smell that welcomed us, which immediately reminded me that you’ve come to a place where people are live are restricted in all ramifications and condemned by the law. At the Prison’s gatehouse, we were searched and given tags that must not be misplaced otherwise you won’t be allowed out.

Personally, I did learn some lessons from this visit which I’d like to share.

1. Freedom is Awesome

Whether it is freedom from the mind, spirit, soul, poverty, sickness, depression, oppression, sin, pornography, youthful vices etc. Right then and there, I concluded that certain people don’t understand what it takes to be free and might therefore not be willing to do what is takes to stay free. Seeing those inmates made me reinstate my resolve to stay free in all aspects of life.

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