Are you aware everyone is Going Green?

Therefore, I am starting a category – Saving Mother Nature as part of my personal Social Investment (also Corporate Social Responsibility) to the world. Sometimes I stop to wonder, what the world will look like twenty years from now? If mankind continues with this level of degradation on planet earth, would there be a pleasant world for the next generation to inhabit? Every other day whether on the Internet or TV we hear of one story or the other, that is all but related to man’s insensitivity to nature. The going green revolution has come to stay.

Individuals and Businesses are encouraged to grasp the importance of going green, in order to gradually reduce the negative impact of climate change and co2 on the environment.

Going Green United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) came up with the Green Economy Initiative (GEI), designed to assist governments in “greening” their economies by reshaping and refocusing policies, investments and spending towards a range of sectors, such as clean technologies, renewable energies, water services, green transportation, waste management, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and forests.

Greening the economy refers to the process of reconfiguring businesses and infrastructure to deliver better returns on natural, human and economic capital investments, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions, extracting and using less natural resources, creating less waste and reducing social disparities.

Below are some consequences of not going green;

  • Climate Change
  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Natural Disasters
  • Increased poverty
  • Negative impact on Human health

Consider this:

Climate change, as United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner has said, is “the challenge for this generation.”


We must understand that going green is a collective effort. We should learn the life lessons. Even if I decide to care less about the obvious truth, then I should watch out because the mother nature may react again and it may be around me.

There is an old African proverb that says, “if you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” We have to go far, quickly. We can solve the climate crisis. It will be hard, to be sure, but if we can make the choice to solve it, I have no doubt whatsoever that we can and will succeed.

— Al Gore

Going Green is a reality we should accept.

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