CFA and Prof Pat Utomi

What Prof. Pat Utomi has to say about CFA?

Recently, I was invited to speak at Prof Pat Utomi’s Role Model Forum along the Chairman of Access Bank and CEO of C&I Leasing. As you would expect I was the last speaker but I delivered with some much passion and wisdom that most likely led to this letter of appreciation.

God Almighty has been so kind in ways I cannot explain. I am not the smartest or wisest kid out there so I understand and accept the place of grace in the life of any man.

Am I sharing this to blow my trumpet? Not at all.

So, why am I sharing it? I am sharing it for two reasons;

  1. Help people strive to become the best they can be because you see most times people get lifted when they read stuff like this which is the idea behind this blog.
  2. Also, let people understand the power of goal setting. I set a goal for a 100 speaking engagements this year and from nowhere I am receiving various invitations to speak.

Am I a great speaker yet? Not really, I am WIP (work in progress) but here is what Prof. Pat Utomi had to say after my speech at the Centre for Values in Leadership’s Role Model Forum:

The Founder and Management of CVL wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for honouring our invitation to share your experience with our young professionals at the January 2013 edition of the CVL Role Model Forum.

The story you shared and lesson drawn from it has been described as a masterpiece that will remain a point of reference for all time. Thank you for sharing your presence and thoughts with us. We are proud of your acceptance to be our partner in sowing the seed for a better future – a just, fair and humane society for us and for our coming generations.

Our participants were really inspired by your life experience. We look forward to more collaboration with you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

For: Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL Ltd/GTE)

Pat Utomi (Founder/CEO) and Uchenna Achunine (COO)

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