What Ambitious Small Business Owners Should Learn from Accidental Entrepreneurs

One trouble, two small notes, LinkedIn website and then the emergence of a top entrepreneur…entrepreneur

The above line is not just a phrase but the phases of the problem faced, the actions taken and the entrepreneurial service organization that eventually surfaced for Henk van Ess.

Henk needed to find a way of extending the life of his new iPhone battery and he sent an enquiry note to some LinkedIn groups. The best answer to his enquiry came from a Chinese manufacturer representative. Subsequently, he bought a new iPhone battery based on the information provided by the company representative.

Having been satisfied with the use of the battery, Henk posted a message, again, on LinkedIn saying:

“You hate the battery life of your iPhone? Perhaps I have the cure.”

The outcome of this message made Henk an accidental entrepreneur serving the Chinese company as a distributor of iPhone batteries.

Elizabeth G. Saunders was more than once in and out of the corporate world. She never realized that on her ‘last’ job quitting, the emails sent to her colleagues asking them to help join her in another job search would only be drawing opportunities of contract businesses to her.  Taking the unintended business route, Elizabeth became an accidental entrepreneur.

Rebecca Matthias was fed up with old-school maternity outfits when she was pregnant of her first child.  Her quest for chic outfits for pregnant women accidentally led her to become the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of her own retail empire.

In other to enjoy how one can hit a business through fanciful ideas for enterprises, it may be good to cite more cases of people who have unconventionally or unintentionally become Entrepreneurs. However, more interesting than that is to draw out the inspiring attributes found across the above cases and many more which aspiring Small Business owners must find very beneficial.

The cases of Henk, Rebecca and Elizabeth as narrated above and so many other instances of accidental entrepreneurs I studied are instructive that:

Turning to entrepreneurs by them happened accidentally by fun or by force.

While a high number of cases came about by being forced (those laid off their jobs, those having neither a job nor a business, those not making ends meet even while employed and mostly those who identified or personally faced one problem or the other), many other cases showed how new Entrepreneurs are born by fun (those tossing with their hobby and those trying – or are encouraged to try – to turn their ideas, interests, knowledge and skills to business).  The people in the latter category is apart from those who had their businesses in unplanned ways based on what many of us will call ‘luck’.

Rather than subjecting themselves to the pressure of their situations, those ‘forced’ into businesses, like Elizabeth G. Saunders and Rebecca Matthias, made their utmost by moving on and those who made their business discoveries like fun, such as Henk van Ess,  were not slack in heating their way up and in making a huge success in their ventures.

Note that at the onset, all the three people mentioned here and even in the cases not mentioned, never wasted any of the momentary opportunities that came across their ways.

The entrepreneurs really focused on filling people’s desperate needs.

The accidental Entrepreneurs took action and fit their products and services to the dire needs of people.

They shut out distractions.

The chance-based entrepreneurial venture owners did not have divided attention.  They shut out all types of distraction as much as they could to attain success.

Fun, force, luck,  any of these you can envisage along your business aspirations. Now that you are informed better, don’t fail to develop the readiness and the ability for catching the moments of your own transition to the entrepreneurial world.  Don’t fail, too, to stay sturdy in order to get to the top along with your own business, whether small or big.

Do you agree that the hints here are not what you can neglect in materializing your entrepreneurial aspirations?

Do you realize that there are so many ways being alert enough of opportunities coming your way can help you to become an entrepreneur earlier than you expect?

Like Henk, Elizabeth and Rebecca, you can also be an accidental entrepreneur.

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