Few tips on making the most of Twitter

Making the most of Twitter.

Twitter is important both as a networking and marketing tool depending on what your goals are. Personally, I use twitter for networking and then a bit of marketing, one strategy I use in social media which I learnt from some gurus is never sell anything in social media. That said, some people follow this strategy and a vast majority of others simply try to sell on social media networks. I really don’t blame anyone because it’s hard to resist such temptation, especially with the knowledge that one can reach thousands of potential clients instantly. It is a known fact that selling or trying to sell on twitter or any other social media networks is quite easy and just by making friends one can own a list of thousands of potential clients free of charge.

Over the years Twitter has become extremely popular, people ‘tweet on a wide variety of topics’ some on business, others leave it at a personal level, this list of topics goes on and on. Only recently, major search engines made a deal to show tweets in search results, this goes to show how well twitter is regarded today. Just by leaving your website details on your profile, you can attract a lot of traffic to your site. Each time I visit any twitter profile, my ritual is to click on the website link there, I am used to this and what it means is that if I find the service or product interesting, I could become a client.

Few Tips on How to make the Most of Twitter

Use automation tools wisely. One great thing about technology is that it evolves, who would have thought about ‘ghost tweeting’ a few years back? Well, it is real and here to stay, people use it a whole lot especially those with pretty huge followers. Now, there are also lots of automation tools you can use to automate your twitter account, now be careful how you use any of these tools. I highly recommend GoTwitr for anyone who wants to make the most of Twitter.

If you just started using twitter then it is your duty to spread the word and get to meet people. Invite friends and families, send out text messages, place it in your email footer, write blog posts, place a link on your website. Also use it offline, i.e. on your business cards. Just make it a point of duty to spread the news that you are on twitter.

Tweet Always. If you want to make the most of any social media network, then you should learn to update your profile regularly. People consider you as serious, when the see a fresh tweet on your account each time. Some tools can help you achieve this – you could try ping fm – but it is always better to visit your profile and tweet directly.

Lastly, It is advisable that you use twitter to build solid relationships with your followers. Don’t be the ‘pitcher’ rather become a trusted friend who would always post useful tips every now and then, because your twitter community will appreciate it more. Maintaining a cordial relationship with your followers is key to your online success.

Millions of people are making the most of twitter, so what is stopping you? If you find this useful, follow me on twitter – @cfagbata – be sure I will follow you back. Also, feel free to follow my mentor on twitter @Slava

Making the most of Twitter.