A Wrong way to Use Technology

A Wrong way to Use Technology!

Wonders they say never ceases, so is the case with a velocity alert from mashable.com that I received earlier today with the caption: Distracted by Facebook, Woman Falls Off Pier

I shudder when I read stuff like this, how on earth can someone get so hooked on Social Media that she would rather be hurt or die than to let go? Luckily for her she survived because she was rescued on time but here is another intriguing part of the story, according to local policy

“She kept hold of her mobile phone throughout the entire ordeal,” local police wrote in a statement.”

Now can you imagine someone drowning, unable to swim but yet held unto her phone as if her life depended on it? This is another sad way people allow technology to destroy their lives which defeats the very essence. What would be the use and value of facebook if Mark Z. designed and developed it for no good purpose other than to kill? So would you call this madness or foolishness?

Recently, I was in traffic and a woman who was driving next to us had both her phone and iPad on her laps, operating both of them while driving – I got a clear view of her because I wasn’t the one driving. I marvelled because she did not even bother about the fact that she was carrying her daughter who was not using seat belt, I suppose she assumed tha because we were in traffic therefore it was safe to use her devices while driving. How wrong can that assumption be?

A Wrong way to Use Technology

As far as I am concerned anything can happen in such a situation whether traffic or not, that is why we must all be careful when using technology whether software or hardware. Abuse is inevitable when we do not draw the lines. In the case of my country where a lot is attributed to supernatural forces more than carelessness, foolishness, insanity, indiscipline and stupidity. I call on folks out there including those who drive to be mindful of how they use technology and desist from using devices when driving because prevention is always better than cure.

Thankfully the woman who prompted this post is alive and I hope she has learnt a great lesson from this near death experience?

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Creative Commons Courtesy : Vít ‘tasuki’ Brunner

How Correct HTML Formatting can Improve your Blog SEO

Guest post written by C. Olson. To gain exposure by writing for us, read our write for us guideline.

If you want to improve the volume and the quality of traffic to your blog, you need to optimize your site for search engines. The means of SEO have been developing and evolving since the first search engine was introduced, therefore there exist numerous means of elevating your pages in SERP (search engine results page).

In this article we are going to dwell upon the simple means of optimizing which do not require sophisticated calculations and strategies yet can improve your site characteristics considerably.

1. Let There Be HTML

If you want your content to be found and listed in search engines, the original content of your blog must be in HTML text format. Flashes, Java applets and other kinds of non-textual information are often ignored and are less valued by the engines comparing to HTML. Thus if the image or a video includes the vital information you want to bring to customers, place HTML on the page in the form of transcript to the video or audio and add text supplements to Flash or Java content.

To see the indexable content of your page you can use special tools like Google cache or MozBar. You need to realize that what the visitors see and what is visible to engine is a horse of a different color.

2. <h2>Headings</h2>

Since the robot sees the page in a different way than we do, it is important to organize and emphasize the most important content not only in its visual look, but also in its source code. The usage of heading tags (h1- h6) is beneficial for SEO purposes of your site. Don’t substitute heading tags with ‘strong’ or ‘span’ tags, since these will work for humans only, not for the engine spiders. It is also recommended to use h1 tag no more than once per page (use h2-h6 for the further subtitles).

No one will punish you for h1 tag abuse, but the engine can be misled by the overwhelming titling. Frankly speaking, no one can say exactly how much difference will these tags bring to SEO, although in combination with other means it is quite effective.

3. Microdata is Macroeffective

Another effective method to make friends with engines and web crawlers is to use microdata to mark up the HTML source code. Actually, it is a code language that helps engine to better understand what your post is about. This is done with the help of conveying semantics and realizing the real meaning of a word in a particular context. The mark-up standard was introduced by the three leading search companies (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing) in the form of schema.org. Knowing the way it works you can make the best use of this innovation.

Actually, it will not elevate your site rankings, but it will increase the number of targeted visitors to your site.

Although Google does not use markups for ranking results evaluating today, this can change soon. Thus, with microdata you have a chance to optimize your site from before. If you are an owner of a large blog with many pages, it can take a lot of time and HTML changes to the code. In this case you will need to select the most important content and set the priorities. It is not difficult to learn how to use markups with the help of various video tutorials available online. Integrating microdata to your HTML will bring a list of potential advantages to your blog.

The aforementioned tips are a quick fix for your blog SEO, which do not require much time, effort and strategies, but may improve your rankings and increase traffic. Using correct HTML tags and seeing the page as an engine perceives it will help you to understand the more complicated means of search engine optimization.

Do you have better tips? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

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Creative Commons Image courtesy of Sebastian Fuss

Article submission

Steps in Article Submission

Article submissionWriting and publishing your articles to directories is a very good way of link building for any shrewd internet entrepreneur.

If you desire to learn how to go about article submission, then the below simple steps are for you:

How to Write an Article for Article Submission

  • Select a topic that you would like to write about.
  • Select the keywords that you need to use via using a keyword search tool so that your article can be optimized. (You can order a comprehensive keyword research service)
  • Write your article using your own words. If you are using an already published article as a guide, make sure that you do not copy it as that would be considered as plagiarism and can make search engines devalue your site. Most article directories accept articles of about 500 – 1000 words.
  • Proof-read your article and make sure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors
  • You may try to do a plagiarism check. There are many free tools available on the internet that will enable you to check the originality of your article.
  • Once you are satisfied, you may now proceed send your articles to the directories.

How to Go About Article Submission

  • First, you need to select the site which you will submit your article to. You need to make sure that it is a reputable site and that it is active. Active directories are frequently visited by different search engines in order to index any new content. It is better to choose popular article directories for successful article submission. My number one choice is Ezine Articles.
  • Sign up or register for an account with the Article Submission website. The sign up or registration should be free. If the site is asking you for payment, you need to find another directory. There are numerous directories for you to choose from. There may be a need to submit your email address as most directories tend to verify email addresses before they accept your sign up.
  • Follow the instructions of the Article Submission site regarding submission. Most sites allow you to copy-paste from your document file. Proof-read the article again and make sure there are no errors.
  • Review the article submission guidelines. There are sites that will accept only original articles so you may need to re-write your article in order to submit to these sites. Other sites are not as strict and you can submit the same article without any problems. However, do not submit the same article to too many sites or there will be problems with duplication. Some sites also do not allow any URLs in the article or title. Make sure you follow the guidelines.

Submitting high quality articles to directories is a time tested principle. Got questions or comments? Please use the comment box 🙂

3 Link Building Strategies to Boost your Traffic

Link building is a process that helps your site grow in influence. The number of quality links pointing to your site determines how search engines rank your site and individual pages.

Quality SEO services require you to carry out certain actions on a regular basis which includes Link Building. This is necessary to increase traffic to your website while providing your small business with a steady stream of prospects.

The beauty of quality Link Building is that it brings in quality traffic with a much higher conversion ratio and ROI. So, if you want to get maximum value for your money then speak to an affordable SEO company.

How Link Building works in SEO

When search engines crawl through the world wide web and discovers fresh content, it starts to analyze how the keywords and links are related based on trustworthiness.

One of the ways your site can gain relevance and trustworthiness in the eyes of the search engines is through your Link Building efforts i.e. the number of quality (one way) links pointing to your site.

3 Simple Link Building Strategies

There are a number of ways this can be done but here are 3 top Link Building strategies that I use for myself and my clients;

1. Guest Posts and Blog Commenting

This is a combo package that I recommend for starters because it works indeed. Oni of Youngprepro.com has proven that these are effective Brand and Link Building strategies because today this young man earns millions annually writing. Read the interview I had with him recently on making money online. He got started by submitting high quality guest articles to various blogs.

If you noticed, we also have a page titled write for us, that is dedicated to folks who want to submit guest posts and get two do-follow links plus high quality traffic in return. It works otherwise you won’t be reading articles written by our Contributing Authors or Guest Writers.

I visit a number of blogs on a daily basis and I have made a personal commitment to always comment on any blog posts I get to read from start to finish. This ensures that I continue building links for all my online real estate while enouraging the bloggers to write on.

2. Article Submissions

Personally, I have written 500+ articles across the internet, some good, some just there, but what is most important is that, before submission I always add a link pointing to any of my sites.

Article Submission is both a tool to build my personal brand and still do effective link building for my sites. It costs next to nothing to start implementing this strategy. All you need is to sign up for a free account on a site link Ezine articles.

If you have time limitations, then you should hire us to write these articles on your behalf. I guarantee you that the articles will be approved. Check out our services.

3. SEO Press Releases

I love SEO Press Releases as a Link Building strategy and this one strategy I am encouraging partners and clients to consider implementing.

Maybe I will start publishing press releases that I write here also, so that you can learn first hand how I get this done.

Note that there is a world of difference between PRs for online and offline purposes. As a professional SEO company, we will ensure that your press releases will be used to expand your brand as well as build relevant links to your site especially if you allow us submit to the top 100 PR sites in the world.

There are many other ways to do Link Building, all I have done here is share 3 that can get you started. Read SEO services article to learn more about the kind of quality services we can provide you.

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Are you currently building links? What do you think about link building as part of SEO services?