Importance of SEO Press Releases and Syndication for online marketing


Writing Press releases is no longer what it used to be especially if you are writing for online purposes. While a number of people have realized this, a vast majority still write Press releases the ‘old skool way.’

If you have to do Press Releases for online purposes then think SEO first, though it’s not compulsory, it is highly advisable so as to rank higher on the search engines.

SEO Press releases and syndication are an exciting combination for maximum brand building results and higher page rank at the same time. PR syndication helps SMEs to leverage the power of Internet due to the real time content and link syndication, which helps to generate more traffic for your website.

For Example: I frequently write SEO press releases about any development or any new service and I have them fully optimized for selected keywords and then syndicated to over 100 high page rank sites.

Some tips to consider when using SEO press releases and syndication

  • Avoid using articulate languages. Yes they are press releases but at the same time they are not expected to be thesis on English writing. Keep it simple and to the point and drive home the fact as clearly and as concisely as possible.
  • Use the keywords in your PRs. Choose the keywords that best describe your small business.
  • Combine the keywords with anchor links. Anchor links works great when they are directed back to a page on your website which is relevant to the PR. Also experiment with the anchor links and do not use the same landing pages.
  • Over all objectives of the press releases are that the readers are compelled to click on (a) the read more links and (b) come to your website. As much as it is important to insert the right keywords, using readable language is also pertinent. We are talking about people who may go through several pages a day. If your writing is not magnetic enough, you will lose your customer within the first 100 words.

Syndication is the process of sharing of content between more than one sites. Usually the content is shared as a licensed sharing or even as a free sharing in lieu of a link back to the owner of the content.

Press releases are often used as a way to syndicate content and use them as an inward link back to the owner of the press releases. Content syndication helps in the creating good traffic to your website apart from the other SEO methods.

All these indicate importance of SEO Press Releases and Syndication for your business.

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