Check out Digital Life Clinic when next you are flying

Innovation makes all the difference, my friend and mentor Sam Asekunowo proved that today with commissioning of his new business, Digital Life Clinic – Health Management Systems at MMA2, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from the fact that the technology and strategy blew my mind, I like his choice of using the departure lounge of the MM2 airport as a key contact point with potential clients. Truth is a large number of people are simply walking corpse because of lack of proper health check-ups, for some people they run a very busy schedule, such that their health takes a back seat….. this is rather sad but it is the case for a lot of people.

I love the saying “health is wealth” and in my opinion Digital Life clinic presents a new way to healthy living.

Digital life clinic is born out of desire and passion to improve the health-care delivery in Africa by making available in every neighborhood modern technology and solutions to create awareness, prevent, detect, monitor and manage chronic diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and many more which have become the cause of sudden death among Africans faster than the known HIV/AIDs. Digital Life Clinic is truly innovate, I saw it work 1st hand and was highly impressed. I’ll definitely recommend the service to anyone I know, we have to make conscious efforts towards maintaining a healthy life style.

So my advice is this; when next you are traveling through MMA2, stop by to get yourself checked by Digital Life clinic in 5 minutes or less.

I want to wholeheartedly say a Big Congratulations to my mentor, coach and friend, Sam Asekunowo for this bold step and fresh perspective in Health care management in Africa, I pray that God will take Digital Life clinic to the next level. Sam Asekunowo is the MD/CEO of Digital Life Clinic, a Fate Foundation Facilitator and the Author of the Power of Plan B – I highly recommend you read this book.

Digital Life Clinic is providing Better Health Through Awareness!

The Power of Plan B

The Power of Plan B

Are you tired of being a paid employee?

One of the secrets of most self-made millionaires of today lies in their ability to have alternative plan of actions in their quest for a lifetime of financial freedom. Remember that these successful men and women did not inherit wealth from their parents. They worked for their success and earned it.

Each one is talented and can be the dream person that he or she wants to be in life. However, most of us lack the courage to take initiative. Instead, we prefer to help other people live their dream, content to stay in our comfort zone. We trade off our financial freedom in exchange for monthly salary, believing in job security. Unfortunately, there is no job security anywhere in the world.

Therefore, one must rely on The Power of Plan B.

The Power of Plan B

The book was written by Sam Asekunowo. It is a compilation of the author’s ideas and thoughts on how an individual especially those on paid employment today can plan their transition from paid employment to become a business owner. It is an exposition of how an individual can retire early to create wealth to secure the future and become financially independent by starting and running successfully his/her own multi-million Naira business.

His opinion based on established facts on how today’s millionaires are made is that of owning a multi-million Naira business.and running it successfully is the quickest way to get your dream accomplished.

The Power of Plan B explicitly encourages employees to save and retire early and also teaches that only profit can turn an individual to a millionaire and not monthly paycheck or pension. He was also of the view that no matter how huge the pay cheque of any employee could be, it is nowhere compared with the size of profit that his contemporary in business can make in a short while. Each chapter starts with a famous quote or adage that relates to the topic of discussuion.

The first few chapters are basically motivational discussion on everyday life challenges and how sucessful people surmount them; they are aimed at giving courage and useful tips to peole who have fears and worries to move ahead in life. This is followed by chapters with discussions on how to start and run a business successfully using proven strategies. The last chapter gives tips on how to avoid grounding the business into a halt with practical instances of what can lead to the business failure.

Finally, he solves one problem a lot of people encounter in deciding the kind of business to go into. The Power of Plan B suggests 320 different business opportunities and ideas that can be profitable.

This insightful guide is filled with various ideas and offers you practical tips that will help you decide which business type is right for you. You need a business that can give you profit that is commensurate with your mental and physical effort as well as create a positive change in your life. Plan your transition from paid employment to become a business owner. Learn how to run your company successfully using proven strategies and transform it into a muti-million-Naira venture!

Personally, I have learnt so much as a young entrepreneur. My knowledge base has increased tremendously and is still increasing because I am busy seeking and paying for knowledge, this motivated me to buy the Power of Plan B book from Sam’s team and had him autograph it for me.

The reason I did this is simple; if you want to be successful then you must learn to celebrate success.

Use The Power of Plan B to take charge of your future, to allow you to spend quality time with your family and to embrace a lifetime of financial freedom! This book was first launched in the US a couple of months and about two weeks ago in Nigeria, it is selling well outside because of its valuable contents – if you doubt this then do a google search on it. If you are interested in buying this life transforming book, then feel free to contact me

Lead * Succeed * Dominate always.