You are invited to attend a Be Inspired to Succeed (BITS) Business Event

Be Inspired to Succeed (BITS) Team invites you to here upcoming Business Event.

The Be Inspired to Succeed (BITS) event is a weekly, life transforming, wealth creation and business event holding in major cities across Nigeria. One of my mentors Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame just posted this on his facebook page;

Read this article and you’ll understand why I say it’s a new economy. The rules have changed. We’ve entered the information age and information is free. The old rules and old economy is not returning. Learn the new rules and get ahead of the pack… or die….

The article is titled  The 10 American Industries That May Never Recover – I have read the article and so far there has been over 3,200 comments (this shows you what this articles means to millions of people in God’s country). I shuddered after reading this article not because I have not learnt the new rules of business but because a lot of folks I know are still believing that a job can give them the security they dream of, what saddens me most, is that some of these folks don’t have a Plan B and are not considering having one soon.

Well, another mentor of mine Anthony Robbins have thought me to always take action whenever I am inspired – I have decided to contribute my quota by holding free business training events starting from Tuesday, 21st of September, 2010. The focus of these events will be to educate Nigerians on why they should take a closer look at the Personal Franchise Business Industry. An Industry the great Robert Kiyosaki wrote about in his new book titled the Business of the 21st Century (click here to read the first chapter).

I love asking questions. Anthony Robbins says “our lives are shaped in the moments of decisions” and usually questions help up us make decisions. So, permit me to ask you four important questions;

  1. How many new factories have been opened in Nigeria lately?
  2. If producing economies i.e. USA and Japan can’t employ all their citizens, how would an import and mono-export based economy like Nigeria employ her own citizens?
  3. How then can Nigeria engage her over 30 million unemployed or underemployed?
  4. Where then lies the hope for a whole lot of folks?

Read the article Robert Kiyosaki talked about, answer the above questions honestly and you will agree with me that we need to seek out alternatives.

One of my greatest mentors Jim Rohn quoted the Master teacher by saying “Service to many leads to Greatness”. You may be asking, how can I be of service to many? Very simple, you have now heard of these events that will be ongoing, all you have to do is find someone who any of the below statements relates to and motivate them to reserve a seat and attend the Be Inspired to Succeed (BITS) event;

  • “Who do you know that lacks Vision”
  • “Who do you know that wants to diversify their income?”
  • “Who do you know that is ambitious, money motivated and would be excited about the idea of adding more cash flow to their lives?”
  • “Who do you know that might be looking for a strong business they could run from their home?”
  • “Who do you know that has hit a wall with their business and might be looking for a way to diversity their income?”

Click here or call 07040555333, 08036245734, to reserve a seat NOW!

Be Inspired to Succeed (BITS) events will change many lives and destinies for real!!!

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing

Have you read the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Quite a number of people have, but for the benefit of those who have not, please read the book. This isRobert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing a book that will give you basic ideas on business, entrepreneurship, financial freedom and management, the Author is Robert Kiyosaki. This guy has authored many other best sellers that I recommend for your home library, so I urge you to buy and read any of his books.

I am a Networker. Therefore, I believe in the viability of Network Marketing or Direct Sales because of the various opportunities it avails anybody with a will to succeed and I am happy that Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing.

Robert Kiyosaki calls Network Marketing the perfect business, to find out why? Simply watch the video (with an open mind). I hope at the end you would have learnt how to objectively evaluate the next Network Marketing opportunity that comes your way? Rather than the usual trend of jumping into subjective conclusions.

Watch the video NOW!!!

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Lead….. Succeed….. Dominate

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing