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Leading With High Emotional Intelligence (EQ) While Working Remotely

With the challenges that accompany remote working, the application of high Emotional Intelligence, (EQ), is very necessary to succeed.

Some quarters have termed EQ as a more driver of success in leadership, than IQ. With the necessity of remote working, the need for EQ is becoming more apparent.

When you exhibit substances like confidence and empathy in remote working, you display tendencies of being able to thrive in the leadership space.

Listed are some ways you give a spark to your EQ while working remotely.


A leader with a good EQ must first be self-aware, as it often brings out confidence.

As a leader, you have to understand both your strength and weakness.

Simply laughing at yourself may likely decrease your anxiety.

A self-aware leader, will admit to his failures and have a laugh off about it.

This inspires trust in your team, as they see you as approachable.

Laughing at your own shortcomings shows that you are confident and comfortable.

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This is, even, more quite essential in this remote working system, as you have missed the connections with the physical office.

Sometimes, remote working in the day might just spill over to the night, which rarely happens in normal office time, therefore it would be necessary for work, not to be taken too seriously.

At this point what is needed is a tonic of laughter, to ease the tension in hard times like these.

Know when to quit

In times like these, when you cannot simply walk over to your colleague in your office space, tools like Slack, Asana, etc., have made communication quite effective.

These tools can, however, be easily abused. Sometimes, leaders ought to understand how the tone of their messages will be received on these platforms since there is no physical meeting.

You do not have to start firing questions at an alarming rate and equally expect quick responses.

A display of high EQ is necessary here, so as to allow for great feedback from your team members

Show empathy

This quality is a very strong attribute for people with high emotional intelligence display.

In a remote working system, you may have a good setup, but your team might not be convenient with that arrangement.

Remember that, not all your team members have good internet connectivity, a quiet home office and other factors that can guarantee.

With all sincerity, working remotely can be pretty overwhelming.

True that some of these challenges may not fly away overnight, however, the method leaders can take is what will make the difference.

Leaders should create an enabling platform, for open dialogue with their teams.

Casually checking on your team will give them the opportunity to ask questions, then, you can communicate with them, beyond a formal level.

Your employees are humans and not robots. Treat them with empathy. Conversations like these can assist leaders have a better grasp of how their team is faring.

A bit of relaxation is, even, needed in your formal meetings. Do not take it too hard on them.

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4 Ways your Business can Benefit from Cloud in this Pandemic

Before the pandemic, a significant number of businesses have moved their businesses online.

Now with the pandemic fully blown, more businesses have been forced to join the cloud train.

Not all these enterprises, however, have the required facility, to run the cloud.

A simple way your business could pull through this pandemic effect is to leverage cloud computing.

The concept of cloud computing is not new, as businesses have sought after it, to modify their structure.

Indications have it that, a large percentage of workload, will run through the clouds and COVID-19 has appeared to be the booster for the digital process.

With the ravaging effect of the pandemic, your firm should not get caught unprepared for eventualities.

Adoption of cloud computing can ensure that your company possesses the facilities required, to face the current challenges.

Here are 4 ways to ensure that your business remains relevant:


The digitized world of business has been prone to cyber attacks, however, the coronavirus pandemic has increased the challenge.

A report from McKinsey, shows that the increased work from home, in this period has seen an increase in cyberattack rates in organisations, through their digital platforms.

Cybersecurity, backed by cloud, have the ability to solve many challenges facing a lot of businesses in this period.

When you keep your security operations in the cloud, you enable your firm, more digital prowess, as more platforms leverage artificial intelligence, to find out cyber threats.

Remote Working

Before the pandemic, some organisations allowed some employees to work remotely.

With the pandemic fully blown, a large chunk of organisations, especially, the private firms, have duly embraced working remotely.

Even after the world gets over the effects of the pandemic, it is unlikely that some offices will be fully opened.

With the stay at home, work from home policy, it is important that businesses find ways of managing their workforce, beyond the office walls.

Video conferencing platforms have become necessary tools, for remote working.

Zoom has become the most popular of them all, however, if it boils down to simply messaging, then, Slack can offer a cloud solution.

Your workers may not have to worry about challenges, like internet connection and data usage.

Document Sharing

In an endless chain of email, important documents can get lost, but with cloud-based documents, you can easily share the piece of document for viewing and accessibility, by anyone who needs it, without spending hours trying to dig them out.

With people no longer together in the office, it is becoming more difficult to keep up with sharing physical documents together, however, document-sharing platforms, backed in the cloud can save the day.

Google Docs and Dropbox can make this easy for your team members.


Uncertainty looms in times like these, for larger digital firms, experiencing growths.

The same cannot be said of smaller organisations that are looking to downsizing.

Businesses must seek ways to remain solvent in times like these.

The cloud does not require any physical server to operate.

That is why you can use as little, or much computing power as you require.

According to research conducted at MIT, data centers on-site require up to a year to get built properly.

With cloud computing, you scale, without waiting all these long years.

COVID-19  has come with some unknown factors that have directly affected all our daily lives, therefore, your business needs to dive into the cloud, to explore the many advantages it offers.

It is not too late to leverage cloud, for the benefit of your business.

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