3 Effective Ways To Approach Strategy Development For Your Small Business

Strategy Development should be regarded as the pivot on which your business rotates. No matter the form of business model you choose, you would always come across an instance that requires strategic system.

I want to draw your attention on the the effective ways you can approach Strategy Development, thereby improving your small business and becoming the talk of the moment.

The ultimate goal of setting up a business is to make profit, expand and influence your world. This should become your concern. So, don’t be found in that small business for a long time, you’ve got to take that bold step and become the best you can be.

If your business is small today, the first approach to making it big is to change your mindset. Reposition your thoughts and align them in the right order, you have to regard strategy development as the force that brings about change in your business.

In that note, here are the 3 essential ways to approach strategy development;

1. strategy development System (S.D.S)

To make this a lot easier and fun, strategy development system is that step you take to initiate a creative marketing activity that brings about a drastic positive change, in your business. For instance, if you’re into service rendering, one great way to make headway is to look at the competition. If some other people are getting ahead of you, what steps are you employing to outsmart these people?

Developing strategies goes hand in hand with asking intelligent questions that triggers results. Once you’ve the questions well thought out, then it’s time to take it to another level.

2. Packets of Strategy Development

Before you finally embark on any given strategy, you should decide how it is implemented. What form are you going to use to reach your target audience? Bear in mind that your strategy development main objective is to convert more prospects into customers.

This is the simple truth because, there is no other reason why you’re strategizing. Every effort you put into your business is to create happy customers.

But you can’t achieve this feat by using mediocre channels. If you’re into online marketing, one great channel you should consider using is search engines. Although, mastering this channel takes time, but the rewards far outweighs the time investment.

3. Add a Call to Action to your Strategy Development

If you’ve invested a lot of precious resources i.e. money, time into your marketing campaigns, then the BIG picture in your head is to make sales.

But how do you realise this when your strategy development lacks a strong “Call to Action”? Even after challenging yourself, that your products and services meet your prospect’s needs, you still need to persuade them to take action. You can outright ask your prospects to take action, or earn it.

A wise entrepreneur works on earning the trust of prospects. It’s a good thing to ask for action, but when you please your prospects, they would willingly take action and patronize you.

There you’ve it, the 3 essential ways to approach strategy development and win.

Personalized Bulk SMS

3 ways to make Money with Personalized Bulk SMS Service

Personalized Bulk SMS makes SMS real, friendly, more personal and potentially more profitable for a number of reasons.

Before we discuss how to make money with Personalized Bulk SMS lets look at some interesting (verifiable) statistics about SMS and incase you don’t know SMS simply means Short Messaging Service. It is also know as Test messaging.

Personalized Bulk SMS
Personalized Bulk SMS

According to a January 2010 white paper released by Boom Text – In 2009, U.S. consumers sent over 110.4 billion SMS messages per month. This number continues to grow. Meanwhile, new devices like Apple’s iPhone have made web browsing on the phone more prevalent, and improved the “app store” experience to create a better market for mobile applications. As consumer usage of mobile devices explodes, mobile marketing has emerged as a viable marketing channel, with eMarketer predicting mobile ad spending growing to $115 billion by 2013.

Can you relate this with the recent announcement by HP? HP will no longer play in the PC market for a number of reasons but Apple is waxing stronger, why? Because over the years they have focused more on mobility based devices, Steve Jobs observed the trend and was able to predict the future, they became mobile driven and innovative in that area. Today, we have iPhone, iPod, iPod etc. and the company is presently the 2nd most capitalized in the world (reported to have more  liquid cash than the US government).

Email marketing is great, I use it regularly. I have a few thousand, subscribed to my lists but I know how difficult (also getting more difficult) it is to get my valuable emails across spam filters, it is absolutely insane. Presently, I use both SMS and Email as tools of communicating with my list but I must admit that SMS has an obvious flaw and that is international subscribers may not be comfortable giving you their phone numbers, so you might as well just stick to using it within your country and for me that is Nigeria. In my monthly Free Internet Marketing Training series I usually demonstrate how the Personalized Bulk SMS service works and you can test it here.

3 ways to make money with Personalized Bulk SMS Service

1. Personalize your SMS always

In some countries, SMS messaging is a illegal because of spam complains and abuse and in a country like Nigeria, it is already getting annoying, telecoms company have taken the lead in this regards, I get a minimum of 5 SMS (combined) daily from Globacom, Airtel and Visafone which I have little regard for because it never addresses my situation directly (it is not personal).

Majority of us do the same thing, we keep sending non personalized bulk SMS because we may have assumed that personalization means writing something unique in the Sender ID (which is no doubt a cool feature) but for me, personalization means your ability to mention the names of your recipients in your SMS, so rather than say just “Hello” in your salutation you can say “Dear Recipient’s Name” isn’t this more powerful? A person’s name is the sweetest music to her ears, she will love and respect you for calling her by name.

It does not matter if you have 1,000 or 10 clients, it is a more effective strategy to mention their names in the body of the SMS, this is obviously a difficult task that is why we came up with a service that can automate the process. Welcome to Personalized Bulk SMS – www.personalizedbulksms.com

You can try out the service here.

2. Provide quality content

What would the world be like without quality content? Be it in schools, religious organisations, businesses, NGOs etc. quality content is king. If you want to make more money then provide quality content at all times, there is hardly anyone who provides quality content that does not end up wealthy, (except for a few folks who believe in too much talk and less action). Providing quality content is one way of staying close to your clients and SMS subscribers. The content could be in your industry or related industry just ensure that your subscribers have a reason to read your SMS and possibly forward it to there friends (so always leave your URL in the footer of your SMS, if you URL is too long then it can be shortened using any of the free services such as Bitly).

As a personal example, I send my friends, family and subscribers motivational quotes, relevant information, business tips and any other freebie I come across on the internet or anywhere else and guess what, they thank me for it. I wish I could show you the number of thank you responses I receive, just by typing a few words and with a click of a button release it to hundreds…… it works wonders for me.

Now, imagine the potency of combining both Personalized Bulk SMS and quality content which will be served “hot” to your clients and prospective clients through SMS first thing in the morning?

3. Create an Unsubscribe option

What makes email marketing cool is the ability to unsubscribe at anytime with or without reason. Since SMS does not have such function, here is what I came up with; in the sender id column I always enter my phone number, instead  of our business name, every now and then, I send my clients or SMS subscribers (depending on the list) a test message in case they are sick of me. Here is an example of what I say;

Dear [Recipient’s Name], trust you are doing great. I just want to find out what you think about our service (or product as the case may be). If you no longer wish to receive SMS from us simple reply with the word Unsubscribe…. End.

If anyone reply’s with unsubscribe – I simply delete their details and life goes on. You can’t keep sending SMS to people who loathe it. It is simply a waste of time and resources.

I have personally made thousands of dollars using various SMS strategies that I have not yet written about but will in the nearest future. That said, one thing I can say for sure; Presidents, Billionaires, Top CEOs, Individuals, your clients and prospective clients all go around with their mobile phones, which makes it possible for them to read your SMS faster than they will read your email.

Freely have I received and freely (and happily) have I given, I urge you to make the most of the information provided here. Using Personalized bulk SMS in the ways mentioned above will help you stand out from the crowd and truly form a connect with your clients and prospective clients. You can attend my next free internet marketing training to learn how I make money with personalized bulk SMS.

Finally, remember to always enter your phone number in Sender ID when sending your Bulk SMS, that way it will appear personalized, unique, real and professional to all your recipients.

Open a Free account today or try our Personalized Bulk SMS Service for free.