Punch Newspaper: Developing Nigeria’s Software Industry [ICT Clinic Page]

I am quite disturbed that our local software industry is not growing at the pace it ought to, at least when compared to that of other developing nations. Is it that Nigerians are not capable of delivering world-class products and services? Or can this simply be attributed to our unbridled desire for anything foreign? These and many other questions are begging for answers, which we must provide, otherwise we might as well forget playing any significant role in the fast paced ICT world. We might as well just remain a consuming nation, both online and offline. This, however, is not the best for our country.


There is the need for us to step up our game in the ICT world to be reckoned with in the comity of nations.

ICT is ruling the world presently in the military, civil and social life of the citizens. Any country that refuses to move in tandem with the flow and pays lip service to issues of developing this sector will be left behind to pick the crumbs that fall from the table of countries that take it seriously. I read about a group called the “Syrian Electronic Army” that hacked some web properties belonging to President Barack Obama and his team – this simply points to the fact that Nigeria needs to start recruiting, training and equipping her own cyber army that will defend her when the need arises.

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6 Major Causes of Small Business Failure

Guest post by Patrick Del Rosario. To gain exposure by partnering with us, read our write for us guideline.

When a business fails, it can be hard to look at things objectively; particularly when it’s something you put your blood sweat and tears,
and savings into. Recent statistics released by the Small Business Administration showed that seven out of ten start-ups last at least two years, while 51 percent survive for at least five years.

These statistics are certainly better than the fatalistic “95% of small businesses fail within one year” statement that you have undoubtedly had thrown at you at one point or another. However, it does show that a significant number of small businesses do fail, so the question is why is there a high rate of small business failure.

Understanding where the problem lies is the first step to finding a solution, but many business owners have a misconstrued idea of what went wrong, which may prevent them from coming up with a viable recovery plan.

It’s easy enough to blame the economy, the government or your business partner for the failure, but more often than not, the real problem is slightly more complex than that.

There are a number of different factors that frequently play a role in the downfall of a business, and once you know what they are, you will be better equipped to face the challenges that come with building your business back up.

Here the 6 Major causes of small business failure you should avoid;

1. Lack of capital

Starting out with insufficient capital is one of the most common reasons that small businesses fail. If you have underestimated the cost of opening and running a business, you are already doomed before you ever had a fair chance.

Banish any unrealistic expectations you may have about how much profit you can make, especially during the first few years while you are working to build up a good customer base. It is vital to ensure that you have enough money to carry you through the first few years when you may not yet be making enough to cover your expenses.

2. Bad accounting

If you don’t have your numbers sorted out properly, you will have no way of knowing how well things are going and what your next step should be.

The reason that business owners so often lose track of their numbers is that they hire an outside person or firm to do all of their taxes. They then feel they can relax and trust the accountant to mind the business’s numbers.

It’s not that you shouldn’t hire an accountant — you should! But business owners must always be fully aware of what the numbers are like in order to steer the company in the right direction.

3. Poor management

Starting a business is more than just a matter of having sufficient capital, it requires excellent management skills, something many new business owners are lacking.

If you don’t have experience with running or managing a business, it is crucial that you at least have some relevant education under your belt. Managing a business involves hiring, delegating, doing market research, managing finances as well as purchasing and selling.

All of these things take time to learn, and if you start out without many or any of these skills, you may be personally responsible for the failure of your business. Therefore, this is a very important reality if you wish to avert small business failure.

4. Wrong location

You can do everything right, but if the location is simply not suitable to the type of business you are running, it won’t do you any good.

When picking a location for your business, think of things like where most of your customers are, whether the location is easily accessible and has sufficient parking and lighting, take into consideration where your competitors are, how safe the building is and what the history of the community is.

All of these things play a big part in the success of your business, and if you don’t feel that the conditions are right, it may be time to look for a new location.

5. Over-expansion

Inexperienced business owners often make the mistake of thinking that because their business is successful; they can afford to expand at a faster rate. Unfortunately, expanding too quickly or into the wrong markets will almost surely lead to bankruptcy.

The best way for a business to grow is slow and steady. Don’t try to move forward until you are ready and have sufficient capital to do so. Taking a loan to expand can be dangerous if you haven’t yet established a solid customer base and have a good cash flow.

6. Lack of online presence

More recently, small businesses have found it hard to compete with established companies because they do not put enough effort into building up an online presence. Do you want to avoid small business failure? Then build a strong online presence – hire an SEO services professional!

Even if you are not planning to offer your products online, you should at the very least have a company website, and it should be mobile-friendly as well. Later on, if you see the potential, you may choose to sell your products or offer your services online, but the first step is to show your customers what your company is all about.

That said, a bad website can be almost as bad as no website, so make sure you hire an outside company or individual who can put together a well-designed, professional looking and easy to navigate website that will be a joy to all who visit it.

Patrick is part of the team behind Open Colleges. It is one of Australia’s pioneer and leading providers of Accounting courses and Bookkeeping Courses. When not working, Patrick enjoys blogging, travelling, and photography. Patrick together with his father runs a Photo Studio in the Philippines. If you have a blog and would like free content. You can find him on Google+.

Creative Commons Image courtesy of Lucidio Studio

A Phone Call Conversation about Network Marketing in Nigeria

It was another lovely Wednesday morning, I had just settled down to respond to the daily enquiries I receive, asking about my Natureline home based business or the Network Marketing in Nigeria. Almost immediately my phone rings, I answer and the following conversation took place;

Caller: Good Afternoon

CFA: Hello, how are you today?

Caller: Fine, is that Fred?

CFA: Yes! How may I help you?

Caller: I have followed you for a while, we are  friends on Facebook and I am a regular visitor to your blog, I want to find out why you believe so much in Network marketing, which I think is not sustainable.

CFA: Why do you say it is not sustainable?

Caller: Because it is a pyramid based system that reels out false promises.

CFA: What else?

Caller: Nothing I can think of now

CFA: Do you about any Network Marketing in Nigeria?

Caller: Yes

CFA: What is the name of the Network marketing company you know?

Caller: GNLD

CFA: Have you ever tried any of their products?

Caller: Yes

CFA: Did you like the products?

Caller: Yes

CFA: So what made you try it?

Caller: A friend brought it to my office and insisted I must buy due to my high stress level

CFA: Stress…. where do you work?

Caller: I am a Banker

CFA: Do you know that Banks in Nigeria (directly and indirectly) train young ladies on how to be masters in the game of seduction?

Caller: ………….quiet

CFA: Does this entirely make the concept of Banking bad? No it doesn’t. You see, everything good in life has a tendency to be abused, so does network marketing. People have actually been responsible for most of the wrongs and not the concept itself. Network Marketing is a viable business opportunity that anybody can start up and build to great heights.

CFA: Are you with me?

Caller: Yes

CFA: Kindly answer the following questions from the bottom of your heart;

1. How many factories have opened up lately?

2. If developed economies can’t employ all their citizens, how can a spendthrift  country like ours achieve that?

3. What happens to the over 45 million unemployed folks in Nigeria?

4. What industry employs the most Nigerians outside “Go-slow” business sellers, business centres, okada riders, danfos & their conductors?

5. Where then lies the hope for a lot people?

Please do your research, answer these questions and then come up with alternative opportunities to Network Marketing, that has a good chance of tackling the hydra headed issues. Even one of Nigeria’s brightest economists – Prof. Pat Utomi believes in the concept so dearly that he is presently a Chairman of a company into Network marketing in Nigeria.

CFA: Kindly send me your email so I can send you more information right away. Endeavour to read Robert Kiyosaki’s new book “the Business of the 21st Century”.

Caller: Ok

CFA: By the way, when was the last time someone gave you their CV, with a plea to get them a Job.

Caller: Over the weekend

CFA: What did you do with it?

Caller: I dropped it somewhere, honestly I have a pile of CV and I really don’t know what to do with them.

CFA: Do you believe that there is dignity in labour?

Caller: Yes

CFA: Wouldn’t it be more beneficial, if you expose those who give you CVs to a genuine Network marketing in Nigeria i.e. Natureline rather than allow them stay idle?

Caller: It would most likely be better for them

CFA: I used to be confused back in the days when people hand over their CVs to me, but these days I simply take the CV from them and also invite them for a Free B.I.T.S training – I always get a “Thank You” days or weeks later

CFA: I will send you send you some materials and an abridged copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, if you read it with an open heart then you will learn so much.

Caller: Thank you for attending to me. I must confess you did a good job even though I am not 100% convinced.

CFA: It is a pleasure. My job is to keep sowing the seed and then wait for harvest time.

Caller: Have a good day.

CFA: Cheers

——- END ———

Pretty long call, I would not have had this conversation transcribed word for word if not for technology, my phone recorder came in handy. My goal in life is pretty simply which is to Learn, Grow & Teach and I can only achieve this if I keep taking action on a daily basis.

I believe in the Network Marketing in Nigeria and it is my passion to empower millions directly and indirectly through it.

If not Network Marketing, what ways are you going to use to empower people so that they can truly be blessed by you?

Natureline Solutions

The Difference between Natureline Solutions Business Opportunity & your Job

Natureline Solutions is a unique business opportunity.

If you are weary from 20 years of working and now have only 10 years left before retirement, but still have no retirement plans to make retirement enjoyable then you should consider other options i.e. Natureline Solutions

Life should not restrict you from working for nothing as that is not your only option. In fact, you can do something to make up for those 20 years that you have wasted for nothing. If you desire a better life after retirement but undecided as to what you should do, then let me help you by making you understand the differences between Natureline Solutions and your regular job.

Let us start with Natureline home based business and how it can spell the difference between what is a rewarding job and what is not. The home based business with Natureline is easy and you can get started right away. All you need to do is sign up on the website and choose any independent distributor package of your choice so to better understand and appreciate the products and business. Afterwards, you can plan your marketing approach using the company’s comprehensive tools and resources.

Natureline Solutions

Starting your own Natureline Solutions business can give you the freedom to achieve your dreams, the freedom to use your time, the freedom to become financially free and best of all the freedom to conscious shape your future. This is one business opportunity that will let you decide how you want to live your life.

Most businesses will require huge capital at start up and also a lot of time, so if you only have one out of these two then you may not be successful at the business venture. However, with Natureline you can have a business and still keep your present job, so you don’t worry about how to start a small business because it is possible with Natureline.

By now you must be wondering, how Natureline Solutions would help prepare you for retirement? Or what makes it better than your present job? As a regular employee you have a fixed income, you already know how much you will get at the end of a given period, but with network marketing you can dictate how much you will earn and only you can tell how much you should earn every month. Plus, since there is residual income you can still earn the same commission even 10 years after the efforts.

Another major difference between Natureline Solutions and your job is that you get paid only for your effort, nothing more and nothing less. On the other hand network marketing can let you earn through the effort of other people – leverage.

If you want to earn continuously through the effort of other people, then Natureline Solutions business opportunity is the way to go.

Multi-Level Marketing Scams

Avoiding Multi-Level Marketing Scams

You need to learn how to avoid Multi-Level Marketing Scams

Multi-level Marketing also called Network Marketing or MLM for short is a business model that has been around for a couple of years and keeps evolving on a daily basis. Robert Kiyosaki calls it the Business Model for the 21st Century, But this business model has been one of the most scrutinized because people wonder, how one can start with nothing (or little investment for product purchase) and turn out a millionaire in just a few years. Notwithstanding these situations, MLM companies are springing up and growing bigger on a yearly basis, which shows they are succeeding. But even with the success comes with a lot of Multi-Level Marketing Scams.

Successful companies never stop researching and discovering new ways to enhance their business models rather of sticking to outdated models. As expected, these successes of multi-level marketing as a whole is being exploited by scam artists, who end up giving the industry a bad name, that’s why I writing to educate you on how to avoid Multi-Level Marketing Scams. Multi-Level Marketing Scams are disguised to be very similar to a honest and ethical Multi-Level Marketing business.

Multi-Level Marketing Scams
Multi-Level Marketing Scams

The most important thing to remember when joining any Multi-Level Marketing business is how to distinguish between a legitimate opportunity and a pyramid scheme. It is not as hard as you think. Unlike legitimate MLM businesses, pyramid schemes succeed by offering the same structure but without any product or company to endorse them. Multi-Level Marketing Scams offer a business marketing set-up, which is meant to entirely fool the prospective clients until the poor victims invest a certain amount of money. After recruiting members and pocketing all their money, the company suddenly disappears and then moves on to catch new victims using another scam plan.

If you want to avoid Multi-Level Marketing Scams, there are ways to find those legitimate multi level marketing companies.

1. Carry out a due diligence by doing a background check on the company you are about to join. It should have a physical address, contact numbers (telephone numbers), and a website. Make sure it is legally listed and has been operating or in existence for a long time. Be sure to know who the legitimate owners of such company. Check backgrounds of the names referred to you as scam artists can easily use them although were actually not affiliated with the company.

2.) A good sign that the company is legitimate if there are products existing. Even at that, be sure that you checked these products and where do they come from. Find out if the company develops and owns the products and if they have them in abundant supply. Be aware that some scam artists may present products but in reality, do not have them in large supplies.

3.) Another way to find out if the company is operating a legitimate multi level marketing business structures is how big the operation is going on. Large companies may operate their business through the whole nation, abroad, and even worldwide. Always be sceptical if the company is small. Though they may not necessarily be scams, it is often a good idea to always check on the operations of the company so as to make sure you don’t end up being defrauded.

I know what it feels like to introduce people to MLM opportunities you thought were genuine, only to discover they were simply scams, I have had that experience in the past and it doesn’t feel right, so I have vowed never to be fooled again. That’s why am sharing this with you. I am with a company called Natureline Solutions – I invite you to do your due diligence on this company and let me know what you think?

You probably have a deeper knowledge of this topic, we ll be glad to learn from you.

Please avoid Multi-Level Marketing Scams by all means.

network marketing

Network Marketing is the best way to distribute products at low cost

Network marketing has become part of our society, and it is a multi-billion dollar industry and is still growing. Thousands of companies have become part of the industry and are operating all over the world, from developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, to developing countries such Nigeria, Malaysia, India etc. Some of these companies are now part of the elite fortune 500 companies while others are quoted in major stock exchange of the world, because of how innovative and hugely successful they have become.

The reason(s) for the success of these companies and the industry itself is basically because it employs the time tested method of distribution, otherwise known as word of mouth. It is a reliable method for distributing products and services especially amongst happy customers. What’s more? A number of traditional companies such as General Motors, Goodyear, IBM, and Coca-Cola etc. have one form of network marketing division(s) or the other.

network marketing
Network Marketing

I love the Amway example. Amway is a highly successful network marketing company whose success lends credence to the fact that network marketing companies can also be big and play key roles in creating jobs, developing entrepreneurs and growing the economy, these are basically my reasons for sharing genuine network marketing opportunities with people at any opportunity. In the last couple of months, I have been sharing the income opportunity and wonderful products of what I regard as a great MLM company and I am doing so because I have seen a company that is committed to the environment and the individual. The company is called Natureline Solutions.

Network Marketing is the Best Way to distribute products

Natureline Solutions is one of company that have given people an opportunity to try this time-tested (good old) means of distributing products and services. The company recommended method is the same that has been around from the inception of companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Amway etc. The method is as follows;

1. Find and join a good company

2. Buy and use the products or services

3. Be convinced that it works

4. Share the products with people

5. Share the income opportunity with those interested

Natureline Solutions has adopted this same method, it is more than just a network marketing company, and it is a company that you will be proud to associate with. The team at Natureline Solutions have been working hard to ensure that whenever MLM is mentioned people will no longer be wary, irrespective of what some scrupulous individuals have done in the past (and are still doing) to taint the image of the industry.

Like we say in Africa; “don’t throw away a child with the bath water”.

We must be able to critically analyze the role that network marketing plays in any economy. That is why Natureline Solutions has come up strong with a bid to expand internationally and become a billion dollar company within 5 years. Would you be part of the explosive growth?

If you are one of those folks who have had a bad experience(s) in the past or have been misinformed about network marketing, then it’s time to open your mind and consider the opportunity that network marketing offers. A good network marketing business is not the same thing as a pyramid scheme or a scam, neither is it a waste of time. What’s more? You don’t have to leave your regular job or change your business – No, just work it out part time and watch your income increase.

The advantage of network marketing is that it can help you achieve financial and time freedom without having to work 24/7, 365 days. This is due to the business model that most of these companies employ. Natureline Solutions also adopts these same simple steps that have been mentioned above.

A network marketing business does not require you to spend tons of cash on adverts, the products usually speak for themselves, when people use them. What is more important to the company is that independent distributors promote the products and make it well-known through personal recommendations and then earn a residual income for their efforts.

While traditional companies choose to pay celebrities for endorsements, network marketing companies prefer to share profits with you – the regular guy out there. This is what makes network marketing the better and more reliable way of distributing products. It is a time tested way of conducting business, a system that has been around and getting better as time progresses. If you want to become part of this time tested way of doing business, then Natureline Solutions invites you to be a part of their future, as they make a commitment to add value to the environment and the future your unborn generation.

What goes on in the mind of an Entrepreneur?

What is an entrepreneur?

Do you have the will power of an entrepreneur? Are you born with the ability to see opportunities when no one else can see them? Can you set yourself to accomplish feats that are considered impossible by others? Can you turn failure into another experience that will be useful someday? If you say yes, to any or all of these question, then you have in you all that it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

What goes on in the mind of an Entrepreneur?
What goes on in the mind of an Entrepreneur?

Before you go any further, read my previous post – Are Entrepreneurs born or made? The average Entrepreneur has a mindset that is different from the vast majority of people, but a question that usually crops up is are Entrepreneurs born or made?

Click here to read more. An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to pull together his/her resources and transform it into a profitable venture, that will not only benefit himself but most importantly other people.

Another common word for an Entrepreneur is a Capitalist. Capitalists are very important in today’s business world and will continue to be for some time to come. The good thing about this world of entrepreneurship is that anyone can transform into being a big time entrepreneur in no time, even a 12 year old child can become one if He/She can meet a need in the society.

There are no requirements, qualifications and experience needed to start your own business, or if you already own one, there is no reason why you should not expand into a complementing or a new line of business, it’s all up to you. After all, business is learnt as you go along it’s actually more exciting and fun that way.

What is an entrepreneur?

Being an Entrepreneur is a challenging yet rewarding experience, that said, it is advisable that you prepare emotionally, financially and physically for the challenges ahead if and when you decide to branch out to do your thing.

Failure is one factor that holds people back, the last thing you want to associate with is failure, but then failure is a normal process of life and infact, it is good for people to fail because they learn new ways of doing things.  Click here to read my post on failure. Don’t forget that most outstanding entrepreneurs or business people have in one time or the other failed woefully, besides FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Take a look at your present situation and circumstances, if you are an employee, who is sick and tired of working for almost nothing, who is still in the rat race then you must begin to draw up a Plan B. A plan B for your life and your future and that of your family. Sometimes, you may assume that is all about working hard to earn a promotion that may be fine (if you are lucky), but you see, it gets to a point , that even if you work 24/7 and 365 days a year, there is no way that you can live a comfortable life particularly if inflation keeps rising. It’s a fact of life that people never maximize their potentials, they live their lives crying and complaining, yet not willing to make a move.

Simple Steps to know What is an entrepreneur?

These are very basic steps anyone can take whenever they are ready for the Entrepreneurial adventure.

1. Stop complaining and face reality.

2. Assess your present situation.

3. Make up your mind and get determined.

4. Identify the right business for you – start by reading any good book but I suggest the power of Plan B.

5. If you have no capital, then consider joining a Network Marketing opportunity. (Don’t assume it is bad because people have said so, carry out a personal research and my post on is there anything wrong with MLM? is a perfect place to start – Click here to read.

6. Stay focused and remain committed to your dream.

All the steps above points to one direction and that is; a firm decision to take your destiny into your hands. have the life that they want and wish for, unless they get out of the rat race and work for themselves as capitalist or invest some of their savings in networking that can set them for life.

Only you know your present financial situation, and only you can change your destiny. If you want to live a comfortable and enjoyable life, then you need to start deciding when and how you are going to attain that goal.

“Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you’re generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.” — Donald Trump

Bear this in mind – being an Entrepreneur is the most assured way of retiring wealthy. Another assured way but often disputed is Network Marketing, the truth of the matter is that if you get a good company, work hard at it with a positive mindset then you have a good chance of becoming successful. That is why I have taken it upon myself to tell people about the Natureline opportunity . There are other ways no doubt but we will limit it to these two for this purpose. So if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, then don’t be afraid to make that next move.

What is an entrepreneur?

Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

Question: is there Anything Wrong with Multi-Level Marketing?

Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), (also called network marketing) is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy.

The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation in the form of a pyramid.

The products and company are usually marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

Source: Wikipedia

Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

My intention is very simple;  I want you to draw your personal conclusions about MLM after reading the two articles below. I am doing this because of the personal experience I had when I first got into MLM, those days it was all about the money, so I never bothered to carry out any research and give my downline a fair picture of what MLM is all about, I erroneously approached it as a get “rich quick” scheme, for me then it was all about the money and so everyone who joined did so because I told them they would become rich overnight – 80% of them failed. After this experience I took a rather long break from MLM and I am just about resuming again and so It is my duty to let you understand that;

  1. Getting involved in MLM should strictly be a personal decision.
  2. MLM is NOT a get rich quick scheme.
  3. You should take responsibility for the outcome.
  4. There are no perfect organisations.
  5. It starts and ends with you.

Below are two well researched articles written by Dean Van Druff and Dave Taylor. I urge you to leave a comment on your thoughts and views after reading both articles and see if you can honestly answer the question Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?.

Click to read the 1st Article

Click to read the 2nd Article

Now tell me what do you think Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing? Is there anything really wrong with MLM or is it just a case of perception based on people’s experiences? Some thoughts may have registered in your subconscious and you may now have;

  • A whole new view of what MLM is all about.
  • A fresh belief that MLM is the worst thing that has happened to mankind.
  • An inspirational conclusion that MLM is the best profession on earth.

Whatever personal conclusion you arrive at, take particular note of the concluding paragraphs of both articles;

Concluding paragraph of the 1st Article on Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

It is hoped that by clearly pointing out “What is Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing” that many might be spared the inherent and associative pitfalls by avoiding the practice.

As well, for those who insist on practicing MLM, it is hoped that this analysis will serve as a handy framework of problem areas to be avoided if and where this is possible.

Concluding paragraph of the 2nd Article on Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

Nonetheless, there is a stigma around MLM. Is it justified when you just look at the business structure?

For that matter, if I include an affiliate link to Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) or a redirect through something like Clickbank that pays me a commission because you decided to buy something through my link, is that really fundamentally different to me selling you some Avon skin lotion or a carton of Amway dishwasher soap?

Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?Personally, I believe in MLM, I wholeheartedly love the concept of a company willing to share some of its profits with people. I appreciate the fact that ordinary people can turn out as superstars and most importantly, MLM offers you an opportunity to attain financial freedom.  Some of the richest people  on earth understand the MLM concept and its potency, and that is why they have heavily invested in various MLM companies – you could carry out a personal research on Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki etc. and their interests in some companies.

Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

This is not to say that there are no obvious shortcomings with MLM but then, it is the same with every business concept that has ever existed on the face of the earth – one way or the other, they are not 100% perfect.

I wish to stress that if you learn how to leverage the internet while building your MLM business, then you will be able to avoid most or all of the pitfalls highlighted in both articles. I recommend you join Renegade University today and learn how to maximise and monetise your web presence.

Won’t it be most wonderful if you fully understand the new concept of MLM before reaching any conclusions? Well, it is better to get a 3rd opinion – an opinion that is based on the unique strategy of Attraction rather than the outdated method of pitching.

Building your business doesn’t have to be hard. Sponsoring people doesn’t have to be hard.

— Mike Klingler

What is your opinion and conclusion(s)?

Is There Anything Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

swissgarde business opportunity

An article about the Swissgarde Business Opportunity

I get very excited each time I have an opportunity to tell people about the Swissgarde business opportunity, although I am not actively involved in the business (does not matter if I am involved with the company or not), what matters is the fact that I am sharing genuine financial freedom opportunities.

The Network Marketing (also known as Direct sales) industry has the potential to;

  1. Help anyone attain financial freedom
  2. bring down the create of unemployment and
  3. create wealth for any society

But the truth is quite a number of people don’t realise that fact – they talk down on the industry due to one or more past experiences. I have experienced  both the good and bad sides of the industry and due to the bad experience I have had, my commitment is this;  I ll work for the good of the industry, so that people can judge the industry based on the strides of genuine companies rather than the fraud perpetuated by just a few (I am digressing – this is a post for another day).

swissgarde business opportunityMy intention today is to share with you, another good Network Marketing opportunity that I can attest to. My Mum (am from a family of Network Marketers) has been a distributor for this company for some time now and she’s done pretty well, that’s why I decided to spread the good news for those who may want to change their financial situation or secure their financial future via Network Marketing.

Swissgarde is a South African based company now owned by Tupperware Inc. The Company Markets a superior quality range of over 150 products comprising of;

  • Vitamin Nutritional Supplements.
  • Skin care products.
  • Fragrances and toiletries.

Their extensive product range enables Distributors to develop a large customer base by providing products to satisfy particular customer needs. Every Swissgarde product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and may be returned within 7 days in the event that it does not meet customer standards. As a Network Marketing Company,

Swissgarde Business Opportunity has a unique marketing plan that provides business opportunity for financial success for its Distributors regardless of education, culture or age.

By sponsoring your own team of Distributors and using selling the products, as a Swissgarde Distributor, you are able to develop your own business and enjoy the freedom that comes from being your own boss and course, obtaining financial independence. In turn, customer are able to buy, in the privacy of their own homes and receive personal and confidential advice from their Swissgarde Distributor and purchase products that really do make a positive difference in their lives.

What  Swissgarde Business Opportunity can do for you

Swissgarde’s marketing plans allow you to make as much money as you want; of course it will depend on your commitment and the amount of time and energy you are willing to invest in the business. You don’t need an office or warehouse as you can work from home. Remember your background, financial position, education and social status are not important. The company will train you for free.

How to Earn with Swissgarde Business Opportunity

This is the way in which you earn money with swissgarde. It is based on two important things:

  1. Teaching and sharing the Swissgarde Business Opportunity with others who want to earn extra money and benefiting from their efforts (recruitment and sponsorship).
  2. Selling the Swissgarde Business Opportunity range of products to your customers and earning significant profits.

Remember the product range is the foundation upon which your business growth will depend. You need to USE the product yourself and to share the benefits with others.

As with anything in life, it is easier to have ten people each working one hour, than having one person working ten hours. Building teams allows you to share your success and earn between 5% – 30%,  volume discount on your team’s activities, their activities are also added to your wholesale turnover which helps you to reach your next star level quicker – this means higher discount on your purchases and thus more profit.

Below is the welcome message to new or prospective distributors usually sent by the Managing Director;

Message from the Managing Director

Welcome to Swissgarde Business Opportunity

Dear New Distributor,


So let’s get straight to business – WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN MORE MONEY?

In five years of asking these question I have never heard the word NO!

That is because all of us want to improve our lives and the lives of our family and friends, and the only way to do this is with money. We all want more money and whether it is pocket money that you will like to earn for extra treats at the end of the month or great riches that you aspire to, Swissgarde can help, and here is how:

First thing first- this is not a “get rich quick scheme” – it is a proper business opportunity and as with any good business the harder you work, the more money you can make.

There are two ways to make money with the Swissgarde business opportunity:

  1. Buy and sell our quality products. Swissgarde products have been made to the highest standards of quality over 16 years, and there is a huge market of people out there who need and want these products.
  2. Build a business of other people who also buy and sell these products and we will reward you by paying you a percentage of what they buy for, down nine generations. That means that you will earn money every time that someone who you recruited buys a product, or someone who they recruited buys a product and so on, down NINE LEVELS!  This is a fantastic opportunity, and obviously the more people you bring in who buy product the more money you can make. This is how the big earners make their money.

The swissgarde business opportunity is really not complicated. To help you get started there is even free training at all of our branches and depots.

So what are you waiting for? Get to a branch or depot as soon as you can for training and start to build your business. Remember, to make really big money you will need a team of people, and to get this team you will need to recruit new people into your team on a regular basis. The more people that you recruit, the bigger you team will become and the more money you will earn.

Best of luck, and I wish you many years of success and prosperity with your swissgarde business opportunity.

Justin Hewett


Wow! I love this message. A detailed write-up from Swissgarde, that makes it easier for prospective  or new distributors to make an informed decision whether to take up the opportunity or not.

The Swissgarde business opportunity marketing Plan is an excellent example of free enterprise in action. It offers a part time or a full time career. It is a way of providing added security for your family, education for your children, a new car or home, or for that matter, any dream you want to realize. And anyone can do it.

I leave you with this quote;

“If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can start your business part-time at first and then as your business grows, you can help other people start their part-time business. This is a value worth having – a business and people who help others make their dreams come true.”

— Robert T. Kiyosaki

Now you know a bit about the Swissgarde business opportunity and Network Marketing, I urge you to contact me for more information or if you prefer call Ada on 08033274600.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, doubts or suggestions.

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing

Have you read the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Quite a number of people have, but for the benefit of those who have not, please read the book. This isRobert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing a book that will give you basic ideas on business, entrepreneurship, financial freedom and management, the Author is Robert Kiyosaki. This guy has authored many other best sellers that I recommend for your home library, so I urge you to buy and read any of his books.

I am a Networker. Therefore, I believe in the viability of Network Marketing or Direct Sales because of the various opportunities it avails anybody with a will to succeed and I am happy that Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing.

Robert Kiyosaki calls Network Marketing the perfect business, to find out why? Simply watch the video (with an open mind). I hope at the end you would have learnt how to objectively evaluate the next Network Marketing opportunity that comes your way? Rather than the usual trend of jumping into subjective conclusions.

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Lead….. Succeed….. Dominate

Robert Kiyosaki believes in Network Marketing