mesomachukwu agbata

The Best Things in Life are Free Indeed

Please don’t ask me exactly how the Best Things in Life are free, because I don’t have a straight answer. I am also aware of the statement  “no free meals (or tickets) anywhere” – this is especially true in a capitalist society, where the tendency of the rich getting richer is much higher, than the poor getting richer. That said, I still believe the Best Things in Life are free and I’ll explain from my point of view.

Recently, I was discussing with an entrepreneur friend of mine who just acquired a 2011 Mercedes Benz GL 450 Jeep and I said to him what amount of money would you make to be a happy man all the days of your life? He replied 50 million USD in cash and assets. I smiled and rephrased the question to this: what is your financial goal this year? He said 10 million dollars……. I smiled even more and

I asked 3 more questions as follows:   

  1. Would this amount really, truly make you happy?
  2. What do you need all that money for?
  3. Where is the place of God in all these?

I think it’s best not to go into his responses (a heated argument ensued 🙂 because we all see things differently but let me point out some facts I believe are important, if you wish to make the best things in life truly free:

  1. Let God come first in all that you do. (Spirituality)
  2. You don’t need all that money to be happy. (Contentment)
  3. Do mostly things that will make you happy. (Goals/Decisions)
  4. Give! give!! Give your time, money to those in need (Selfless service)
  5. Share love with those you love (Family)

Did I leave any points out? I am sure there are many more points but the above 5 would give help you live life to the fullest like am trying to do. 

In my case, one of the things I freely chose to do today, was to declare it a work free day, so as to spend some time with my family, especially my daughter who turns 4 today!

mesomachukwu agbata

I was in her school earlier today to rejoice/celebrate with her and it was fun to watch her mates rejoice with her. Not many people would consider this important but I do because I want to live everyday like it’s my last – no more surprises with God (incase he says my time is up) or with man (who might stand to accuse me when am gone or before God). The death of my kid sister has taught me so much in life.

mesomachukwu agbata

God helping me, I’ll keep striving to be a Nigerian who stands out, irrespective of the negativity or perception, I have decided to make a difference in my generation. I hope you’ll come along with me?

Finally, to my sweetheart, Mesomachukwu Ifeoluwa Esther Agbata, your smile is one of the best things in life freely given to us by our Creator. May God Almighty in his infinite mercy bless you, keep you and make his face shine upon you now and forever more, Amen!

For me the best things in life are truly free, so join me and wish her a great day.

Best Things in Life

I appreciate you so much!