Nigeria at 59: What are you doing about Changing the Narrative?

Nigeria is 59 today!

Yes, the Nation known as Nigeria was granted Independence by the British precisely 59 years ago. Since then, she has been trying hard to get her acts right but alas, many of the indices for National development are red.

I clearly recall that many years ago, people always referred to Nigeria as the giant of Africa, this is 2019 and looking at the realities of today, I think it is honestly fair to refer to Nigeria as the ‘sleeping giant of Africa’.

So, how do we awaken this sleeping giant?

This is the big question we have to answer as a Nation. For a lot of people, there is really no answer to this question and so they have made a decision to simply migrate in search of greener pastures or/and as many would say because they want better opportunities for their kids. Whatever be the case, the reality is that some of our smartest brains are leaving the country in droves and we need to curb the situation.

Well, this leads to a follow-up question and which is simply, what are we all doing individually and collectively to change the narrative?

If you are reading this post, then please take out time to answer this question. It is very convenient to blame the Government for everything – I agree that the Government at all levels has failed but do we wallow in that challenge or individually and collectively do something about the situation?

If by any chance, you follow the work that I do, then you may realise that while I acknowledge and appreciate the challenges, I am doing all I can to be the change I want to see.

Let me mention some of the few things that I am doing to make a difference:

  1. Tech Trends, Channels Television: my goal for the show remains the same, serve as a voice for technology in the country.
  2. ICT Clinic, Punch Newspapers: highlight challenges and policies affecting the growth of technology in the country.
  3. Founder Institute Lagos: our goal is to ensure that we create opportunities for more people looking to launch a startup. I believe entrepreneurship is one way to help accelerate the development of our country Nigeria.
  4. Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs: a network focused on helping deepen the growth of entrepreneurship in the country.

I love what one the Founders at Lagos and CEO,, Seun Abimbola, wrote here about what Nigeria can look like come 2035. Do you believe?

These are some of the ways I have committed to continue adding value for the sake of our dear country.

So, my question to you as Nigeria celebrates 59, what are you doing differently to change the narrative?

For every big challenge Nigeria faces, there are 10 possible solutions/opportunities out there.

– Prof. Charles Soludo, Former CBN Governor