Small Business Success

5 Small Business Success Strategies you can develop

The following 5 Small Business Success Strategies can help you small business grow in no time.

It is exciting to be a business owner, for me I am not just a business owner, I am a business owner helping others become business owners and over the years I have taught many of them these Small Business Success strategies you are about to learn. For a lot of people, owning their own business is one great dream they have in mind but unfortunately not all will see that dream come to pass except they commit to paying the price and doing what it takes.

Small Business Success
Small Business Success Strategies

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[quote]Remember the saying, nothing good comes easy[/quote]

Below are 5 Small Business Success Strategies

1. Develop your USP (unique selling proposition)

It does not matter what your business is or in what industry you operate, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd by creating a compelling USP that sells you and the business almost instantly. The starting point of developing a USP is to ask yourself questions such as;

  • what is my passion?
  • who do I want to serve?
  • who are my potential customers?
  • what do they need?
  • what can I offer?
  • will they be willing to pay?
  • how much? etc,

The list of questions can go on and on from this point. This is a key small business success strategy I advice you to learn and practice.

2. Develop your Elevator pitch

Can you explain your business in 60 seconds? Imagine, lodging in one of the Hilton hotels and there you are in an elevator and suddenly it slides open and a top executive of a company you have been trying to do business with steps in, what will be your reaction? Are you going to wait for the perfect day? or would you swing into action and use your neatly crafted elevator pitch to introduce yourself or your business? If you are like me, I bet you’ll maximise every bit of that opportunity.

[quote]Remember, opportunity is a haughty goddess – the Richest man in Babylon[/quote]

3. Develop a Testimonial system

Do you want to experience small business success? Then you’ve got to develop a testimonial strategy. It does not matter when or where, get into the habit of asking (begging on your knees) for testimonials as long as your product or service delivers on its promises. Get them to write about it but it is preferable if they agree to do a 60 seconds video for you, because pictures speak a thousand words and videos a whole lot more. Having testimonials from satisfied customers is one small bsuiness success strategy that will take your business to the next level.

Testimonials do play an extremely important role for small businesses especially in areas such as PR, advertising etc.

4. Develop an Upselling strategy

Upselling is one of the most successful small business success strategies. A classical example of how I upsell is when I talk about my Natureline business to a prospect, I focus only on the Tyre Safety Solution product and when the client is satisfied, I then introduce him or her to the Fix Energy Teas or any other products. Well this is me, you find ways to upsell. I am not saying that you should lose focus and crete another line of business when the 1st line is still struggling, all you need to do is become an affiliate of a business that has a non-competing line – I recommend Natureline Solutions. Everywhere you go, someone is trying to get you to buy more. From McDonalds with its supersize options to clothing stores that try to sell you shoes to match your outfit, everyone’s jumping on the band wagon. Why? Because it works!

If your customers already know that you have quality products that meets their needs, they will trust you again and again. Think about it… it is a lot easier to prospect someone you already have some sort of relationship with. Use every opportunity you have to increase your sales and learn to maximize your economic power of influence.

5. Develop the Benefits story

Have you heard the words that we mostly buy with our emotions? Ask the Mercedes Benz dealer what he sells? I bet he won’t say a car, rather he will begin with the benefits or status of having a mercedes benz.

People pay you because they want to enjoy the “perceived” benefit of your products or services. A wrist watch is a wrist watch, why do I have to buy a cartier? Simply, the makers create the feeling of the many benefits one can derived from owning a cartier wrist watch.

When developing your product or service benefit story, learn to use pictures, because picture they say speaks a thousand words. Always put the benefits of your small business in the mind of your potential and existing customers.

Please share your opinion about the small business success strategies stated above.

Stars In The Beautiful Sky

Stars In The Beautiful Sky

We all know the good old saying that the sky is your limit if you do this or that…………. depending on the situation. It is a saying most people grew up hearing and truly the sky is always a beauty to behold. This time around I want you to go beyond knowing this great timeless proverb and ponder on the greatness of God and the beauty of the sky.

The sky depicts God’s greatness, people who fly regularly know how beautiful it is up there and people who have never flown in a plane also know the sky is some wonder to behold.

Please stop reading for a moment and look up at the stars in the beautiful sky, adore one of God’s greatest gift of nature to man. I have always wondered why God chose to give birds so much space to fly, have you have seen two birds fighting in the air over space or seen them collide? Okay lets talk about man made flying objects, how often do planes collide in comparison to cars? You and I already know the answer……

Stars In The Beautiful Sky

Look at these beautiful birds flying freely as a team, no wonder people often say; I want to be free as a bird. There is so much freedom up there while captivity remains on earth or is it that man by nature has placed a lot of limitations around himself?

Freedom is God’s will for mankind but unlike those birds, we place limitations by our own words, thoughts and deeds. How do we possibly do this?  Well, we limit ourselves whenever we refuse to spread our wings and attempt to fly due to fear and some other factors and then we end up becoming captives of our thoughts and imaginations.

One question I always ask myself is; am I fulfilling God’s purpose for my life? If you don’t mind please ask yourself the same question. Am I ready to shine like the Stars In The Beautiful Sky. Well, I have the honour to reiterate that it is God’s plan for you to be free and teach others how to be free.

Here are some tips that will help you begin to regain your freedom gradually and help you shine like the Stars In The Beautiful Sky;

  1. Re-create your environment.
  2. Banish fear.
  3. Change your mindset.
  4. Cultivate relationships.
  5. Empty your cup.
  6. Get a mentor or a coach.

So, will you be able to reach the Stars In The Beautiful Sky now?

The sky presents a perfect example of the kind of life you should be living or planning for, and am here to help as many people that are willing and ready. This is the purpose of this blog and it is a commitment.