Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change, How Important Is It?

You may not be fully aware of the effect of global climate change or how it can affect your future and the future of generations to come. These problems won’t be resolved nor will it get solves just because you do not know or care about it. The fact is that our world is currently experiencing issues caused by global warming and it continues to threaten mankind. World leaders have been in constant negotiations i.e. the recent Copenhagen conference, as they discuss how to resolve these issues or at best reduce the effect on the earth. These negotiations may have a significant impact on our environment if all goes well.

One of the many reasons why world leaders are now more concerned about the effect of global climate change is the fact that the predictions made years ago are occurring – the rising sea level will continue to rise if the effect of global warming is not stopped or at least slowed down. In fact, according to the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) the probability of the sea rising by as much as 1 meter can happen before the century ends.

Global Climate Change
Global Climate Change

Significant changes in temperature are also part of the effect of global climate change and it is therefore expected that the weather will become warmer and warmer, likely causing the west Antarctic ice to float directly into the ocean, and in turn increase the sea levels further. This threat will continue to rise, as the temperature increases every day.

Aside from what is highlighted above, the melting of the polar cap is probably the main reason why there will be a big increase in the rise of sea levels, as the Andes, Himalayas, and Greenland cap continue to experience warmer temperature. Moreover, the biggest ice kingdom is also melting really fast over the last 50 years and even the Arctic condition is worse than you can imagine. No wonder, low lying areas are the first to suffer nowadays whenever there are typhoons in some countries.

You must understand that the global climate change is already at a critical level, and if the world leaders as well as you and I as individuals do not try to do something about it as early as now, then global catastrophe is inevitable. As you can already see, frequent typhoons and freak weather conditions are already being felt in different parts of the world, and will continue to devastate our homes and livelihood.

We as individuals have the obligation to prevent it from happening; we owe it to the children of this generation and generations to come. We may not be able to significantly change what has happened to Mother Nature but we can do something however small, to make sure that the conditions of the earth improves and it starts with you and the kind of products you use and how green you have chosen to become. Don’t you think going green will benefit the world?

So how important is global climate change, for you and your family?