4 Hints for Handling Full time Job and Side Bustle

This is a Guest Post by Emmanuel Dominic. Enjoy!

Call them Chiliads, 21st Century, Millennials, young and rash, there is one thing that stands out – Side Bustling and hustling. That’s right.

Living in a world and an economy that is really not helping make ends meet, one can’t help but think out of the box. In this part of the world, that is, in Nigeria, where we don’t have anything like hourly job and where most times, salaries are paid at the middle of the next month, that is if you even have a job, we see many people living in debts and borrowings. In order to stay above the waters, many full time workers now have side hustles to make ends meet. Most of the times, their main stay of survival is from these side tasks.

For clarity a side hustle is a way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to do your mainstay job. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most, without quitting your day job.

I find that the majority of my peers are involved in some sort of side gig to bring in extra cash or expand their skill set. I’m no exception?—?I’ve worked on side hustles both, while in school and while working full-time jobs. I work in a law firm, and as you know, it is a full time job. This leaves you with no time to do other things at all, especially, things like a side jobs.

Many people wrongfully think that a side hustle will damage their productivity on their full time job, or give them a poor grade at school. If, however, it is managed properly, it will do you much good in the long run. Apart from the experience and versatility you will gain, you will also earn extra cash. It works.

Here, I try to give you four hints and tips on how to handle and manage a side hustle alongside your full time job –

1. Be ready to make sacrifices

No matter what side hustle you pursue, you’re going to have to make sacrifices. You should be ready to put in extra time. You might miss out on the holidays, the extra sleep, the break time, the free weekends. This is why you need to make sure your side hustle benefits you, especially financially, else you will be frustrated. Remember, it is never easy, it is not easy. But it pays in the long run.

2. Know when to say ‘No’

When I first started out side hustling, it was hard for me to understand when to say “no.” I felt like I should collect every job and assignment I was given, always looking at the money. If you’re in the middle of a big launch for something you’re working on at your workplace and your business partner wants to spend the day discussing marketing strategies, don’t be afraid to give them a flat-out “no.” Saying ‘no’ sometimes, brings relief to you. Whether it’s work or school, everyone experiences busy weeks and slow weeks. If it’s a slow week, dive into your side hustle. If it’s a busy week, don’t be afraid to take a breather. There are some weeks at my firm that we have just 2 matters to deal with, I can entertain more side tasks.

3. Start a side hustle that allows for flexibility.

While brainstorming ideas of what side hustle you want to pursue, ensure that the hours and time requirements are flexible. You don’t want to do something that requires you to be somewhere during the day when you have school or work to focus on. Instead, think of a side hustle that can be worked on at your own convenient time, like after work or on during weekends.

An online job will so much do here. It allows you to multi-task on many side jobs while still doing your fulltime job. If you must meet up with clients physically, try and see how you will do that during weekends so that it will not affect your fulltime job.

4. Above all, Do what you love

There is nothing more frustrating and terrible than doing what you have no interest in or passion for. People get more productive and fruitful doing what they love. First discover what type of person you are, find out what gives you joy. This point just cannot be overemphasized.

“The only kind of positive side effect of the recession is people being resourceful or being forced out of the job market and pursuing their dreams,” says Tracy DiNunzio, founder of clothing resale site, Tradesy. “Side hustle can make that happen.”

Emmanuel Dominic is a tech lover, have a big interest in BIG DATA, guest posts, content marketer, and currently a student in the Information and Communications Science in the University of Ilorin.