Help STOP the Anti-NGO Bill

I watched a video that made me visibly angry and the presenter is a man I have tons of respect for. He is no other than Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, a human rights activist and erstwhile Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission.

The focus of the video is on the Anti-NGO Bill currently on the floor of the National Assembly which seeks to more or less centralise the functions of non-government organisations (NGOs) and how they operate.

Watch the video:

The Centre for Social Justice which created the video has pleaded that we should help share it and create awareness and that is exactly what I have decided to do by this and other activities. I urge you to do the same, if you’re really concerned about the sustainability of any organisations that you care so much about such as your church or an NGO.

I have also taken it a step further by signing this petition on citizengo because it’s all about creating awareness. Here’s the message I got afterwards:

I signed a petition to House of Representatives: Federal Republic of Nigeria which says:
Will you sign this petition? Click here to sign!

In my opinion, we need a more de-centralized national structure and trying to further centralize this country is unacceptable. Nigeria is simply too large for one central Government and that is clearly evident in the state of our Nation today.

I urge to support this movement by simply sharing, liking and tweeting this video –

ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali

How My Zambian Mentee Made this Year Count

I don’t like to think of myself as a mentor perse because I am only living a life of purpose but the reality is that I just happen to be one, that is exactly how God Almighty designed it. I say this because I have gone from being a guy who started blogging out of frustration to being one who reaches millions every day both locally and internationally through TV, Print, Radio & Online.

Be that as it may, one lesson I believe God has been teaching lately is to stop underestimating my capacity and reach – this is because I find myself asking him certain questions every now and then because some things don’t just add up to me.

A number people that I have met on this journey admire me like one genius, some say to me how did it all happen, you must be very smart to be able to manage multiple platforms at the same timen – comments like these simply make me laugh, seriously because they have no clue whatsoever.

See all that has happened is simply what I refer to as time and chance (Ecclesiastes 9:11), no more, no less. It is basically the grace of God in the life of a nobody, whom He has chosen to make somebody. Let me not start with the doubts, struggles, fears, pressures, expectations, too much exposure etc. all of which combine to make me want to escape to neverland (wherever that is) every now and then 🙂

All I can say, is “Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.”

This post is not exactly about me, it is simply to encourage you not to despair irrespective of how the year started or ended. Yes, many of your goals may not have come to fruition and yes you may have experienced some difficulties which makes you sad irrespective. Well, I encourage you not to lose hope and faith.

I hope Kingston’s story cheers you up?

Now to the main reason why I am writing this post, first is to thank God for a challenging yet fantastic year and next to share the story of one of my long distance mentees who hasn’t met in person but has implemented many of the principles I have shared on this blog and other platforms.

Earlier in the year, he sent me the below mail:

Kingston AliHello CFA,

We are connected on on social media accounts. I am a Zambian who has been greatly inspired by your works especially in the area of ICT Presentations because that where we share much of the same interest. I want to learn more from you as I want to join your field as a Technology Columnist in one of our local news papers. I have seen there is a gap here in Zambia and would like to seize this opportunity share, inform, educate, advise, comments on technological issues in zambia thorough the media.

I will be glad to hear more from you, be mentored and realize the value of being relevant to this lie.


I won’t bore you with the details of the back and forth communication we have had but below is a screenshot of his recent post;

ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali
ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali
I by no means take any glory whatsoever for his success – all glory must return to the creator of the universe. The reason I am sharing his story is simply because this guy has not met me in person, all he has done is follow my work online and see the impact he is already making in his home country, Zambia.

In Febuary, he was hoping to own a column, he went to work and by December it has all become a reality, without a degree in journalism or prior writing experience as such. ICT Matters with Mwila Kingston Ali is the result of believing, thrusting God and going for it against all odds. Very similar to some of my experiences which you can read here.

A big congrats to you, Mwila Kingston for your strides and achievements this year. I wish you the very best in the years to come. One thing is certain, I’d sure have you visit Nigeria someday to share your remarkable story. Keep pressing on buddy & here’s wishing you God’s continuous grace and blessings.

My final words is to wish everyone out there a truly happy new year full of God’s blessings and favour, in Jesus mighty name, Amen!
Don’t forget to put God first in all you do and make Jesus Christ the master of your life in the coming year.
John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

Kudos to Channels Television at 21!

In many families in Nigeria, a child is regarded as an adult when he gets to the age of 21. This is particularly why the management and staff of Channels Media Group led by the Chairman, Mr. John Momoh & the Vice Chairman, Mrs. Olusola Momoh, along with numerous well wishes gathered to celebrate this child of good fortune.

Channels Television is a project that clearly proves that you can achieve anything you set your heart to, as long as it is legal and falls within the will of the Almighty for your life. Here was a man who had a comfortable job working at the Government-owned Nigerian Television Authority, (NTA). He was doing a good job and was, therefore, popular and admired by a vast majority of people. This simply means he had no reason whatsoever to resign and go start Channels TV other than his own personal convictions that there is a gap that was yearning to be filled.

Every now and then, I tune into NTA and I still see some of his colleagues back then, such as Cyril Stober, doing what they have been doing for many many years. Nothing wrong with that, but, if John Momoh did not take the bull by the horn then, the impact Channels TV has made today will not be there not to talk of all the people that depend on  the company for their livelihood.

As for me, I proudly and boldly congratulate my Chairman, Mr. John Momoh for a job well done and by keeping hope alive against all odds. I know it must have been a rather difficult 21 years trying to steer this ship.
For some of you reading this post, I will like to inform you that nothing good comes easy. The Chairman did share some experiences from those early days, such as when staff salary was a nightmare and how the official bus would be converted to public transport just to augment the income that was not matching up expenses.  These are examples of the stories behind successes like Channels Television and we are indeed proud of what the brand has become.

I do not write this because I am part of the team alone, even though, it is partly the reason. I write because I admire and love what JM has been able to achieve.

He is not just my boss, but he doubles as a great mentor of mine. I can only pray that God will grant him grace to continue to steer this ship as well as long life to stick around and enjoy the fruit of his labour in Jesus name. Amen.

A big congratulations to Chairman, Vice Chairman and the rest of the Channels Television team #thebestisyettocome.

.ng domains

Why are Nigerians avoiding .NG domains?

Yes! This is a very interesting question that is begging to be answered or maybe it is simply me making assumptions on the use of .ng domains?

Frankly, it is quite amazing that a country with close to a 100 million or more (depending on whose data you choose to use) Internet users has sold less than 100,000 .ng domains to both local and international owners. Yes, it is a somewhat interesting irony especially when I look at the number of domains that South Africa has been able to push out to the world.

Again, I ask why do you think Nigerians have simply refused to use .ng domains? Who is to blame or is that we believe .ng is not good enough or we don’t just understand its importance to our national brand or we probably need some sort of Government policy to make it somewhat compulsory?

Forgive me for asking too many questions at the same time, I am simply looking for answers.

Yes, I am a .ng ambassador ordained by NiRA – the association responsible for managing the string and part of my National service is to get more Nigerians to use this domain string. Yes, I get to convince some to switch but a majority of people give me all sorts of reason, why they won’t use .ng domains and some of these reasons are simply based on assumptions or hearsay and not facts.

So, if you are reading this post and you have a domain, I’d like you to share why it is not a .ng brand?

Again, let me stress like I stated in my post on Who is to blame for pay on delivery? the foundation of any proper and sustainable development especially in the knowledge economy is the enactment and enforcement of policies.

Imagine, if we had a policy that states that every registered company in Nigeria must use .ng domains? We know this is not an impossible feat, after all the UK and a few other countries are enforcing such policies whether covertly or overtly.

Here are some reasons I believe you should use .ng domains:

1. It is a matter of Nation Pride

Nigeria as a Nation is blessed with this unique domain string known as .ng and we ought be proud of this gift of nature. However, we should not stop at just appreciating it but owning one at the very least.

2. Foreign Exchange is Scarce

I used to be happy paying for my VPS server but not anymore because of the ever-increasing exchange rate and the same goes for .com domain names that I own.

Using the .ng range of domains will contribute to saving our scarce FX.

3.  SEO/Speed/Reduced Latency

Why do you think that Google would rather serve you results using when you search for stuff within Nigeria and if you travel to say Ghana and use the same device it will go ahead and serve you results via

What is even interesting is that in the case of Nigeria, Google has both as well as .ng domains, an example of a forward looking company.

4. Local Content Development

We must develop local content by supporting what is ours, imagine what will happen if only 1% of the reported 170 million+ Nigerians decide to own domains that fly the Nigerian colour online, that will be over 1 Million domain names that would eventually serve as the foundation for businesses, ventures and causes on the world-wide web. Would that not further strengthen the Nigerian brand and dignify her on the Internet?

I must commend Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) for a good job and here is a call for more advocacy and education in order to get more Nigerians to appreciate what is ours and get Government to lead the way and let others follow.

The reality is that if Government at any level still uses .com or .org domains, why should average small business owners, who obviously do not have as much resources as Government be urged to switch?

I’ve switched my blog from to in support of .ng and I am super excited to have made the move.

If you are not using .ng domain yet, I’d like to know why. Some say cost others say security but I like to hear from you.

Modern City

Nigeria will never Develop, Except…..

In my most quiet moments, I get to question if indeed this country of ours isn’t cursed?

Notwithstanding the fact that I am a die-hard optimist, I still express some doubts in my most secret moments about the future of this country.

A country where corruption has now become the order of the day with fear and insecurity on the rapid rise and Government appears helpless.

My mum once witnessed a robbery of close to 10 banks in an operation that lasted close to one hour. According to her, there were no policemen in sight and it was after the thieves had fled that the police came with their sirens. How would a country, as huge as Nigeria, be unable not deploy helicopters to robbery scenes within minutes of getting information? Some questions, one cannot just answer.

So, would Nigeria ever develop?

I know we are a country of prayer warriors and we will be quick to scream; “yes, by the grace of God!” While I have no issues with that, I wonder if that is sufficient because, even the bible says; “Faith without Works in Dead!”

Anyway, in my opinion, Nigeria can only develop if;

1. We stop pushing our responsibility to God or in most cases, lying with God’s name. I am puzzled that a criminal leader will call the name of God a dozen times during a 15 minutes speech, yet embezzle or misappropriate funds meant to build roads.

2. We hold our leaders accountable at all levels – Federal, State and Local, (particularly the guys at the local government levels, who people hardly add to the equation as they hold sway without hindrance).

3. We invest in the real sector – as a SME, I can tell you for sure that it is more or less a crime to be one in Nigeria today. Forget all the lip service, there is little or no support for SME’s in Nigeria today.

4. Buy & Use Made in Nigeria products – my recent chat with the Indian High Commissioner made me realize how a society can turn around their fortune by believing in their own locally made stuff. Did you notice that the Indians and Chinese have their own cuisines to serve their nationals resident here?

Let’s stop fooling ourselves. Some Nigerians show off with pride how every single thing they use is designed and developed abroad – even to their undies. It’s all good, but let’s note kid ourselves we cannot develop this way. We either believe in ourselves and support locally made-in-Nigeria products or forget it.

5. Invest in Youths: sometimes I wonder if those in Government realize what it means to say above 50% of our youths are unemployed – that is nothing but a waiting time bomb!

We’ve got to wake up to the fact that we need to invest in our youths – I am not referring to giving them N5,000 monthly stipends, no, far from it! I am talking about real time development.

Let me cite an example, just by building 1,000 outsourcing hub equipped with high speed Internet, where youths will be trained and supported to become freelancers, will take a lot of youths out of poverty.

I could go on and on but I will rather stop here.

My final words “if we want Nigeria to truly develop then we have to start doing certain things right , from today!”

Christian Marriage

Same-sex Ruling: A Wake Up Call for Christians Worldwide

It’s wake up time indeed! Christians who may be wondering how they will be persecuted even in sane environments like the United States should wonder no more because the signs are everywhere. The US Supreme court’s ruling in favour of the LGBT community is indeed a game changer in all ramifications.

Christians must stand on the bibleHere are a few posers for those still wondering what is to come…………….

  • How would a christian parent explain to their teenage son that their next door neigbhour is a brother married to a brother?
  • How would the church react when a gay couple attends Sunday service? Would they kick them out against the dictates of the state?
  • Assuming they are allowed to become part of the church, will the pastor still have the courage to say homosexuality is a sin?
  • Would a Christian wedding planner organize the wedding ceremony of a gay couple?
  • Would the church agree to wed a gay couple?
  • If a gay couple adopts a child and invites a Christian family to her birthday ceremony would they attend?

These are some of the questions I can think of amongst many others that will crop up in the coming days and the truth is that more than ever before Christians (especially those who will take a stance based on the bible) need the direction and grace of God to pull through.

The truth is that it is a wake up call for Christians and all those who believe in the divine institution of marriage as ordained by God.

I have read articles upon articles trying to gauge the stance of christian leaders and I am pleased that some of them are standing up for the cross.

I love the question asked by Rev. Franklin Graham who leads the Billy Graham Ministries;

“Will the next step be to ban us from speaking God’s truth from His Word about this issue?”

In my opinion, this is a possibility, therefore I expect the next lawsuit from a gay person who didn’t like the way the pastor preached against his beliefs and will go to find ‘justice.’ Christians will face more alienation than ever before.

Franklin Graham went further to warn;

“Obama is leading the nation on a sinful course and God will judge him and us as a nation if we don’t repent.”

According to the, Pastor Greg Laurie gave a special sermon titled “6 Things Christians Can Do Amid Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling” to help his congregation and Christians elsewhere in the country deal with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. Here they are:

  1. Don’t panic; God is still on the throne
  2. Remember that Romans 8:28 is still in the Bible
  3. Show this culture what a biblical marriage looks like
  4. Show the love of Christ to everyone
  5. Engage all people with the Gospel
  6. Pray no matter what

The truth is that God commands us to love our neighbours whether gay or straight but we must know where to draw the line. So I watched this old interview with Pastor Joel Osteen;

What do you make of it? Do you think that he has lost it? Admitting that Gay people are in his church is not bad but is he telling them the truth like Apostle Paul would do?

There are too many questions and only God Himself know the answers but I’d love to end this post with a quote by Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

“The Supreme Court can do many things, but the Supreme Court can’t put Jesus back in that tomb. Jesus of Nazareth is still alive; He is still calling the universe toward His kingdom.”

Tech on wheels, Family Love FM

Something Big to Hit Nigeria’s Airwaves This July

Hold onto your hats good Nigerian folks. This July, a big wheel will be rolling out Family Love FM Radio Network studios into airwaves across Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Umuahia and their environs. This wheel will see award-winning tech and media personality, CFA, come to Family Love FM for a unique, highly educative, yet entertaining 15-minutes tech radio show

Tech on Wheels will air every Wednesday beginning 1st July and will dish out the coolest digital tips, unique tech-related Safety Alerts and Everything Tech you should know

The show will inspire, uplift and entertain listeners by taking on the latest in the world of technology and discussing how productivity at home, school and business can be greatly enhanced by leveraging on technology. Family Love FM believes that this is not only innovative, but also genuinely refreshing with a unique brand of insight and knowledge that the nation truly needs for development and prosperity.

Kick off your July with some of the most inspiring, educative and entertaining tech stories from all over the world by tuning in every Wednesday at:

  •   5.15-5.30 pm on 97.7 Love FM Port Harcourt
  •   6:30-6:45 pm on 104.5 Love FM Abuja
  •   7:30-7:45 pm on 103.9 Love FM Umuahia

Tech on Wheels is a radio show you just can’t afford to miss; that’s why all episodes will be posted to

Celebrating yet another Birthday

Now 35, then what? ….Just gonna enjoy my birthday?

I have noticed that many people like to be secretive about their age for a number of reasons apart from those who just do it for the sake of staying private, most other reasons are the wrong reasons IMO. Well, I am not secretive about it so thank God. Well, today I hit the mid 30s mark and gradually edging towards the 40 mark – wow! I can’t wait to be 40 because I believe that so much would have been achieved for God, my Nation and family by then.

CFA on air
Meet Dj CFA 🙂 in my dreams….. I took this selfie while on my ICT radio show!

Well in the last couple of years, I have made it a point of duty to publish a post on my birthday just to appreciate God’s goodness and sort of give a progress report. In 2010, I published Happy Birthday to CFA, 2012 was July 10th is a Special Day for Me, 2013 was Celebrating yet another Birthday and I just published If I were 22 (*35), I’d create a Vision Board on LinkedIn (please go read it and share as well).

Well now that I have progressed further, what’s next? The reality is that I am beginning to see myself less and less as a youth and more and more as an adult despite the fact that some old foxes in Nigeria claim to be youths or youth leaders at 50+ 🙂 isn’t that laughable?

So, what’s next for me in terms of my spirituality, goals, business, finance, career including this blog, family, projects, community service etc.?

One thing is clear and certain for me; it’s time to set bigger and more daring goals. Some of my earlier goals included becoming a highly sort after speaker, an author, turning my brand into a sellable product, earning 5-6 figures per training or speaking engagement etc. most of which has been attained even though I am still largely work in progress. My vision board will now include newer goals that will herald me into my 40th birthday, if Jesus tarries!

Right now, I am investing heavily into personal development, becoming a better communicator, learning new skills and building capacity – so watch out for a much older and different kind of CFA over the next 5 years! But for now, its my birthday and I am just gonna celebrate and have a blast to God’s glory but I’d also take the time to plan further.

Hmmmnnnnnn, how time flies? I remember celebrating my 21st birthday, I also remember getting married at 26 and now I am 35 just like yesterday……………………. Thank you Lord!!!

So by the time you see this article then know for sure that I would have received over a thousand greetings via various platforms for real especially Facebook and LinkedIn (connect with me). I appreciate everyone out there who has spared a moment to call, send a sms, drop a line on social media or even pinged me on BBM or Whatsapp – you’re all highly appreciated. 1 luv for real!!!

brain power

Organise your life and business with Mind Maps

We live in a highly distracting world, so it is your responsibility to look out for tools and strategies that will help you stay sane and productive otherwise you might suffer from information overload and indecision.

Let me introduce one tool that has helped me tremendously despite the fact that I do not use it as often as I ought to but each time I use it, I get the results I expect. A mind map is simply a brain tool that helps you in any sort of brainstorming activities – here is the link to the post I wrote on mind mapping a while ago.

I suggest you watch this video by Tony Buzan, a man known as the Father of Mind Maps

So let me share with you a tiny part of the CFA mind map, that connects the dots of all my activities both online and offline:

CFA mind maps....

You would not believe how huge and elaborate this map is, I could write a 100 page book on it. As you may have noticed, I did cut out some stuff because it is not yet time for them to be revealed but what I want you to get is the concept and not the content of my goals. I have clearly shared my brand into 2 main parts and that forms the choice of activities I get involved with going forward. As shown above my ultimate goal or end point is to be a positive influencer and partnerships is at the core of CFA.

The beauty about this is that I have a 10 year plan of my life on a single piece of paper. What sort of goal setting would you still recommend that I do? I hope you get the point on what can be achieved through the effective use of mind maps?

So CFA, what mind mapping tool should I use?

There are a number of mind mapping tools out there, most of them are paid but there are a few free ones that I have found to be useful. But, if you can afford it, then go for a premium version that is the online way we can keep the innovation on the Internet growing. Below are some you can try:

Go give mind mapping a trial and do come back to share the experience. It looks complex but trust me its a fun exercise!

Ada and Ezekiel Agbata

I announce the death of my kid sister Ada Miracle Ifeoma Agbata, May her soul rest in peace

With a heavy heart but in total submission to the will of God, I write to tell the world that my kid sister, Ada Miracle Ifeoma Agbata is no more, she has gone to be with the Lord. Read more about her on website (no longer working)

She died earlier today, Tuesday, 6th of December, 2011 at about 1.30pm.

My sister was hale and hearty this morning because we spoke and laughed before I left for the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan African University where I had a Social Media and Search Engine Optimization training session.

In the middle of the training session, I got a call that my sister was behaving funny and that it was pretty serious. What was I supposed to do? The training session was on. Besides I knew that if I rushed out it will not solve anything because I am not a Doctor or medical practitioner. So, I relaxed and informed my students about what was going on and told them to pardon me if I became incoherent – thank goodness they understood 🙂

How it all happened

According to my dear Mother who was with her, Ada Miracle was in perfect health and great shape. In fact, she has been waiting on the Lord (Fasting and Praying) for almost a month, she usually fasts from 6am to 3pm but said to our Mum that she will break much earlier, so by 12pm, she knelt down to pray and prayed till about 12.30pm, she got up to freshen up and my Mum heard her scream Mummy, Mummy from the bathroom.

Not too long after this she became unconsious. They got to the hospital and was told that they had to transfer her to LUTH – Lagos University Teaching Hospital to see a specialist…… Before they got there, she gave up the ghost.

Today was one of those days that I am glad that I did not drive to Victoria Island because I might have had a seizure before getting to the hospital cos the traffic was simply insane. I simply resorted to Okada (motor bike) and so for the 1st time I biked from Victoria Island all the way to LUTH, Idi Araba as if that will stop what God has destined to happen from happening.

What I saw at LUTH broke my heart the more, apart from the fact that my sister was gone, I saw so many helpless Nigerians receiving treatment from their cars. Infact, my folks were told that there were no free beds, so my sister was confirmed dead right inside the car that took her there (not an ambulance cos the Hospital she first went does not have an one).

I am still short of words,

Three questions I asked myself based on today’s experience:  

  1. How would Hospitals in Nigeria not be prepared for an emergency?
  2. Are you sure I won’t get another citizenshio for my children?
  3. Is Nigeria not ripe for a revolution?

Life remains brutish and short her in Nigeria….. Very sad indeed!!!

Lessons I learnt from my Sister’s Death

1. Give thanks to God

In all situation we must give thanks to our creator, so I stand to tell the world that in all situation give thanks to the Lord for he is our maker.

God, I thank you for today’s experience and for the life of our dear sister.

2. Live everyday like your last

My sister was not sick (at least not physically) but she is no more. It is still like a dream to me, I cant believe that my sister is gone to be with the Lord.
Today it is her, tomorrow is could be anyone else. Do make sure your life gives glory to your maker.   I have made up my mind to give God all the glory despite the great pain that I feel, I trust God Almighty 100% – He is in charge of the universe.

Ada would have died in 2005 but God extended her life and added a few more years. You can read her testimony here.

Sleep on dear Sister till we meet to part no more on the Lord’s day!


How to build up your online business using SEO

Building any new online business and bringing it to success is a very tedious task if you do not invest properly in SEO. It is even more tedious if you are new to the emerging internet marketing technologies. Just by building an attractive website with nice images and good content alone is not sufficient to attract customers to your website.

The SEO industry is indeed emerging and becoming more relevant as the Internet becomes more competitive.

There are lots of techniques involved that you need to learn and apply in order to increase traffic to your website. Usually when people want to explore about something, what they do is search using related keywords in one of the popular search engines. So, your aim should be to get your website to the top of those search engine results. This process is generally called search engine optimization technique or SEO.

There are many strategies used in SEO to achieve this aim and also to increase traffic to your website other than this using many other techniques. If you are not very familiar with these techniques it is better to approach a professional to get this job done for you because it is not as simple as it sounds. You have to remember that every single website is targeting the same to get to the top of that search engine results. So, the competition is high and unless you do all that is required you would end up with a very good website with less traffic resulting in poor business. There are many professionals like Conditioned for Accomplishments who are experts in this field with their experience and technical expertise to increase traffic for your online business.

Below are different methods of Internet Marketing used to improve your website:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Publishing newsletters
  3. Banner advertising
  4. Social Media
  5. Article writing
  6. PPC advertising
  7. Link building
  8. Forum postings

It is difficult to point out a single technique that will bring success for you because different businesses have found success using different techniques and it is better to resort to multiple methods than sticking with one.

There are many ways of doing Search Engine Optimization or SEO and using right keywords in the content, using it for the right amount of times in the content and in the meta-tag, etc. are usual methods employed by professionals.

They have techniques to find out which keyword should be used and how many times should it be used. It is difficult to know all these techniques for someone who is not an expert and it is always better to take the help of any of the good internet marketing professionals such as CFA to effectively manage the marketing of your online business.

tips on time management

4 tips on Time Management

You need tips on time management if you always fall short of what is expected of you when it comes to productivity. One good question you need to answer is are you managing time profitably?

Time management is the act or process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity. Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals. This set encompasses a wide scope of activities, and these include planning, allocating, setting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing.

Source: Wikepedia

These tips on time management are usually beneficial for everyone, from homemakers who need to run their households, students who need to complete their school work, and even entrepreneurs who need to move fast to achieve their returns on investment. It is appropriate for those who simple want to know what is time management.

These tips on time management will help you get more control over your time so that you can achieve more than what you have set out to do, within the time you have specified. The goal of tips on time management is to point you to the right direction whenever you feel too overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.

Check these tips on time management and see which ones are doable considering your situation and available resources:

1. Use a planner

This is so far the simplest nugget on time management that can be achieved without much effort at all. For one, it is just like taking stock of what you need to do for the day or for the next week. But instead of just keeping them in your mind, you now have to list them down in a notebook or a planner, with their specific time schedules so your activities don’t overlap. Keeping a planner is one way of keeping yourself organized and the secret to making these tips on time management work is to make sure that you follow the list. One good planner I recommend is the Making Time Work for You – a productivity tool to make time work for you. N500 per copy.

2. Categorize your tasks according to importance

Another time management tip you can use to make your schedule more efficient is to use the priority matrix tool. This tool will help you identify tasks that are urgent and important and those that are important but can wait. There are bigger tasks you can put on the “can wait” list if they are urgent. However, some small tasks have to be done immediately like buying your medication or paying your bills. You need to be adept in categorizing tasks to improve your time management skills though.

3. Use down time to your advantage

You planner and your “urgent” and “can wait” matrix will keep you company during your down time. These are certain times in a day when you have more time to kill without doing anything. It could be the time you need to spend waiting for your doctor or the time wasted while waiting for your order in a restaurant. Instead of doing nothing, keep your planner at hand and update it.

4. Plan your Internet time

The internet is no doubt fun but it is also a major time waster, so I advice that you plan your time on the internet. You will know you have started making time work for you, if you can close your browser when the time scheduled for it is over. One of the greatest time wasters today is the internet.

Time management strategies need not be complicated but they need to be very practical and doable. These top tips are not only easy to do but will help you develop the skill of managing your time efficiently.

Don’t miss our Time Management Workshop if you want to improve your life. This is a limited-seat workshop so register now.

Photo Credit: Army.Arch

Managing Time Profitably

Are you Managing Time Profitably?

Every entrepreneur competing in today’s economy must understand the importance of Managing Time profitably.

Start by answering these questions;

  • Do you think you have worked hard enough, worked smart enough, plan extensively enough?
  • Then how come you are not getting the right result? Could it be a problem of timing?
  • Are you managing time profitably?
  • Have you started a project or venture well and midway you became frustrated because things aren’t going as planned?

Then you need to know the right time to do that right thing that matters to you….

managing time
Managing Time Profitably

Business Improvement Experts in partner with Business Growth Experts LLC USA presents a one day Effectiveness Building Workshop on “Managing Time Profitably”

Date: 2nd/3rd November, 2011

Time: 11am – 3pm

Venue: NECA House, Plot A2, Hakeem Balogun Street, Central Business District, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

Gate fee: 10,000 per day per participant (10% discount for two or more participants from the same organization)

Participants will receive our Business Improvement Pack which contains a Time Management Workbook and other resources and will be trained specially on how to use them.

Tune in to Inspiration FM every morning from 25th October, 2011 for a special broadcast of the event.

About the Lead Facilitator, Edwin Edebiri

A dynamo of humor and enthusiasm, Edwin has over 25 years experience in providing individuals and business owners hands on training in inspiring possibilities, networking, goals setting, and time management. He is committed to helping individuals and organizations create a brighter future. He speaks for a variety of corporate clients, civic organizations, and educational audiences. He holds an MBA with honors from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. Edwin is the author of “Creating a Brighter Future: pillars of practice to put your dreams into action”, “Networking A to Z – A Bullish Approach” and the creator of an exciting productivity management system called Making Time Work for you, that is loaded with invaluable information that will empower you to reach your full potential. Edwin serves on the board of various profit and non for profit organizations including the Junior Achievement of Sacramento.

This is one event that is guaranteed to increase productivity in your organisation!

The Managing Time Profitably workshop is event you should not miss for anything in this world. Limited Seats available. Contact me right away!

Edwin Edebiri is experienced in Business, Productivity and Managing Time, this is what others have to say;

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Edwin Edebiri inspire and enlighten those who want to turn their dreams into reality, both in person and online.” -John Fleming, Publisher of Direct Selling

“Edwin Edebiri is the Chief Happiness Officer of the world” – Dr. Brenda Wade, One of the most renowned psychologists in America.

website for your small business

4 Reasons why you should create a website for small business

Have you considered the need to create a website for your small business?

As a small business owner and small business coach, I usually ask small business owners certain questions i.e. do you have a website? When did you create a website? Are you properly positioned online? Can your customers or prospective customers find you easily? Sad to say but I get more negative responses, hence my decision to write about the need to create a website.

4 reasons to create a website today!

1. Easily reach a wider audience

You can cheaply and effectively reach a wider audience if you create a website for your small business. The internet is a huge network of nations, people, businesses, content etc. How you reach an extended audience through your website depends on how creative you are, just because youcreate a website have a website does not mean traffic will come automatically – you have to generate traffic. Use the following simple strategies to increase traffic;

  • Start a blog. Read how to blog.
  • Advertise online using Facebook, Google, yahoo etc.
  • Get involved with social media
  • Print the website address on all your stationeries
  • Leave a link to your website in your email signatures

If you can do all these and much more then I assure you that you will definitely reach an extended audience over time. CFA Leverage can help you in this regards. We provide low cost web related services to help small businesses grow.

2. Reduce your advertising cost

Having a website for your growing business can help you reduce your advertising cost. As a matter of fact, I believe that every small business owner should have a website because as you are reading this, so also are your customers and potentials customers doing “stuff” online, some are reading, while others are shopping, majority are trying to explore something new and these activities are going on every minute.

The conventional ways of advertising are not reaching as many people as they used to, infact the growing trend is that a number of people especially the younger generation are now spending more time online rather than watching TV. Conventional advertising is expensive and if you are unlucky, you may spend money and still miss your target market. If you create a website it will be like a billboard for your business, available 24/7.

3. Improve your Brand

One of the benefits of creating your website is that it helps increase the awareness and perception of your brand. Do you know a strategy as a simply as sending an email can fetch you new customers? The process of having a website for your small business includes purchasing a domain name, with you own domain name, you can easily create your own “branded” email address(es). Imagine, all of the emails you send bearing your business name in the address field! This is not only more professional but can be a form of viral advertising if your emails get forwarded to others for whatever reason.

4. Control your overheads

The question is if you create a website can it help reduce your overhead? The answer is yes it can! For example, you can place a shopping cart on your website which can help you shorten the time needed to make a sale or close a deal – the longer it takes you to close any deal, the more expensive that deal becomes to your small business. You can also sell your products and services 24/7 on auto-pilot.

You can also run promotions – online promotions can be very inexpensive when compared to the conventional ways of promotions. A loyalty program like the one currently on my blog will not only help you drive traffic but will also attract new customers. So I urge you to go on and create a website for your small business today!

CFA Leverage offers SEO friendly small business websites at very affordable rates or better still win a free website here.

How important do you think it is to create a website for small business.


4 reasons why you should be a part of the Conditioned for Accomplishments Loyalty Program and win free gifts

Conditioned for Accomplishments has launched a loyalty program for her regular readers and visitors who wish to create value, yet be rewarded with free gifts and a big thank you.

I have observed that quite a number of people visit the Conditioned for Accomplishments website on a daily basis but only a handful share the valuable content they read with others. My goal is to change this trend hence this loyalty program.

Do you know what gives me so much joy about this loyalty program? Let me tell you, I discovered a tool that will automate the whole process – PunchTab is the world’s first instant loyalty program platform that allows website owners to create a social and mobile-enabled loyalty program and what’s more, it 100% free to use – you heard me, I am paying nothing, nada and zero! Do you now see why I am so glad?

Below are 4 reasons to be a part of the Conditioned for Accomplishments Loyalty Program

1. Tasks are clearly defined

Punchtab makes it so easy for you and I to function as partners-in-success. Do you see the red (sexy) ribbon all over the site? That is called the Punchtab Earning Map, it automatically appears next to supported social sharing buttons and comment boxes, and all you are required to do is perform any of the following tasks on a daily basis;

  • Visit this site everyday
  • Facebook Like any article
  • Tweet any article
  • Google +1 any article
  • Leave comments on any article(s) you enjoy

Any of the above tasks will earn you points (assigned by the punchtab system). This is not a case of someone awarding you points secretly – points accumulated are open for anyone who is part of the loyalty program to see.

2. Sign-up is Easy (details below)

No sign-up forms to fill. No purchases necessary. No commitments whatsoever. All you are required to do is visit this site daily and perform very simply but quality tasks and you will earn points. How simple can life be?

3. The Goal of this Loyalty Program is clearly defined

The goal is simple, attract more people to this site to subscribe to our articles either by RSS or email. I am not asking you to buy anything or join me in my Natureline home business. All I ask is that you join me in helping people become Conditioned for Accomplishments by spreading my articles.

4. The Free gifts are believable and you can choose

I have not promised you silver nor gold nor a sleek car. I have put together valuable gifts that you will appreciate and won’t be a challenge for me to redeem.

You can choose from any of the following gifts as soon as you accumulate the required points.

[tabs style=”boxed”] [tab title=”Free Gifts“]

  1. 50 SMS Units @
  2. 100 SMS Units @
  3. Recharge Cards (N500) Glo, MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Visafone etc. – any network.
  4. 500 SMS Units @
  5. Excerpts from THE TREASURY OF QUOTES by Jim Rohn + Cost of Shipping
  6. Zig Ziglar’s Little BOok of Big Quotes + Cost of Shipping
  7. 15 days Automated SMS Campaign set-up + 200 SMS Units @
  8. Creating a Brighter Future by Edwin Edebiri + Cost of Shipping (Hard Back) *
  9. SEO Friendly website + 2 years Hosting and Maintenance
  10. Natureline Bi-Tron Tyre Safety Solution (TSS) Prevents Tyre Punctures & Saves Money
    * Amazon Affiliate Links

[/tab] [tab title=”Points Required“]

  1. 4,000 points
  2. 5,000 points
  3. 8,000 points
  4. 10,000 points
  5. 25,000 points
  6. 50,000 points
  7. 50,000 points
  8. 75,000 points
  9. 75,000 points
  10. 75,000 points
  11. 100,000 points
  12. 100,000 points[/tab] [/tabs]

How to sign up for the Conditioned for Accomplishments Loyalty Program

1. Look around the site for the Red Reward ribbon, Click on it and wait for a widget to pop up

Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program

2. Click on Become a Member Now and you are good to go.

Loyalty Program Leader Board
CFA Loyalty Program

3. To view your points accumulated.

– Log into your Facebook account
– visit
– Click on the Punchtab ribbon
– Look at the top left of the Punchtab widget to view points accumulated. (Highlighted in yellow)
– This also shows you a 30 day view of those who have accumulated the most points in the loyalty program.

Loyalty Program Catalog
Loyalty Program Catalog

4. To view all the free gifts up for grabs, click on the Catalog just besides the Leaderboard (top right of the Punchtab widget)


Simplified Loyalty Program Rules.

Please click here to read the detailed loyalty program rules.

  1. If we are shipping any free gifts, please submit Nigerian addresses only.
  2. In some cases you may be required to visit a location close to you to pick up your free gift(s).
  3. You can only win once for each item, please.
  4. All tasks MUST be of high quality i.e. your comments have to relevant. Please avoid using comments such as ‘Nice post’ ‘Great Article’ ‘Thank you’ while we appreciate it, our goal is to get you to participate in creating value.
  5. Punchtab monitors all your activities. You will be removed from the loyal program if you try to break any rules.
  6. If you accumulate the required points for any of the free gifts, please leave a comment in the the website comment box below stating your Full name, Points accumulated and the free gift you wish to redeem.
  7. Please give a minimum of 3 weeks to receive the free gifts that will be shipped and a minimum of 1 week to receive recharge card via SMS or email.
  8. Please come back here to leave a comment when you receive your free gift so as to confirm/prove the credibility of this loyalty reward program.
  9. Free gifts can be added and removed with or without reason.
  10. The loyalty program rules can be adjusted with or without reason.
  11. The loyalty program can be discontinued or laid to rest at our sole discretion.
  12. Please visit this page regularly as most of our communication will be done here using the comment box.
  13. We say a BIG Thank you for helping us create value!!!

Have you ever had any loyalty program experience? How was it? Please share your experience. Good luck if you decide to participate and by all means contact me with your questions, whatever they might be.

I really do appreciate you!!!

You are advised to read our loyalty program rules and Privacy Policy.

small business finance mistakes

4 Small Business Finance Mistakes to avoid

The purpose of this post is inform you about some small business finance mistakes to avoid at all cost.

It is advisable to note these small business finance mistakes so you are aware whenever they start becoming evident in your small business. The wisdom here is to gain the understanding and eliminate them immediately they start.

1. The Top of the list of small business finance mistakes is having No Monthly Bookkeeping.

Irrespective of the size of your business, inaccurate book keeping creates so many issues that will certainly affect cashflow, business planning and decision making. It is understandble that most small business avoid costs by all means, but keeping proper books should be regarded as an

small business finance mistakes
small business finance mistakes

investment rather than a cost. I say this because I have a 1st hand knowledge of the damage that can be done, if a small business owner avoids proper and regular book keeping. If you are still struggling, I suggest you outsource the book keeping job to a relatively young accounting firm rather than employing an accountant.

This is one of the small business finance mistakes that can actually crash any business whether big or small.

Photo Credit

2. Among the Small Business finance Mistakes is having No Projected Cash Flow.

If you don’t keep your books, you won’t know where you have been and if you have no projected cash flow then you have no idea of where you are headed. Small businesses often disregard these sort of advice and operate without keeping their books on a monthly basis, talk less of having a projected cash flow and what happens next, the small business starts dying gradually until it reaches a crisis state before the small business owner seeks a small business coach who will come perform some sort of miracle.

Let me point out that it is important that your projected cash flow remains both realistic and motivating, so as to avoid any form of discouragement.

3. Inadequate Working Capital is one of the Small Business Finance Mistakes

Think about it? Will this blog be functional if money was not paid to the hosting company? or would you be reading this if you didn’t get on the internet by paying your ISP? That is the way the world works, just because you have a great idea does not mean it will fly without some funds to do a few things before the big break.

This also means that no amount of book keeping or cash flow projection will grow the business, if you don’t have adequate working capital to run the business. That is why it is advisable that you create a cash flow forecast for the business from inception. Entrepreneurs are known to be overly confident so they start off believing all will be well, but for a vast majority of people it does not just work out – I am guilty of this also, I have started a couple of businesses that failed and one of the small business finance mistakes I made was that I assumed that investors will come around in no time, boy was I wrong?

Do your research and you will find out how inadequate cash flow will ground any small business. Fate Foundation advises that you should have between six to 12 months of the cash needed to run the proposed business.

4. The Last of the small business finance mistakes, is having No Financing Strategy

Well, I know this point is a bit controversial because some people have this mindset that it is “evil” to use other people’s funds for business so they won’t start a business with a financing strategy in place. Personally, I have no issues with running a business on borrowed funds as long as the vision and mission of the business is intact.

Here are 2 key reasons of having a financing strategy in place

  1. It can serve as contigency funding incase of the unexpected
  2. It can support present and future cash flow requirements.

It is very easy to assume that finance will show up when needed, well you might be wrong. It is far better for a small business owner to have a financing strategy than not to have one. Irrespective of the reason not having a flexible financing strategy in place is indeed one of the major small business finance mistakes.

That said, a credible and workable financing strategy may not be possible if any of the other 3 points above is absent and the reason is simple, they are all building blocks for a financially sound and stable small business.

Avoiding these small business finance mistakes will help take your business to the next level.