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How to Create A Contact Page that Generates Leads

Building up a site with great content, attractive design, promoting it and ultimately converting it into revenue is what we all want.

But have you ever looked at your site from the user perspective?

Or created a site that gives precise information for better engagements? You might say yes to all such questions.

Now, another series of important questions arise:

If you have given ample time to create your contact page? Will you be able to generate leads with that contact page?

And the answer is yes, for both questions. But why will we spend our energy and time to create a better contact page.

Let us look at the reason for it first:

Why should we give priority to create the “Contact” page?

People randomly visit your site and chances are, they might feel it is boring to read the full description, hence closing it, within a few seconds.

In that case, your contact page will work perfectly, where they can write about what they are looking for and connect you directly.

Information gathered by the cookies are not enough to convert your business into revenue, as you don’t know about the personal information of users and connect with them.

In that case, you need to make them fill your contact page.

You can, also, include a contact page as your landing page in your social media account.

That will surely increase your success by 50%.

Let’s see some benefits of creating a contact page that generates lead:

Place your contact page to the right place

Is it right to place your contact page, right before the description? Or it should be placed at the bottom of the page?

Or a separate page should be assigned for it? You might be confused, while thinking about the placement of the contact page on your site.

The best answer, therefore, depends on the content of your site.

Yes, don’t go with a single directive and analyze the results you actually want for your site.

You can create a dedicated page or place the contact page in the “About Us” column.

You can, also include it in the sidebar, if you are a content marketing-based organization, for catching the attention of the audience.

Ask for Minimum and right information

You can increase the conversion rate to 120% while asking for minimum information from the readers, while they will fill the form.

Nobody wants to fill more personal information to a random site they are visiting.

Try, therefore, to create a short length page, with minimum fields to fill.

There is no use in asking about their goals in life, pet names, etc., so, just stick to asking the name, email and exact query they want to ask from you.

Here’s an example of a contact page created by a famous digital marketing site SEMrush.


For giving a demo to the user, SEMrush is just asking for your name, your company name and size followed by email information on the next page.

Since a dedicated page is created to contact you, it is well organized along with asking for the exact information for better performance.

Include your social media contact

With no doubt, it is an era of social media, where any updates in the world are given in social media first, rather than telecasting it on television.

This fact tells us that audiences are more active in social media than anywhere else, which makes it a priority for advertisements.

So, why not include all your famous social media addresses in the contact us page itself.

Adding social media profiles, will give leverage to the users to contact you, where they are more comfortable, as they find it more exciting and affinitive.

Think smart and do the best possible for your business.

Come up with smart action call

We have usually seen the “Submit” and “Done” option, after filling a form.

These buttons seem to be okay, when we genuinely want the information from the developers, but what if we are just surfing a site and want some information?

At that time, you can add ending buttons, with the title like “Go for it”, “High Five” or “Send your message”, to encourage the user for better results.

The idea may sound normal for those who created the site, but from the point of view of the reader.

It may come up as another reason to contact you, as it means you are always ready to help your customers with high energy.

Cross-check your form well and give confirmation to user

Your first fault is to ignore the contact us page design and place it at the right place and the next one is to test it well, after the final placement on the site.

Everything is going well, right from the start, from high-quality content, eye-catching and smooth design, to perfect execution, but you are not receiving any messages or notification for your site.

Your first step will surely be to cross-check all the technical error possibilities and check if everything is fine but, in the end, you will find a small error in contact page code.

As a whole, thus, you have wasted a lot of time and energy in the search process, rather than testing the contact page in the beginning.

So, give priority to test the page too and connect easily to users, for better performance.

After reading this information, I guess you are convinced by the idea that a contact page can, also, generate leads.

And that too, in an unbelievable manner, so, before updating anything on your website, just try these easy tips to get better conversions and hence, more revenue.

About the Author

Maria Kingston is a content writer of Search Engine Marketing, a digital marketing company that offers professional SEO and internet marketing solutions worldwide