3 Interesting Ways To Build And Retain Targeted Traffic

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What you need the most in your blog, is targeted traffic.

This should be your focus, let it pivot your business and take the necessary steps to achieve an increased traffic online.

Targeted Traffic

There are proven traffic generation systems. It’s all about tracking your progress to determine what works, and which method is a time-waster.

Having said that, I want to share with you my three interesting ways to build and retain targeted traffic. You don’t just attract visitors to your blog, only to let them go within few minutes, never to return. That’s not the way to achieve success online. A single visitor could mark the turnaround of your business, that’s why no traffic should be neglected. To get started, I have a highlight on marketing…

Marketing correctly will help you get traffic

Marketing deals with knowing who your prospects are, what they like or hate and how to capture and convert them into customers. marketing helps you determine the problems of your targeted audience, analyse their needs, and create a product that soothes them – which will attract more traffic.

I made a lot of costly mistakes when I started blogging. I had a misconception about marketing an that retarded my progress. When you see a blogger wanting to sell to you the moment you visited their blog, then know they are making mistakes. You don’t sell to your first time visitor instantly, they are not their to buy, or else they would have made purchases before getting to your blog. What they want is quality information, to enrich their lives and business.

Will you give it to them beyond imagination?

If you can answer that question honestly from your heart, it means you’re ready to either proceed with the 5 traffic generation systems above. If not, you should stop reading and set your priorities right, thereafter come back to this page and read on.

1. Guest Posting Strategy (G.P.S)

Write guest posts and getting them syndicated across the web, is a great way to get traffic. The reason is simple, the people who read your guest post are responsive, 75% of them are bloggers and they usually like giving back to someone who’s impacted their lives.

If fresh blog readers (traffic) is what you need, the best way to get it is via guest posting. The traffic you generate from your guest articles, can result in engaged readers for the rest of your blogging career. Every blogger is looking for ways to increase his/her readership, knowledge and networks. By reading your blog, they gain insights and connect with other like minds.

Start writing guest posts. I personally write 10 guest posts weekly and this has brought me more traffic, than I can contain (off course, I need more traffic). Lol!

2. Shared Report Strategy (S.R.S)

A recent traffic generation system I discovered is the “shared report strategy.” It’s so powerful and acts like a viral marketing. If you don’t know what viral marketing is, then you’ve been marketing manually, and this is hard work. Viral marketing is that system that distributes your content, across the web, bringing fresh visitors and buyers to your blog or site daily, without your manual labor.

Off course, you’ve to do the work required to initiate viral marketing. Afterward, you relax and let others promote you. To get start with this, you need to create a free report of 7 – 15 pages that’s unique, detailed and interesting. Embed/add your blog address on every page without bugging your readers.

Once that is done, make your pages easy to navigate, use light images to interest readers, and portray deeper meaning. Then submit your free report to document sharing sites like and I get fresh traffic to my review site daily, where online shoppers can grab free sitter city coupon and discount codes. This way, they would be able to save money while shopping, especially during the festive seasons.

These two sites would get your free report distributed across the web. Thousands of web visitor visit these two sites daily to read books, manuals and reports. They could download and share with friends also. A powerful system that distributes your content, across several authority sites, driving free, fresh and targeted traffic to your daily.

3. Search Engine Organic Traffic (S.E.O.T)

People still use search engines like Google and Bing to conduct their searches. In fact, according to search engine news, 67% of all web searches, use Google. Social media marketing still plays a great role but the best traffic ever, is from Google.

This kind of traffic is free and targeted. It’s also easier to convert these traffic into paying customers. When someone type a keyword or phrase on Google, it means they need solutions to that specific problem. Have you asked yourself the last time you used Google for searches, why did you do it?

Simple. You had a need, problem or something that requires solution. For instance, when searching for best web hosting service, do you use Google or social media sites? Off course, the best review content could be found via search engines.

Therefore, start optimizing your web pages to rank highly on search engines especially Google. This way, it would be easier to get fresh traffic and capture, build relationship and convert your visitors into paying customers in a short while.

Helpful Tip:

Internet marketing in whatever form demands your total focus on people. If you want a significant difference in your business, you’ve got to give people what they want. Visitors don’t come to your site because of your great design and layout (except on rare cases), majority of there for your quality contents.

I’ve personally seen the spike in my web traffic when I started delivering quality content for the people, no search engine spiders.

To capture and engage your blog traffic, follow the principal of generosity. Give plenty of helpful information, spoon-feed readers with interactive contents, and get people engrossed with your blog. This way, you won’t struggle for fresh visitors. Fresh visitors are good, but current blog readers makes the difference. It pays greater dividend to follow the right path.

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how to blog

4 Reasons why you should Learn How to Blog

I hope you would learn how to blog after reading this article?

how to blog
Learn how to blog

In all sincerity starting a blog is not a must but it is an indispensable tool for you as a small business owner. It can help you brand your business cheaply and draw traffic to your website. It is a tool that will enable your clients reach you easily, comment about your products or services and also make suggestions on how your business can grow. If you sustain the tempo of interaction between you and your potential clients then you can be sure of smiling to the bank sooner than you expect. Feel free to contact me if you are still having issues with setting up a blog. ->>> Photo Credit

4 Simply Reasons why you should learn how to blog

1. Help your Personal or Business Brand

This is one topic that fascinates me because I have come to appreciate the importance of branding in life and business. By branding, I don’t imply you spending tons of money, I simply mean using the free tools that I use. i.e. this blog is powered by WordPress, which is a free blogging platform, all I needed to do extra was spend some money for designs and today I have a personal brand strategy that I call Helping people become Conditioned for Accomplishments. With a blog you can achieve just about anything you want online as long as you stay committed to it.

2. Attract Potential Customers

Another reason you should learn how to blog is that it can bring potential customers, with little one time effort on your part. If you post quality articles on your blog, it is likely to get indexed by the search engines, this simply means that someday, someone will land on blog/website through the search engines i.e. Google, Bing and may eventually become a loyal customer.

3. Customer Retention

If you provide quality products and services and go on and learn how to blog for the small business owner, with it you can create an impression to the client that she or he is so special, because a blog allows you to have on-going conversation with your clients. It helps other clients as well as prospects have a 1st hand knowledge of how you handle client issues, concerns, show empathy, answer difficult questions, and most importantly provide on-going value.

4. Feedback System

If you learn how to blog today, you will have an opportunity to develop a scalable feedback mechanism system that will put your clients first. Polls and surveys can be created to evaluate the impact of your campaigns, products or services and receive feedback on what clients preferences are through your blog.

If you ask me, I suggest you learn how to blog today, I say this with a word of caution though, do not bother if you would not be to maintain it by publishing relevant, quality articles related to your business or area(s) of interest as often as you can. Are you still have issues? Hit the contact button above.

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to learning how to blog?

Learning about Internet Marketing

Is learning about internet marketing something you desire?

I have received a lot of emails from people with a goal of learning about internet marketing, so I decided that the best way to deal with these numerous enquiries is to write a blog post based on my little experience and then allow others who are more experienced make their contributions as well.

Confession: I am not an internet marketing guru – far from it, I am just a regular guy who knows how to make good use of the internet by creating a brand online and then making a few thousand bucks (USD) on a regular basis.

I will point out the strategies that helped me when I first started learning about internet marketing, you can also try them out if you are interested in learning about internet marketing.

Here are the strategies;

1. Research – this is key in the process of learning about internet marketing.

There are various types of research you would have to carry out namely;

  • Internet marketing research
  • Social Media Research
  • Niche Research (Area of focus)
  • Strategy implementation research

Please disregard the bogus terms used above, researching is much easier today. All you need to get started is an internet connection and a laptop (or your preferred device)…

  • Launch a browser, go to
  • Search the phrase Internet Marketing – check the 1st 50 or 100 results and you could also type in “internet marketing” for another variation of the results.
  • Do this for as many phrases related to the subject matter and then study the pages you find interesting.
  • With time, you will get understand what is means to do all the research stated above.

2. Join Internet Marketing Forums

Two of my favourites are;

These forums discuss a lot about internet marketing, so you can learn so much.

3. Follow Internet marketing Blogs

I recommend Hubspot blog. A day never goes by without me reading an article or two written by more experienced internet marketers, with the aim of learning one or two strategies that I can immediately implement.

4. Use Google properties

Google is indeed a trendsetter  when it comes to learning about internet marketing. There are so many Google owned properties that can help you tremendously. I recommend the following in addition to others you may find useful;

5. Read books and other forms of published materials on Internet Marketing

I love to read. Particularly, I read small and try to ACT big because I have come to the realisation that it is action that counts and not the amount of books in our library. So, if you pick up any book on learning about internet marketing, endeavour to implement what you learn. I can help you with a couple of eBooks go get you started, please leave a comment if would like one. As a matter of fact I have a 1,000+ strong eBook library that can change a generation and I am always proud to say it.

I have covered only five strategies here, please bear in mind that there are countless others i.e. Social Media, Wikis. Trust me, learning about internet marketing is not so complicated as long as you set your heart to it. Sooner than you expect, you will become good at it and then move on to help others become better (which happens to be my purpose in life) -:)  (:-

Learning about Internet Marketing
Learning about Internet Marketing

I invite you to attend my upcoming, 100% free “Learning about Internet Marketing” Training, click here for more details.

That’s it friends, please leave a message below and tell us what you think or any advice you have for those with a goal of learning about Internet Marketing.