The next set of World Billionaires might come from this Industries

In 2018, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was ranked, as the richest man in the world, but far back in 2008, he was, barely, in the top 100.

What does this show? Innovative creation that spurs, from looking into the future, comes as an advantage.

Imagine you had a spare $1,000 and you were asked to invest the money, what industry would you think of?

Would you consider the dynamics, in the market, futuristic interests and global trends, to determine what industry, you would, likely, drop your spare cash?

In this article, I have come up, with innovative industries that you can look into and get yourself positioned, for new investments in the billionaires club.

Renewable Energy

Billions of dollars are made, in the fossil fuel market and this, will most, likely, continue for years to come. In recent times, the world is moving beyond the energy created, from fossils, to more eco-friendly energy.

Renewable energy, appears to be the most reliable source of alternative energy that individuals, and businesses, are employing into their personal and working operations.

This form of energy, especially, the one harnessed, from the sun and wind, are cheap and friendly, to the environment.

In its 2000 World Energy Assessment, the United Nations Development Program, has estimated the annual solar energy potential to be between 1,575–49,837 exajoules, (EJ), a value, larger than the aggregate world energy consumption, which was 559.8 EJ in 2012.

From a REN21’s 2017 report, renewable energy has contributed, to the humans’ global energy consumption.

An estimated 7.7 million jobs are associated with renewable energy industries, around the world.

Global investment in 2017, shows that renewable energy amounted to $279.8 billion.

As of 2019 Global trends indicates that more than two-thirds of all new electricity capacity installed was renewable.

As consumption of coal and other forms of fossil fuel may decline, the call for renewable energy is, on the high.

Investment in this will, no doubt be a source of potential benefits to producing the next set of billionaires.

5G Technology
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The 5G technology is, the latest internet connectivity around, with a speed of, over 2 gigabytes, per second.

With great anticipation of this network, by a significant number of telecom companies, the industry is set, for the future of super-fast internet connectivity.

According to a report from Zion Market Research, the global 5G infrastructure market was valued, at around $ 1.3 billion, in 2018 and is expected, to reach, approximately, $ 22.5 billion, by 2025.

The 5G technology would, on a large scale, transform data services, while ensuring faster connections.

Connectivity in Africa has seen a huge challenge.

Anybody investing in this would be in, to rank among the next set of billionaires.

Electric Vehicles
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The electric vehicle market was, globally, valued at $118,864.5 million, in 2017 and indication suggests that, by 2025, the value may rise to $567,299.8 million.

With lots of advocacy supporting an eco-friendly environment, electric vehicles, are set, to take over the future of transportation.

Developed countries are set to phase off vehicles, running on fossil fuels. This means nothing, but gradually, paving way for the full acceptance of electric vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence
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Businesses, nowadays, are supported by big data, big data is applied, in the execution of business, using Artificial Intelligence.

AI-backed solutions are much applicable, in the sales and marketing services. All businesses have a sales and marketing department. This appears, as an opportunity, for investment in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Services.

Space Travel
Billionaires - cfagbata

Since the conquest of space, by the Russians and the Americans, the world has come a long way, in space travel. It should be noted that space travel has not been, evenly, spread across the world.

We have, nevertheless, seen recent ideas, on space travel, where man has been thinking of making space travel, relatively affordable.

Some tech entrepreneurs, are now in the race, of trying to find a cheap means of making space travel possible, by commercial means.

Very notable, among these tech entrepreneurs, is Elon Musk, who wants to create a cost-effective trip to Mars.

In conclusion, even, if you do not, eventually, end up, having the 9 figures, setting yourself up, for the enormous opportunities, in these industries, will go a long way.

Are there other industries that have the potential to produce the next set of billionaires, feel free to share in the comment section below

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