Punch Newspaper: SMEs: Facing competition using Internet [ICT Clinic Page]

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises attract a lot of attention today. The reason is simply because developing and supporting SMEs is the way out of the current unemployment challenges that we are facing today as a nation.

My focus in this piece is on the challenges of competition among the SMEs on one hand and with other bigger companies on the other. Many of these small business owners are negatively affected by stiff competition leading to some of them dying prematurely. It is quite possible for the SMEs to successfully face competition using various online strategies.

The first point is for every SME, as a matter of necessity, to have online presence, in the early life of the enterprise. I recommend that such enterprises should simultaneously launch their website as they are commencing their business operations. Think about it, with a website, one can easily start a business – imagine what the multiplier effect will be if we have a higher percentage of the unemployed starting their own enterprises using the Internet as the focal point and not having to bother so much about setting up a physical structure. SMEs should have user-friendly websites that are able to sell their products and services each time prospects come calling.

It is important to install analytics on your website because it plays a vital role in measuring the performance of the business online and also assists in the planning of the right marketing strategies for targeting the prospective customer base.

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