4 Ways to Use Article Marketing as an SEO Strategy

One effective SEO Strategy that will be around for sometime is Article Marketing. I use it frequently as an SEO Strategy to build my personal brand and business.

Remember, it is advisable to build a personal brand in today’s world.

Search Engine Optimization if properly done, can help your brand and website become more visible on the SERPs. The SEO Strategy you decide to use depends on the resources available and what your goals are. Fortunately, article marketing is a cheap and effective, and has therefore become a very popular SEO Strategy.

Using article marketing as an SEO Strategy

1. Quality Articles

When using articles as an SEO Strategy, you are to write highly informative articles revolving around your products or interest, which are then submitted to various article directories i.e. EzineArticles – click to read some of my articles.

2. Use of Keywords

The articles should contain keywords that are popularly used in search engines to search for products within your industry.

You also have to ensure that the keyword density is between 2 to 4% so that it does not look spammy. Prospects who find your useful articles via the search engines would likely get interested in you the author as well as your products/service.

3. Link Building

Your SEO Strategy can’t be effective without links. Internal and External links are extremely important, it is much better to have a professional SEO Expert like CFA handle your external link building strategy while you take care of the internal.

For example, read my previous post titled “Use Video Marketing to Increase Traffic” – the Keyword here is Video Marketing and I have added the link to the main article – this is how internal linking is done.

Tips: If you are building external links, make sure you focus on one-way links only and use different classes of IPs if building a huge no of links. An SEO professional will help you avoid issues if things are not done right.

4. Go Social

I cannot overemphasize the importance of Social Media in article marketing. Are you one of those who focus on the ‘social’ aspect of Social Media while neglecting the business and brand building aspect.

With Social Media you can reach a wider audience and that is why you’ve got get your social media plans right so that you reap the full SEO benefits of your article marketing efforts.

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Have you ever tried article marketing?

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