Resistance to Change: How To Effectively Manage Change

Resistance To Change

We all go through one form of transformation or the other, whether it is work or relationship related. In fact, even companies experience occasional organizational change(s) that can affect the life or career of their employees either positively or negatively.

As mentioned earlier, everyone can and will experience challenges in life, so whether you like it or not you will need to prepare yourself for this, rather than having resistance to change. Keep in mind that life itself is a constant change, there is nothing permanent in life. Just like the fact, that we will all grow old and our appearances change, and there is nothing we can do to stop it from happening.

What you can do to manage change in your life is to turn it into another opportunity, as resistance to change will not be good for you and for everyone around you, especially if you continue to resist the fact of life. Although, it is the human instinct to resist change, not because we do not understand change or why it happens but because we are afraid to start all over again, if such change does not work out in our favour.

resistance to changes
Resistance to Change

Fear is the reason why most individual are resistance to change. If you are in a middle of a difficult and painful transition in your relationship or work life, then all you have to do is to analyze your situation and understand how you feel. Reacting negatively or defensively will not help you at all; rather it could even make things worse.

We must accept that change is part of life and it is most times good for us. It is pertinent to note, resistance can be healthy especially if you do not react in a negative way. How? It’s because, change actually forces you to think about your life and clarify matters that you may have neglected in the past, as you routinely go about your life. It may even broaden your understanding why there is resistance to change.

So instead of thinking or finding different ways to resist the change, why don’t you find a way to help reduce the impact of change in your life and who knows it might be a step forward to a better life. Remember, life is too short so do not waste it by struggling to fight change, because you will never win. Go out and conquer your fear, there is nothing to be afraid, change will happen to every one of us in our lifetime.

Resistance To Change and Ways to Overcome It

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