REFLECTIONS: What are you living for?

Oh! Death where is thy sting says a verse in good book, an indication that death has always existed in the grand plan of the Almighty. The death of a loved one or those around us calls for sober reflections.

Another great man asked his creator; who am I, that you my creator cares so much for me? A person sleeps & is no more….. Another falls ill and goes through pain before he finally passes on, others get killed by one for of accident or the other while some get into a plane with plans, hopes and aspirations but all that becomes naught as they perish in the process leaving behind all their possessions and earthly pleasure.

After death comes judgment, are folks who died ready for judgment? How can one quantify the loss of a loved one? What words can express the feelings after such an experience? I have been there and I can tell you for sure that words are inadequate………

REFLECTIONS What are you living for

The death of my kid sister a few years ago convinced me that man is only but dust. Forget all the ‘gra gra’ – dust shall every man return someday.

PONDER on these:

  1. Are you living a life that pleases God?
  2. What if…..?
  3. Then, what will you remembered for God.
  4. Have you made peace with your creator?

I remember joking and laughing hard with my kid sister, the very day she died. I was told she became unconscious shortly after she finished her prayers. The full gist about her death @ – what? How can that be? What happened? Is this a dream? These & many questions I asked……

My point is that if you are reading this post then you’re alive only by the grace of God & nothing more. We should therefore not take God’s grace for granted rather strive to live a life that pleases Him at all times.

Honestly, sometime I wonder how long God has destined that I live, I wish to live very long but what if he has destined that I live not more than a particular age below what I expect? Can I question his wisdom? As you would agree with me no one has an answer to such a question so the personal policy I have adapted is to live everyday like it is my last.

My question to you is: are you living everyday like it is your last? There is so much more to love for…….

God bless!

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