Punch Newspaper: Putting the Library in the Pocket [ICT Clinic Page]

In my university days, I took a compulsory course in Library Science known as ‘Use of library’. It involved cataloging, indexing and the use of library cards.

Whatever your discipline, the library was a place of regular visit as a repository of knowledge. And if seeking knowledge was the sole reason of being in school, you must learn how to use the library.

In those days, some students literally slept in the library because that was where all the resources for the term papers, the project work or the endless assignments one had to write could be found. Life on campus then revolved around the lecture room, library and hostel.

Today, things have changed. Aside the fact that school and public libraries in Nigeria are no longer what they used to be due to the decadence resulting from the age-long neglect of our education sector by successive governments, technology has transformed library science into information science.

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