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I sometimes wonder if indeed the Internet holds any prospect for the next generation of marketers and new comers to the Internet who probably think they have joined the rave rather late. I had met a number of people who were convinced that they had missed the train. Therefore, they would rather stick to the status quo, complaining that the market is already saturated with marketing experts, particularly specialists in the social media and other forms of Internet marketing.

Most recently, I got talking with a writer, who showed a keen interest in getting into marketing on the social media platform. But he regretted that he took the decision rather too late. I think he was even miles ahead in time.

The social media business continues to grow at an astounding pace. To support this assertion, I would like us to share the following statistics:

•On a worldwide scale, 86 per cent of all companies have their presence on Twitter and Facebook, with more than half of them making use of the YouTube as well.

•In 2011, more than $3.08bn was spent on advertisement alone on sites associated with social networking.

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