One Simple Way to Find Highly Profitable Online Business Ideas

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Online Business IdeasOne Dead Simple And Proven Way To Find Highly Profitable Online Business Ideas , Product Ideas And Niches…Without Spending A Cent Or Using Any Special Software

If you have ever worried about finding profitable niches ,thinking up information products to create, finding online business ideas,  service or opportunities to make money with…then this article will knock your socks off.

You are about to discover something so simple and effective…you will shake your head and say “this is so simple come I never thought of it?”

I am sure you will feel that way because…that is exactly how I felt when it was first revealed to me.

Now , let me start by saying this…

Online Business Ideas, Profitable Niches And Other Profitable Ideas Are Everywhere.

There are right in front of your eyes …but you don’t see it because we have been trained from school …

“Not To See It”.

Let me explain.

There is something that we were not allowed to do in school…and it is called …

Copying Others Persons Work …

In school, it was called cheating.

Exam malpractice.

In many primary/secondary schools you would get expelled if caught doing it.

In some schools like mine , your butts would get beat up blue- black  or you would cut a lawn with machete.

So this “don’t-copy-other-people’s-work-mentality” grew with us and became part of us.

Well, In school, that lifestyle was great…but unfortunately , when it comes to business, entrepreneurship …this lifestyle is pure…



…Because in business …the best products , business ideas , profitable niches , profitable services etc …are the one that are already succeeding…and are the niches , products ,markets and  ideas that we can also SUCCEED in.

Did you get it?

Okay , this little story will help explain further.

The Yam Seller Story

Some time ago a woman living on my street started a business.

She started selling fried yam on one corner of the road. She did it because she noticed that there was no place for people who came back late in the evening to eat food. She decided to fill that need.

So from day one, her small business was a runaway hit.

Not long after she started the business she had people booking down ,or pay in advance for her fried yam. She had turned her idea into a profitable business.

So what can another person who is looking for a profitable business or idea do?

Another woman can start this same business.

Another woman can COPY HER.

Another person can COPY HER and IMPROVE the product and service .

Are you seeing it now.

In school we were not allowed to copy , in business you need to COPY to succeed.

But I must quickly add here…you will not succeed if you just copy someone products or service (that can lead to a lawsuit) ,you will succeed if you copy the service offered or the need filled  or the solution provided..

So you can Copy and Improve …

  1.  Products or information products selling right now in the market you choose
  2. Popular websites and services right now
  3. Software people are paying for right now

Copy these solutions ..then make your own version by improving or differentiating what is already selling.

Some Practical Examples Will Hit This Home.

  • Pop up Domination was one of the first pop up list building WordPress plug-ins In the , as I write this many other versions with their unique twist are now available. A good example is WPSubscribers.

(these guys copied what was already selling well in the market)

  • One of the biggest app games was Fruit Ninja. It is a game where you slice fruits. I recently heard about another app game that has also become successful by copying Fruit Ninja…but this time , you slice bugs. The game is called Ninja Bugs.

(these guys copied a winning idea and made their own successful version)

There are many other examples in different markets and niches where people have deliberately copied ideas , solutions and have made their own versions by adding new ideas ,innovating it , adding new features and removing some features etc.

So Here Is The Bottom Line …

Don’t be afraid to create your own winning products or services or online businesses by COPYING and IMPROVING what is already selling or successful online. don’t need a software or an hour to find these ideas and successful businesses.

Was this helpful? I would love to here your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you.

Mk Akan is a blogger, entrepreneur and copywriter. He blogs at and has created a free course that reveals “The Real Truths About Making Money Online In Nigeria.” Click here , opt in and get it. I guarantee you will love it .

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