Punch Newspaper: Local content for ICT: A Welcome Development [ICT Clinic Page]

A few days ago, precisely 3rd-5th December, 2013, IT professionals across Nigeria gathered at the e-Nigeria Conference 2013 held at the Shehu Musa Yaradua centre, Abuja to discuss the imperative of a local content policy for the ICT sector in Nigeria.

Thankfully, the ICT industry is pretty unique in many ways, hence countless hours of deliberations were not required to come up with a policy that is suitable for our local ICT industry, in the first phase.

First and foremost, we must be clear on the fact that the ICT industry is one that cuts across all other industries, be it agriculture, medicine, architecture, aviation, education, military – you name it. Today, ICT plays a major role in making various industries effective. What this simply means is that government must understand this underlining fact and give ICT the A+ status it deserves because its relevance cuts across every other industry.

We do not pray for wars, but they are inevitable sometimes, if only to whip an insane set of people into line and prevent them from wrecking further havoc. How do you think the future wars will be fought? Is it going to be with ground troops or warships? I think not! Future wars will most likely be fought electronically operating ICT hardware and software from a remote location i.e. unmanned drones.

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