John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

61 Hearty Cheers to Mr. John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

July is a very special month for me. First of all, it is the my month of birth and it is also that of a very special man and mentor, Mr. John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV who turns 61 today.

Nigeria is indeed blessed to have this highly disciplined, focused, dedicated and highly strategic business mogul as a

John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

John Momoh, Chairman, Channels TV

citizen. Yes, he runs a global media group but one of his deepest desires is to see Nigeria truly takes her rightful place in the comity of Nations. This is why he has done everything humanly possible to make sure that the Channels TV brand stays above aboard.

Mr. John Momoh, has gone from very humble beginnings to becoming a global champion who is recognised and respected both home and abroad. Read more about him here.

Chairman as we call him, always wants the best for people including members of staff which is why the group remains one of the best places to work in Nigeria. A non-sentimental and de-tribalised Nigerian. He cares less about whether you are from Jos or Ado-Ekiti or Awka or Auchi or Mbaise, all he wants to see is your ability to deliver and once you prove that you can deliver, he’d gladly give you an opportunity.

Tech Trends on Channels TV is a testimony of the above statement. Before, I got a chance to meet him in person, what I recall most is watching him at night reading the network news. His voice always caught my attention and tripped me big time.

Good evening, welcome to the Network News of NTA. I am John Momoh.

This is typically what millions of Nigerians hear when the only Government-owned NTA kicked off the main news of the day and one voice that a lot enjoyed is that of John Momoh.

I vividly recall that on the day I got to meet him to finalise Tech Trends, he was warm, welcoming and encouraging and even though I did not have prior experience in broadcasting, he stood by me. On certain days that I felt like giving up, he would always make statements like: ‘Fred, this is a marathon so stay focused.’

I join the hosts of heaven, the world, continent of Africa and nation of Nigeria to celebrate this illustrious son of Africa on this special day of his. May the good Lord bless and keep our chairman. May God Almighty grant him peace, joy, grace and continually make his face to shine upon him today and always, in Jesus name, Amen!