Punch Newspaper: IT Projects: Collaboration is the Way [ICT Clinic Page]

One burning passion in my heart as an entrepreneur operating in Nigeria is how to add value not just to the businesses that I serve directly but also the businesses of my competitors.

The ICT is a fast-paced industry whether software, hardware or cloud – innovation and speed is the norm.

I have watched a number of businesses rush into the industry and then invest in hardware without understanding the distribution channels and within months they go bankrupt.

In Nigeria, we have a prevailing attitude of being the boss and therefore many of us avoid topics as this. I am glad to report that this is changing gradually, at least in the industry.

Building of giant industrial IT parks or ICT hubs is a current trend with a country like India taking the lead and investing heavily.

Back home in Africa, Ghana has taken the initiative and hopes that its ICT city will become some sort of tourist attraction because it will house what they believe would be the tallest building in Africa.

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