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Ayo:  It’s nine minutes past 9 and you are listening to Continental 102.3 fm and time for e-forum, for all small-medium business enterprises and for entrepreneurs as well. Those that are into social media, this is the perfect topic for you. We have — Should I call him an expert? — In the studio. We are talking about video marketing, social media marketing today. How do you go about doing it and the best way of going about doing it?

Debbie: And also traditional businesses or conservative businesses. Businesses that have been used to doing business or marketing in the same kind of way, the traditional way as you know it: posters, giving out hand bills and all the likes. How can we do things differently this morning? And remember, I was talking about delving into a different kind of world. The social media is a different kind of world. When I was saying a different kind of world, someone would think Jupiter, Mars—I’m not talking about that one, I’m talking about the social media. One of the available platforms of social media is the video sharing platforms. How can we make use of that? That’s why we have brought in someone, an alien, an expert —I’m just joking— is CFA, please tell us what CFA means for the people out there.

Ayo: His name is Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. He is into ICT, digital media, new technology, sales marketing, and so much more. I traced a lot of people, in reference to information communication technology and he is an expert in this field. Have you ever had one of those, have you ever watched any one of those Harvard Business Review videos on YouTube like two, three minutes long but it gets the point across, but it’s also promoting their brand? You don’t get to see much of that in Nigeria, can we talk about that, Why is that?

CFA: Good morning everyone, I’m glad to be here once again. It tells you that the world is really moving faster than we can imagine. We are in a fast moving world, everyone is in a hurry and that’s why they have decided to view short videos that are being shot. Because if you make long videos, probably you won’t get anybody to watch it, so you have to make your videos on the 5 minutes. That’s a strategy, on the 5 minutes. Especially here in Nigeria, where there are issues with bandwidth. Everybody, a lot of people at the moment like to conserve their bandwidth, so the shorter the video is for you, the better. So if you can make your video short and straight to the point, it’s fine for you.

Ayo: Let’s even start out with the “Why”. The reason why is, I was having a conversation with a friend last week. He has one of these “consultanncy firms”, and I just watched a Harvard business video and I remembered it and it really struck me, you know, the way it was done well. Well done; Professional. I said, why don’t you venture out to do something like this? It looked like I was speaking Greek. At the end of the conversation, he just brushed me off like a piece of thrash. Why do we need to step into this new face of, should I call this, new digital technology? I don’t even know what to call it.

CFA: New Media. Well, I would say that you scared the guy. I mean, telling the guy about Harvard Business Review, so the guy probably thinks he needs to go and hire a professional video camera guy, he needs to do this in a studio. Those are the things that would likely scare an average business owner and makes them like to think that a video is something out of extraordinary. Okay, but the good thing about it this morning is that people will learn to understand that videos don’t have to be expensive to be effective. We can make very professional videos with just a basic Smartphone. Now the “why” is that people like to see. A lot of people in our world today are very visual, so they want to see. When they see, it communicates value to them. So if you plan, what is most critical about a video, when you are making a video is the script. You have to work on the script to ensure that the “why” goes straight to the point and hit the middle of the head.

CFA on Air with Ayo & Debbie of Radio Continental 102.3FM
CFA on Air with Ayo & Debbie of Radio Continental 102.3FM

Ayo: So it doesn’t take a professional with super cameras?

CFA: No, it doesn’t have to be professionally done. It can be done with just a basic, good Smartphone that has good camera.

Ayo: The “Oga at the Top” video, it went viral in days. People were on the bus transferring it to one another via Bluetooth and if you get the link, you click on the link, it suddenly starts playing. While some other videos, you click on the link, it takes 20 minutes to download, all your money is gone, you get a message that you have exceeded your bandwidth limit. How are they able to make it that small and that quick, you can watch it and it will still click?

CFA: Again, that is more about the technical aspect. Now, when you want to upload your video, it is usually better to upload your videos in formats that are smaller, like the mp4 format. If you use other higher formats, they are a bit heavy and so it is difficult for them to load. But the thing is this, the lower the format that you use, the weaker the video in terms of the quality becomes. For example, if you use 3gp that works very quickly on phones, it will have very weak images and weak output. The most ideal format to use at the moment is mp4 format. If you use mp4 format and as long as the video is short, it will load faster on the phone. But again, it also depends on your network and bandwidth. That’s why a lot of ICT revolution strives to know how efficient the infrastructure is, how efficient the internet service available is. The weaker it is then the more difficult it is. Even though the video has kicked off all over the world, in Nigeria it’s still a slow start. A lot of people, 90% of businesses, are not doing videos. The videos that you see that are hot online are videos that talk about entertainment but you hardly see educational videos; for example Harvard Business Review had taken a head start, because people still think that our bandwidth would be slow, our bandwidth is expensive; truly it is expensive for now. We are hoping that by 2015 the broadband can be less expensive too. I’m hoping that they do something because they are the same part of people that work on the videos and revolution. So we hope and we believe, as soon as that hits, that will really help a lot. Our people will begin to understand the value of video. Because for example, a small business owner. Assuming you make me happy as a small business owner and your customer, he said to me “Excuse me sir, would you please tell my customer how you feel about this?” and you just use a Smartphone and say, “Hey, good morning, you make me so proud, I’m proud of Ayo, I recommend Ayo”. Then you take a walk, now that video is more powerful than a written testimonial because all I need to do is find a way—yes it’s more powerful, because people are seeing somebody else, who has spoken about you, talking about it and made a video.

Ayo: I will be going over ahead and speaking Greek to some people. We’ll take a short break, when we come back; I need you to really break it down. Small-Medium businesses, how can I use this YouTube revolution? What can I do on YouTube to promote my business? We will be right back.

Wait for Part-2 until next week.

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