You’ve Got to Tackle This! – Calling Internet Marketers to Stop Losing Web Traffic Unknowingly

I believe that you, as an internet marketer, have learned and did a lot about building traffic to your website. May I ask what you have done about not losing the traffic? This question is posed based on present gap we still have between the calls on how to build web traffic and the calls on how not to lose the traffic. The former is extremely pronounced than the latter.

The most painful thing is that many internet marketers are losing, unknowingly, the traffic they have struggled to build and it is painful too that most internet marketers don’t do anything about this.

I love what a concerned author did about this.

The author carried out a research on online consumer behavior. Concentrating on the rudiment issues, he found eye-opener answers to the questions many internet marketers don’t care to ask or don’t know they should ask about making their web traffic to keep on. This he did, particularly, to reveal how online visitors usually act or react while shopping on the internet or when surfing to do other things on websites.

In the author’s uncommon and insightful bookinternet marketer written for all internet marketers, he probed the minds and experiences of a selected number of online visitors to websites owned by internet marketers in order know what factors really led them to dwell for a while on websites or to subscribe or to click around or to make purchases. Also, the author made the efforts to know what sorts of things that made them to flee websites by closing, within few seconds, the webpages that they have just reached.

Internet Marketers’ Non-Frequently Asked Questions

The author asked 107 questions which I see, concerning internet marketers, as non-frequently asked questions. Though many of the questions tend towards B2C marketing, the insights that the author provides on why visitors may abandon websites remain a must for internet marketers to learn about.

The author posed basic questions such as:

“What is your view of up-selling and cross-selling in the check-out process?”

“To which do you give preference: an actual email address… on the website or a “contact-us form?”

“Which of the… banner sizes do you find most attractive?”

… and even this question which implications, I think, is highly important for internet marketers:

“Does a mandatory registration with a website to make a purchase cause you to abandon the website?”

The research findings from the author are quite interesting and what I learned from them brought three viewpoints into light.

Important Viewpoints for Internet Marketers

  • Many internet marketers unknowingly loose traffic because of extremely little things they do or do not do.
  • A large number of internet marketers know about traffic building but do not pay attention to traffic loosing.
  • It is now time to learn about and tackle traffic loosing problems.

Traffic Hooking Practical Examples Unveiled for Internet Marketers

I continuously get swamped with emails from internet marketers. See below the snapshot of my Gmail account during 2006. At the time of writing this post, the inbox contained around 150 thousand emails  (see the circled figures below) with 40,000 in bulk box!

internet marketers traffic building

 Recently, I received an a message from an email marketing guy which contained the following:


Nothing works better, period. Don’t hesitate if you want to.

Generate 3 x more leads 3 x Faster. Grow your daily cash-flow exponentially. Explode your LIST and…

Automatically promote YOUR business.

To your total success,


Also of recent, I received another internet marketing email having the excerpt below:

…look, we’re talking about a guy that is living in a full-on mansion with 4 top of the line cars…and he’s STILL in his early 20s!

=>> …and you could be part of it.

The secret technique, the “holy grail” of marketing, has come to light…

=>> Discover it here…

When I went through it all I couldn’t believe my eyes…It was simply enlightening!

This secret won’t be up for very long…take advantage now while everyone is out snoozing.
[HINT: It has NOTHING to do with Apps]

Why the need to share all these now with Internet Marketers:

While there are few clues to solving traffic loosing problem in one of the email samples above, I am sure you’ve wanted to ask me “why all these?” My answer is that those are the practical materials we will start with to study the real way to tackle the problem of unknowingly losing the traffic to your website. The materials also show that we will start looking together into the traffic losing problem first from the angle of email marketing.

Along the line, I will show you those mistakes internet marketers still make in their email campaigns that are denying them the traffic they supposed to claim and get hooked on their websites through their email traffic-getting efforts. Digging dip down into the massive emails in my Gmail inbox  (staring from the year 2006) has been so revealing and as I followed after the research patterns of the author who I mentioned above, the research I carried out (though not all that scientifically) with my personal email list members, the solutions I garnered have also been so enlightening.

Calling on Internet marketers!

Join along with other internet marketers as we start delving into how to tackle the problem of traffic loosing unknowingly.

A Special request…

Please don’t forget to share this post with your fellow internet marketers so that they also have their own slices of the solutions to losing traffic in an unsuspected manner.

This is the intro module. We will meet soon with the next module of this post.

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