How to Sell Innovation to Traditional Industries

Traditional industries present many opportunities, for entrepreneurs, especially, innovative ones.

Obviously, as seen, over the years, innovation has, systematically, altered our activities, in the workplaces, yet a good number of traditional industries, are still stuck, to traditional means of getting things done.

This, in return, has made way for opportunities, to be explored, in the world of innovative technology.

If you are a start-up and you intend placing traditional industries on your target market, consider the following:

No matter how conservative, people will, eventually, embrace progress.

When you want to sell to industries that are still making use of very old technology, do not hesitate to go for the kill, as a part of you might suggest that, they are not interested in your innovation, or, simply afraid to embrace change.

That thought might just be, way over your head. Never be too quick, to jump to such a conclusion.

These industries are, also, concerned about delivering good services, to their customers.

If you deliver a valuable innovation, they will, certainly, align with you and even, if they are afraid of embracing change, your innovation may just be the tonic, to bring them out of their shell.

Beyond innovation, show your real value

You must go beyond, just pointing out the old traditional methods of these industries.

You need to be able to prove, how your technology, will help. For instance, assist users in attaining efficiency.

Beyond the nice user interface, give something extra. Apart from efficiency, ensure better service.

Young talents are needed, by traditional industries

For traditional industries to, fully, embrace innovative technology, it is necessary for them, to have, in their structure, smart young people, with a deep understanding of innovation and proficiency.

The old ones, who know nothing of innovation will, eventually, be phased out. Young talents are required, to replace them.

Though, it might appear that, traditional industries are not interested in innovation, nevertheless, they will still, require young talents.

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Do not assume you know too much

Most times, start-ups, who are selling into the traditional industries, think that they are more knowledgeable than the people in the industry.

This thought, ought to be far from you, if you, really, want to sell to them.

What should be your focus is, in trying to better understand their operations, so you can offer your best services.

Create a community and educate it

Let your marketing, be focused on educating your community. You do not barge into an industry that has been using on-premise software, with your cloud-based product.

It appears to be a fantastic innovation, but you first, need to educate them, on its potential benefit.

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