Better Service from Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank & the Unacceptable Filling of Forms

I have banked with Guaranty Trust Bank for about a decade and I must say that they have been very innovative in certain areas besides supporting of SMEs – GTB does not fall into the banks I recommend to my SME friends and students because I know for sure they are not focused on SME. Although, they argue that they do support SMEs, the opposite is the reality that is why I mostly use them for personal transactions. This is however not the purpose of this post, so it is better left for another day.

Over the last few of days, I have had a running with Guaranty Trust Bank over some international transactions I conducted using my Naira MasterCard. My experience so far necessitated the writing of this post, I believe it is important to publish this post to get the GTBank to continually innovate and stop pouring new wine into an old bottle.

Better Service from Guaranty Trust Bank

Let me explain further, I bought a product online but I changed my mind immediately after making payment for a number of reasons. I requested for a refund from the merchant and also wrote GTBank informing them about the transaction which was a useless move because it took them over 24 hours to respond. Well, let me not bore you with the unprofessional and uncoördinated responses I got from the guys who responded to my queries because I could write 1,000 words post on that aspect of the episode (which I might still write about depending on the outcome of the ongoing discussions).

The long and short of the story is that, I got a mail with an attached document called “GTbank Card Dispute Form” and I was asked to complete the form and email it to the Card Risk department for further investigation. My grouse with this sort of instruction is that it is a complete waste of the client’s time in this era of digitization. I wrote back to them complaining that it was unfair to as customers to print and fill physical forms for online transactions. because this was a completely electronic transaction, so what is the fuss of printing out the form.

I wondered whether Paypal would ask an average American to print a form for this sort of issue? Of course, you know the answer already!!!

So, I went further to describe the painful process:

  1. Print form (what if I don’t have access to a printer)
  2. Complete it
  3. Scan it (or take a picture provided you have a good smartphone)
  4. Open up email
  5. Attach the form
  6. & then Send

GTB as far as I am concerned this is a complete waste of time and it is high time you changed this!

I also suggested that since they already had an Internet banking facility that is secured, why can’t a form be created back end so that clients who have such issues can either use the online form or the hard copy? It then becomes a thing of choice – this is how I believe a forward looking Bank should be thinking.

I concluded that email saying:

“Remember, you guys are regarded as one of the most innovative, I therefore expect nothing less except of course you drop that title.”

Well, the intro part of the response I got from GTBank read;

“We hereby acknowledge receipt of your mail and empathize with you on any inconveniences you may have experienced.”

As far as I am concerned, whoever responded to that email using the above opening script was nowhere near being empathic, it is just one of those automated, standard customer service responses. I know because I worked in Globacom customer service for 2 years.

For me, it is time Nigerians start demanding for top-notch services because we deserve it besides these banks including Guaranty Trust Bank are making tons of money from us, hence this post!

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