Quarterly Review of my 7 Goals for 2012.

Imagining the Future

Late 2011, I lost my one and only kid sister, Ada Miracle Ifeoma Agbata to the cold hands of death. It is a heart shattering experience that has humbled me tremendously and led me to asking myself periodically, what is the true essence of life? Why is it that we are here today and gone tomorrow? Who’s next I ask?

I hate to think of it but the reality is that someday it’ll be my turn, and what impact would I have made in life?

When it was time for me to decide how to best face this year considering the fact 2011 ended on a rather sad note for me. This led me to publicly set 7 Goals in a post titled 7 Commitments I have made this Year.

I came up with these Goals due to some or all of the following reasons:

  • I was pained. Yes, I was mourning and sorrowful as at the time I set the Goals, so I honestly can’t deny the fact emotions were pretty high back then.
  • I was motivated. I tried to analyse my late sister’s life, though short, yet purposeful. Doctors don’t usually show emotions but the Doctor who dressed her said she died a virgin at 27, she became emotional and philosophical about life. My motivation is to do all I possibly can to live a good and commendable life (and after life – make heaven).
  • I wasn’t sure of what I wanted. Call it lack of self confidence but the truth is that sometimes you need people to take you to the next level, especially when you are hurting. So my strategy was simply to get stuff done through the help of my friends and partners on this blog. Just by making it public, I keep pressing on so I don’t let you (and moi) down.

I challenge you to set any goal now and inform a number of people, the kinds that would naturally hold you accountable or even publicly embarrass if you failed to live up to expectation and watch the results!

Before we talk about the 7 goals, one big lesson I have learnt in life is simply this;

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

– Zig Ziglar

So there commitments and Goals are centred around helping more people become Conditioned for accomplishments (I also have my personal development and financial goals).

Recently, Joe Oye, one of my coolest allies, who found me via Google and since then we have been closely associated asked me, how my goal of writing 300 articles this year alone was faring? We never discussed privately but out of the blues he asks. I quickly replied that it was going on well……

To subject myself to further public scrutiny, here is a quick review of how far I have gone with ’em goals;

1. Get closer to God Almighty.

On this I would not say I have done exceptionally well, due man’s selfish ways whenever it comes to the things of God. This is not to say I have not made some improvements but not as God himself would expect.

I’ll keep working onto perfection with God helping me.

2. Make more Positive Impact.

This is a rather vague goal – I probably should have just said “do more good” which is more straight forward. I would not score myself 70% here because they are many instances, I may not have kept to this commitment, but one way I could say I may have done well, is using the Internet effectively.

Read my clickatell.com experience and judge for yourself if it is a good impact or now. In the addition to this, every now and then, I publish enlightening and interesting articles and the commendation I get is always humbling.

3. Create more Time for my Family.

Have I done well here?

Naa, I don’t think so….. I probably would score a below 40%. The thing about being online fully is that it is time demanding. Yes I agree, the onus is on me to find a balance somehow. I’ll work hard to improve on this?

Are you also giving your family the time and attention they deserve?

4. Publish 300+ fresh Articles online.

I don’t have an exact figure right now but I should have published somewhere around 100 high quality articles already and I am not about to stop. People often ask, why I keep publishing content and giving out so much free stuff?

I try to make them understand that by the very nature of Internet, you need to be seen as an expert in your chosen field and one major way of achieving this is the quality of content attached to your name or brand. Guess what has happened over the years, people have increasingly come to trust me that they don’t mind paying my one-on-one consultancy fees.

I would most likely publish up to 500 articles online by the end of the year.

Is there any quality content attached to your name or brand online?

5. Become Nigeria’s No. 1 SEO Services Expert.

The goal should been stated this way, “become Nigeria’s No. 1 White-hat SEO Services Expert.”

Yes, Google’s recent algorithm update saw them de-listeing over 1 million websites. This simply proves there is good (white-hat) and bad (black-hat) SEO and as far as am concerned good is always good. I do only white hat SEO.

We are on track to meeting this goal. We are currently putting finishing touches to “One Stop Shop for your Internet Solutions” and we hope to use this as a spring board to achieving this goal by serving individuals and businesses.

6. Create more Exposure for my Partners.

Yes, my passion is to create maximum exposure for everyone who contributes in one way or the other to the success of this blog.

Some of the ways, I get this done is by doing high quality SEO, month in, month out as well as effective social media marketing which is really a win, win situation.

7. Train more on Blogging, SEO, Social Media etc.

Quite frankly, I’ll score very low here because I have not sat down to decide exactly how I want to attain this goal. Is it to hold online webinars or physical meetings? I believe that by the end of the 2nd quarter some strategies should have come up.

Kindly score me right away by leaving a comment below. Do you think I have done well or not? I give you permission to scold me, scorn me, embarrass me, if I fail to reach the above stated goals or simply gives me a thumbs up if none of the above!

By the way, how are you doing with your 2012 Goals?

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