Punch Newspaper: Getting the Best of Internet with Google [ICT Clinic Page]

Google is a very innovative company whose business model is centred on offering free services and selling adverts to users. Irrespective of one’s opinion of this business strategy, the fact remains that Google provides people access to a whole range of high quality and essential services.


I first thought about this topic some months back, so I saved it in my Evernote powered ideas bank (this is how I ensure that despite my busy schedule, the ICT clinic page gets high quality content) with an intention to develop it fully much later. However, my plans changed for some reasons; first, I got a call from a prominent Nigerian who was very impressed that a tool like Google alerts does exist – this was following the last time I mentioned it as a reliable tool for brand monitoring. This is in addition to the fact that my life online is intricately tied to Google.

In this piece, I will mention a number of Google services and how I get to use them effectively. I will start with a tool known as ‘What Do You Love?’ www.wdyl.com – isn’t the name cool? It is another useful tool that I find very effective for research and brand monitoring.

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