CFA of teaching Internet marketing at FATE Foundation Nigeria recently_001
CFA of teaching Internet marketing at FATE Foundation Nigeria recently

Join FATE Foundation & CFA Leverage to Empower 50 Unemployed Graduates.

FATE Foundation alongside CFA & CFA Leverage wants to empower  50 unemployed youths by launching an initiative that will help reduce the rate of unemployment. To this end, the FATE 50 by 50 campaign has just been launched and I trust you would join us to make this program a success.

When I first got a call from the FATE team to be a partner in the project, I remembered;

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. — John F. Kennedy

Have you honestly tried to ask yourself this question?

For me this is time for action and I trust you would join to make this one project that will create some of Nigeria’s future entrepreneurs.

FATE Foundation


About FATE Foundation’s 50 by 50 Campaign

The FATE 50 by 50 Campaign is an initiave to raise funds in bits (as low as N1,000) from the Nigerian community to provide scholarships to 50 disadvantaged Nigerians under the FATE Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) covering their tuition of N50,000 each.

The target is N2,500,000 for the first stream.

How to get involved?

Simply pay in at least N1,000 into any of these accounts:

Account Name: FATE Foundation Ltd/GTE

GTB Account No.: 0000966569

Stanbic Account Number: 0002138489

Guess What?

I just contributed a thousand bucks and it was so easy – I did it with ease using Internet banking transfer.

FATE Foundation 50 by 50 Campaign

One of the reasons I love technology is convenience 🙂 I am showing you my receipt of payment just to encourage you and nothing more, all you need to contribute to the success of this program is N1,000 which I believe you are capable of.

How else can you play a role?

Simply help tell your friends on social media, blackberry and even via SMS. You can simply copy and paste the below:

‘Lend a helping hand and donate N1000 to the FATE Build-A-Richer-Life: 50 by 50 Campaign to provide training scholarships for 50 unemployed graduates to start businesses and help improve their livelihood. Please call Adetoun on 01-7623074/08033982133 for details’.

Help make this project a success. I am counting on your support as always!!!