The Ebola Virus Outbreak: Fear & Panic isn’t Helpful

People are certainly afraid of the Ebola virus, albeit for the right reasons. A disease with such a high fatality rate is certainly one that calls for worry but would fear & panic help anyone is this case? Absolutely not!

Earlier today, I had to educate some people (security personnel actually) about the virus because I noticed that they were avoiding a guy who came visiting. Although they did not believe most of what I said, I still took out time to explain. What made it more hilarious was that I had bitter kola on me and one of them quickly said “Oga no be bitter kola dey your hand so?” Meaning is it not bitter you are eating to prevent Ebola? I had to explain to them that it was for other health purposes. I finally had to escape from that scene after handing over one of it to them which they happily shared 🙂

So I’d like to scream FEAR NOT because the fear of Ebola might be as hurtful as the Ebola virus itself. This is why you must be strong and confidently face this naked reality. Have you not seen or heard what fear can do? Fear kills! The best explanation of fear I have come across is False Evidence Appearing Real.

As a Christian, I have been mandated and instructed by the Creator not to be afraid, inspite of the fact that I see the threats of this evil virus and other life threatening challenges. So the big question is why would God admonish us not to be afraid? He did not say it only once but 365 times, which goes to show that he is aware that certain situations will pop-up that will be unpleasant but we must Fear Not.

thou shall not fear

Rather than entertain fear and panic, here is what you should so about the Ebola Virus;

  • Avoid areas of known outbreaks.
  • Wash your hands often & also Minimise handshakes.
  • Use a hand sanitizer also.
  • Avoid bush or bat meat.
  • Avoid contact with infected people.
  • Follow infection-control rules.
  • Don’t handle remains.
  • Download the Ebola App
  • Support the Ebola alert initiative

You certainly will not contract Ebola, if you adhere strictly to the above instructions but you must believe that.

Don’t be Deceived

  • Salt water does not kill Ebola
  • Bitter Kola does not cure it.
  • There is no known cure at the moment other than prevention.

I found this on slideshare and I think it is quite cool so I added it here so that you check it out also.

Encourage and help someone understand the reality on ground by teaching and educating them about the Ebola Virus.

Trust God to keep you safe (from the Ebola Virus) amidst all the fear, apprehension and confusion.

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