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I am delighted to share with you a significant milestone in the advancement of identity management in Anambra State. Under the visionary leadership of Governor Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR, the Anambra State Government has successfully launched the eagerly awaited E-ID Card. As someone deeply committed to the progress of technology and its applications for societal development. The E-ID Card is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at modernizing identity management within the State civil service. It boasts robust security features, including biometric authentication, encryption, and other cutting-edge digital elements. These measures are designed to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal information, significantly reducing the risks associated with identity theft and fraudulent activity. The public presentation of the E-ID Card for State civil servants and government employees was a historic event held at the Head of Service Conference Hall, Jerome Udorji Secretariat, Awka. During this event, we showcased the advanced features of the card and demonstrated how it works and can be verified. One of the key benefits of the E-ID Card is its ability to grant quick and secure access to relevant data during interactions with government agencies. This seamless accessibility enhances service delivery and enables prompt decision-making across all levels of Government. Moreover, the integration of the E-ID Card with various government databases ensures seamless data sharing and interoperability between different departments. This synergy eliminates redundancy, enhances collaboration, and improves information accuracy and timeliness, ultimately benefiting both citizens and government officials. I would like to emphasize the collaborative effort that contributed to the success of this project. The development of the Anambra State ICT Policy involved valuable input from the Computer Science Department of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU) Awka. This achievement is a testament to the outcomes of the ICT Agency Student Internship Programme, which we launched online a few months ago. Out of over 1000 applications received, we selected five interns, all from NAU, who were attached to the ICT Agency. They worked diligently on the E-ID Card project under the leadership of the SSA to the Governor on cyber and infrastructure security and successfully delivered this innovative identification system. This collaboration represents the confluence of Government, Academia, and the Future represented by these empowered interns. In our pursuit of excellence and innovation, I had the privilege of visiting Engr. Mrs. Ibilola Olufolake Kasunmu, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology, on June 30, 2023. Engr. Kasunmu’s office oversees the implementation of the Lagos State Residents ID Card initiative. During this visit, we discussed the importance of establishing a reliable identity system in Anambra State. We explored the possibility of advancing the ID card to combine digital and physical features, similar to what has been successfully implemented in Lagos and Edo states. This interaction was valuable in sharing ideas and experiences in the field of identity management. Anambra State has reached new heights of digital advancement, and I am thrilled to report this news to you as one of the first to know. We are excited about the positive impact that this innovative identification system will have on the State and its citizens. I believe that through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to progress, Anambra State will continue to lead in technological advancements and identity management. I encourage all of you to become advocates for this transformative initiative and share this report with others to ensure that they too are aware of our technological progress. The solution is here, and Anambra will undoubtedly emerge as a winner in the realm of digital identity management.