Punch Newspaper: Dealing with email overload (2) [ICT Clinic Page]

Last week, I highlighted a number of reasons why you should make every effort to keep your inbox sane and organised. In this piece, I will attempt to discuss some solutions that I have found effective.

The first strategy I use to take back control of my inbox is the separation of my email accounts; I created more than one account using each of them for different purposes. One is dedicated to important emails; another is for social media and newsletters and so on. This strategy has worked well for me in the last four years. I also turned off some notifications from social media sites because most of the time, you get distracted by information that adds no value. Why do you have to know about every single update on each of these websites? Again, it is certainly not a productive use of your time. The newly re-designed gmail inbox features makes it easier to manage the notification but I still choose to have most of them turned off.

Have you ever heard of the term “bacn” pronounced bacon? It’s a technical term used to refer to emails that aren’t really spam because you actually subscribed to them, but such emails do not get read often because they are considered not important.

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