Punch Newspaper: Cyber crime and the future of the Internet (2) [ICT Clinic Page]

The future of the Internet may truly be uncertain as stated by some experts.

Just a few days ago, in many parts of the world, people experienced problems connecting to various websites. This was said to be the biggest attack on the Internet.

Could you have imagined that a mere quarrel between two organisations (Spamhaus and Cyberbunker) would cause the Internet to slow down considerably for a day or two in many countries?

According to the reports, Cyberbunker sent a massive DDoS attack (this will be explained in the concluding part) at 300 gigabits per second to Spamhaus – a Geneva-based spam fighting group because the latter blacklisted it.

This again shows that the issue of cybercrime and cyber-security should be taken more seriously. We can no longer pretend that it doesn’t exist.

The big question is, what can you do as an individual to protect yourself from cybercriminals?

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