7 Commitments I have made this Year

Now, let me say straight up;

no more new year resolutions for me, rather it’s now new year commitments.

I have decided to make some commitments to my Creator, my family, friends, partners, subscribers and myself.

It is my opinion that you will likely achieve more, if you make a commitment to yourself and tell the world about, so that you will be forced to keep to it.

Below are some of my commitments

1. Get closer to God Almighty

This year, I intend to work more for my Creator. It is often been said that your level of spirituality detemines your overall happiness. I am a Christian and I intend to bear good fruits, so irrespective of your beliefs you should also bear good fruits.

The death of my dear sister, Ada Miracle Agbata is the main reason I took this decision. That very experience (read the story here) has become a major turning point in my life, it proves that life is but a candle in the wind.

Consequently, I working on a new site www.jointhehappypeople.com (a Christian site) – I intend to apply my SEO, Social Media consulting skills to create a platform where christian writers can share their thoughts with the purpose of drawing men closer to God.

Food for Thought: Do you consider your Creator in your daily existence? What is your commitment to God?

For Christians: Can people actually see the fruits of the Spirit in you?

2. Make more Impact

I have made a commitment to make a greater impact in the lives of individuals and businesses.

I want to see more testimonials like this;

Food for Thought: Are you touching lives with your passion? Remember, you can make an impact however small.

3. Create more Time for my Family  

I have made a commitment to give my family more of my time. I am the work-hard-to-succeed kind of guy, which makes me give less attention to my family. The funny thing is that I always promise them that soon it will all be over and they will have my full attention.

For instance, I feel guilty because I gave more attention to my work than my late sister, I assumed she was going to be here for a long time to come, alas, that was not to be!  She was Gone too Soon….. Some things just can’t be b so value them now!

Food for Thought: Do you have time for your family? Make a commitment to your family right away!

4. Publish 300+ fresh Articles online  

I intend to increase the number of articles I have published online by 100%.

I have published well over 300+ articles covering various niche, but with this commitment, I have to publish 300 more articles this year.

Food for Thought: When are you starting a blog so you can publish content at will?

5. Become Nigeria’s No. 1 SEO Services Expert  

SEO is indeed an emerging field and I predict it will become a huge industry in the nearest future, therefore my commitment is to become Nigeria’s No. 1 SEO Services Expert.

This commitment would enable me make more impact virally.

Food for thought: What do you plan to become this year?

6. Create more Exposure for my Partners

I am pretty fortunate to have an online brand that grows stronger by the day and this has created a platform to meet people on a regular basis.

Some of the folks I meet turn out to become Partners and I am committed to helping such folks become Conditioned for Accomplishments (online and offline) especially our Contributing Authors, who have become one of the pillars of CFAgbata.com

They will surely benefit from my ever evolving Online Business Solutions and Business Consulting services.

Food for Thought: Would you love to benefit from CFAgbata.com growing influence? Read our write for us guideline.

7. Train more on Blogging, SEO, Social Media etc.

My status as an Online Business Coach is on the rise, so therefore, I have made a commitment to train more on the possibilities available online. The number of people I am helping become pro. bloggers and SEO professionals is on the increase.

More and more people / businesses are heading online, so I urge you to be proactive and give the internet the attention it deserves in your life and business.

Food for thought: Are you truly positioned online?

That’s it! A few of my commitments, how about yours? What are you new year resolutions (commitments)

Happy New Year Folks 🙂

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