How CFA Leverage can help your Small Businesses Grow

Be spoke internet solutions from cfa leverageSuddenly I have become so busy that sometimes I stop to ask myself, is this what I really want?

Yes, I enjoy the fact that I write, speak and offer services that will help people and businesses grow but I don’t want to be so busy making money/impact and not have time to really LIVE.

Be careful of what you wish for…….

Well, this is a matter for another day because for today I wanted to publicly share one of the emails, the CFA Leverage team has been sending out lately. I believe that this email carries a lot of value for any small business owner out there, especially those stuck in the old ways of doing business and confused how to get started online.

The fact is that the face of business is fast changing and guess what? In a few years time, mobile will take over from the Internet as we know it, so the question is; are you prepared now, will you be prepared then?

…….the email reads;

Are you maximizing the Internet to grow your brand and business?

Consider these:

The Internet is the fastest growing economy and by 2016 will be bigger than the entire German economy. – CNN

Internet businesses contribute over 12% to the UK’s GDP. – BBC

Nigeria now has over 45 million+ Internet users (10th in the world) out 160 million+ people.

The above gives credence to the fact that the Internet should be a key part of your overall marketing/strategy plan and this is where CFA Leverage comes in – our services are affordable and effective and can produce long and short term benefits.

Stop doing business the old school way alone – start leveraging the Internet today!

What’s the use having a website if it does not add to the bottom line?

Even if you already have a great website and unique products/services, you’ll still need to tell (market it to) people about it for them to visit. This is the role Internet marketing and eBusiness plays in today’s fast paced society. Also, the new cashless society program by the CBN points to the fact that eBusiness can only get bigger here.

Our services include:

  • Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing (PPC) Advertisement
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services)
  • Video creation and marketing
  • Website and Blog development
  • Online press releases
  • Design services etc.

Visit our services page for more information.

We can help you maximize your Internet presence. Don’t take our word for it, read what others say about us.

About Us

CFA Leverage is an Internet solutions company with a passion to help you succeed online. Simply visit or hit the reply button to get more information.

P.S: Are you a Media or PR agency/firm or Web development company? We offer white reseller solutions backed by an NDA, which means we do all the back end work while you Interface with your clients.

P.S.S: Are you part of an NGO or governmental/religious organisation? As part of our CSR, we are willing to train your members for FREE.

There you have it, the above letter has already hit the inbox of thousands of small business owners either directly or through their social media profiles.

I trust you will take action if you are that business owner looking for avenues to find new clients and increase sales. All the best and let me know if you find this information useful by commenting below. Thanks:)

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