CFA Laptonize Nigeria Project just got Bigger & Better (Own a Laptop from N20,000)

I am happy to announce that close to 1,000 individuals and businesses have benefited from the CFA Laptonize Nigeria project that was quietly flagged off right on this blog.

Despite the beauty of the project, some have accused us of misleading with the public with the caption “Own a Laptop for N20,000” while I am not here to join issues because the beauty about life is that we all have right to our opinions. Irrespective of what camp you belong to, one fact remains that we are taking a BIG risk venturing into credit just to be able to help more people get online.

As far as I am concerned there is absolutely nothing wrong with the caption own a laptop from N20,000 because on receipt of the first payment of N20,000 the brand new laptop is released, so what happens to us if for any reason you decide to bail or even refuse to pay out rightly?

A few days ago a very experienced banker walked up to me and she asked; “CFA are you sure you know what you are doing?” Even big banks have been dealt with seriously even with all the checks and balances they put in place, what would you do in case of a default – quite frankly this got me thinking, so don’t be too surprised we have changed our strategy a bit.CFA, Laptop

However, my prayer is that God Almighty should continue to send the right kind of people our way, who understand the risks involved in this sort of venture and who would keep to their commitment after collecting their laptops.

Actually, I have 2 piece of information to share and I will start with the fact that we have added more brands of laptops (see below) to the project all in a bid to meet the needs of more people.

Before, I proceed to talk about all the brands we now have on offer, let me also stress that we have decided to tweak our strategy a bit. Here is what our new procedure looks like;

  • 1. Payment of 20,000 (with exception of MAC Air, has to be in 3 equal installments)
  • 2. Issue post dated cheques (max of 3 months – no more 6 months due to increased demand).
  • 3. Fill the guarantor’s form (must be signed by buyer, seller, guarantor & witness).
  • 4. Laptop will then be handed over

Again, this offer is not open to everybody because we need to safeguard the project against dishonest people looking/planning to abuse it. We reserve the right to refuse supplying you the laptop at our own discretion.

Here are all the laptops we currently have on offer:

Laptop Configuration




Mac Air

Hard Disk 320GB 320GB 320GB 128GB
Processor Intel Dual Core AMD Atom Intel Corei5
LCD Size 15.6 Inch 15.6 Inch 10.1 Inch 13 Inch
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wlan/Camera Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD/RW Yes Yes No No
Operating System Win. 7 Win. 8 Win. 7 Os X

Cost per Unit

N85,000 N80,000 N65,000 N235,000

Our goal is to empower more Nigerians to leverage ICT by owning their own laptops, so that as a Nation we can all begin to reap the full benefits of Information & Communication Technology.

If after reading the above and you are still interested in buying a laptop through the CFA Laptonize Nigeria project then you may kindly Call Wale 08053533156 or Austin 08027800221 or Joseph 08036245734 or Okey 07065644849 if interested.
Please share if you if helpful. I sincerely appreciate you!

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