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What To Consider, In Building Your Company’s Website

Until now, the development and design of a website appeared like rocket science to non-tech people. With the use of a number of tools, the process has been demystified.

Services, like WordPress and Wix, have appeared to make the process seamless, though other significant factors that require consideration.

Stefano Maruzzi, Vice-President, GoDaddy markets in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, remarked about website building, “The good news is that launching a great-looking website doesn’t need to cost thousands of rand or soak up dozens of hours of your precious time. With the right tools and some basic tips, a time- and cash-strapped small business owner can set up an affordable, professional-looking website in a short amount of time,”

He noted three key areas, you should put into consideration when building your company’s website

What is your call to action?
What do you want your website to do? This is a question you should ask. Is it showcasing services, establishing authority in your industry, generation leads, or, business visibility?

On determining what you desire to achieve and then, proceed to enable your visitors to act on your website.

Read a blog post, put a call through to a phone number and purchase a product. These are a few actions that prompt your visitors.

With all these in consideration, you would have an idea of the type of content, functionality, and features that will get added to your website.

What’s in a name?
Every website has a nomenclature, which is the domain name. That name that comes, after the triple “w” and it must signify what your business is all about, but what are the things to put into consideration?

Keeping the name, short and simple, making it easy to type, including keywords and mapping out your area of location.

What is the hosting platform?
Your company’s website is ready and has a name, but only visible to you because it is yet to get hosted. You need to put it online, for it to get visible to visitors and you do this, by hosting it on a platform.

A number of hosting platforms are out there, but you need to make sure that your hosting provider guarantees you some factors, before employing its services.

Factors, such as adequate bandwidth, storage capability, technical support, security, and reliability, should be agreed upon between you and the hosting platform.

It is recommended that a reputable hosting platform should be considered for your website. It might, however, be quite expensive.

It is better than, you bear the financial implication now than a time you start having complications.

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