Wale Aboderin

…My Good Mentor, Wale Aboderin is Laid to Rest Today

I am indeed saddened but grateful to God Almighty that on this day 15th of June, 2018, Wale Aboderin aka D Chair, Chairman, Punch Newspapers who was a good friend, boss and mentor, will be committed to mother earth. He died on May 30, 2018 at 6.05a.m after a heart surgery at

The book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 vs 1-2 (NKJV) reads; to everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: A time to born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted.

These verses of the Holy Bible are indeed true to every human being on earth, a time will certainly come when we will all have to say good-bye to this world. The biggest questions afterwards will be:

  1. Where would you spend eternity?
  2. How would you be remembered?

This gentleman who spent 60 years on planet earth will be remembered for the thousands of lives he touched and all the good he did. He was a man of the people who treated everyone irrespective of age or class with utmost respect.

I wrote a more detailed tribute that was published in the Punch Newspaper.

Three weeks before D Chair passed away, he sent me a message at midnight asking me to see him the following day. How can I forget his very last words to me that fateful day, as I was about to take my leave? He said “CFA, I don’t know how much you believe in yourself but I believe so much in you.” I smiled and replied, thank you D Chair.

Honestly, now I am blaming myself in a way, why was I not sensitive enough to understand that the sudden, unplanned meeting was Wale Aboderin’s personal farewell to me? I am convinced that this good man of a rare breed, who lived to see others happy wanted to give me one last dose of inspiration, that is the type I’d always remember.

Rest on D Chair for you imparted not just my life but thousands of others whom you met along your journey on Earth and your blessed memory lives on. I knew you personally for only a short time but these will remain unforgettable years in my life.

May the good Lord comfort the Wale Aboderin family, The Punch, Dolphins Female Basketball and all those that you left behind and grant everyone grace to attempt living a richly rewarding life like you did, Amen.

A good man is laid to rest today!

May his good memory live forever in Jesus name, Amen!

Charles Bruce Chukwuma

Chaz B, certainly gone too soon!

Dr. Myles Munroe & Chaz B
Dr. Myles Munroe & Chaz B – 2 great men in transition!!!

The pain that comes with the death of loved one is indescribable – it is the kind of situation that divine help is needed to pull through. The Christian community is certainly pained by the passing unto glory of two of their great sons – Dr. Myles Munroe and Charles Bruce Chukwuma aka Chaz B, the popular OAP who anchors the show sharing life issues on Rhythm 92.3 FM.

I am not writing this post because I am a fan of the program as such but due to the fact that I am not so much of an emotional person. That said, I however believe it is expedient for me to write this post because I am convinced about the fact that Chaz B was in the centre of his calling (purpose) and he certainly touched lives across the length and breathe of this world. He died doing what he loved, which goes with what Myles Munroe suggested that you should go to the grave empty – die with the intention of disappointing the grave!

Let me leave you with a video where you are urged by Dr. Myles to die empty:

I refuse to die full, God helping me I intend to die empty – I’ll work hard to fulfill the purpose of my creation!

Chaz B was one of the few guys that you would tune into and hear someone on the other end crying uncontrollably for one reason or the other and the few times I stumbled on the show, I would hear him bluntly and truthfully counsel callers and listeners who would call from as far as the North or East. His reach was certainly growing to God’s glory!

Have you watched his testimony of how God gave him a 2nd or even 3rd chance to live. Go watch it here.

What more can I say?

Chaz B nwannem, je nke oma (meaning Chaz B my brother, go well) – may the good Lord grant your family grace and fortitude to bear your irreplaceable loss and may God grant those of us alive the understanding to realize that anybody can die at anytime but our prayer is that we are ready when our Lord and Master calls.

Remember, after death comes judgement. Are you ready?

“People generally fall into one of three groups: the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens. Every person is either a creator of fact or a creature of circumstance. He either puts color into his environment, or, like a chameleon, takes color from his environment.” -? Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles Munroe

An Unforgettable Handshake with Dr. Myles Munroe

If you are one of my friends on Social Media, then you may have noticed that in the last 2 weeks most of my shares and broadcasts have been around notable quotes from Dr. Myles, who sadly is no longer with us.

Dr. Myles MunroeOh death! Where is thy sting? Indeed my heart was literally shattered when I heard about the passing away of this man of God who literally traversed the globe with the gospel of Jesus Christ, in a most unusual way. The Almighty God in his infinite wisdom knows best why he had to take him away – all we can do at this point is to pray for his family and congregation he left as well as pray that when our time comes too, we will be prepared.

I have planned this post about a day after his demise but I have struggled with finding time to fully develop it and choosing the most suitable topic for the post because it is simply mind-blowing talking about him and all his giant strides. Dr. Myles is one guy that thousands and possibly millions have written about across the Internet, so I would not exactly rehash all that they have said. Not very few men can carry out all that he accomplished during his 60 year sojourn on planet earth.

My first and last physical encounter with this great man was earlier in year when he visited Nigeria on the invitation of Institute of National Transformation (INT) as one of the speakers at their annual convention – I must say that INT is another organisation poised to make a difference in Nigeria. At that meeting, Dr. Myles Munroe spoke repeatedly about how the change we so desire in Nigeria is in our hands and how we should stand up and say no to corruption. His words were blunt and direct, yet so true, even a pin would sound like a bomb had someone dropped one because of the super silence in the auditorium that fateful day. Infact, it was a morning session and Myles was so loaded that a special appeal was made for him to return again later that evening for another session.

It was my first time seeing him physical so I watched in amazement at his level of wisdom and depth – I was glad that I attended that event because it was a life changing session. After the session, he made his way to the exit holding his dear wife, firmly with his left hand, as soon as he saw me approaching the exit from the left side of the auditorium, he stretched forth his hands and gave me firm handshake with a super body language that proved it was not just an ordinary handshake – I am not sure exactly what he said now, I think he said God bless you or something. But as soon he shook me, I received the anointing with all my hearts because I understood that this guy simply had the grace and favour of God upon his life.

After that encounter, I stood outside for a while until they both entered the car that brought him to the meeting place. Little did I know that will be the first and last time I’d get to see Dr. Myles Munroe in person or even shake his hand. I thank God he lived a life of purpose and I believe his death is heaven’s gain.

I’d live you with this illuminating video of Dr. Myles Munroe and our own Victor Oladokun as they discuss purpose, so the question is; have you found God’s purpose for your life?

As a Christian, I am consoled by this scripture and having lost a dear little sister, I know how painful the death of a loved one can be……..

1 Thessalonians 4:14-17 (NKJV)

14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.[a]

15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.

My last advice is “live everyday like it is your last!”


R.I.P Dimgba Igwe – Make the most of your days

Dimgba-Igwe-360x280Death is the final end and we shall all face it one way or the other, we all pray to live long but only God knows who would live long and who would not. The fact is that is really not how long one lives but how well – my late kid sister would have been 30 years on the 26th of August, 2014 but that was not to be because she is no more.

I woke up to the news that Dimgba Igwe a rather popular and unassuming journalist is dead and according to the story published in the Punch he was killed by a hit and run driver.

We understand that the incident happened in Okota where he resided, I happen to know that area quite well and so the first question that came to my head when I heard the news was, how possible is this because Okota is known for its bad roads, however, there is a possibility that this may have occurred around the portion of Ago-palace way that was recently reconstructed. Drivers are usually on top speed after spending hours at the other end that is completely impassable.

Some of the comments that followed the story suggests that his death may have political connections, well one cannot really say exactly what happened but the fact remains that Dimgba Igwe is painfully no more. Of course, the hit and ran driver will certainly not have peace until he owns up and say what truly happened. In all honesty, I sometimes do not blame hit and run drivers because the truth is that irrespective of whose fault it is, the driver of the car will likely face instant jungle justice from hoodlums – I have seen this happen and it was not pleasant.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to his family because it is always a painful experience to loose a loved one. One of the things I loved most about him is that fact that he believed so much in partnership. Mike Awoyinfa and Dimgba Igwe have proven that partnerships can indeed work, which is a great lesson for the younger generation.

In most of their business ventures or professions that were public knowledge, Dimgba was usually deputy while Mike was the boss as it were and yet they flourished, working together year after year, they did so many things together too many to mention. One conclusion from this is that humility was likely one of Dimgba’s virtues. He will be truly missed!

As painful as it sounds, life goes on but for those of us alive do remember that it could have been anyone and yes it can happen to anyone of us so we must always be ready and live everyday like it’s the last. Let us learn to make the most of our days on earth. Live a life that please the Lord. Make out time for your family. Volunteer your time in helping others. Prepare to meet the Saviour and understand that He will judge all our works while on earth.

Remember when you are no more, it’s the legacy that you leave while on earth that will speak for you.

What more can I say? Rest in Peace sir!

CFA and Prof Pat Utomi

4 Reasons why Prof. Pat Utomi’s Legacy will Stand the Test of Time

This is my own way of celebrating Prof. Pat Utomi who celebrated his birthday recently. I was physically on ground to rejoice with him – happily playing a small role in ensuring that the annual lecture/birthday celebration was a success and indeed it was 🙂

Not too often do I use this platform to pay tribute to people irrespective of their accomplishments not because I don’t recognize what they have done, it’s just me not finding the time to write…..

On a few occasion, I have found time to write about a couple of great Nigerians, sadly, I wrote about Late Gani Fawehinmi and Tayo Adenirokun after they had passed on. I wrote about Fola Adeola a number of times and I did while he is alive (I am trying to get him to accept an interview). Today, I am pleased to write about Prof. Pat Utomi, one Nigerian I truly admire and respect not because he super-human who has not made any mistakes but because constantly I see his genuine drive and quest for a better Nigeria.

As a young man, I can clearly recall staying up late at Night to watch Patito’s gang – a TV programme that positively influenced my thinking about Nigeria and life in general. I loved the constructive criticisms and positive arguments which endeared me to other members of the gang such as Chris Asoluka, Reuben Abati, Ije Jidenma etc.

This post is not influenced because I happen to know Prof. personally now (afterall I wrote a piece about Fola Adeola without knowing him personally), the truth is that Prof. Pat Utomi deserves to be respected by any well meaning Nigerian.

4 Reasons why Prof Pat Utomi Legacy will stand the test of time

1. His Love for God
Across board, I have heard mostly positive reports about Prof. Pat Utomi and the fact that he is working selflessly towards a greater Nigerian state can only be as a result of his love for God.
He has been a devout Christian and a long time member (and now National Director) of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. Whenever I get to interact with Prof. I see the peace and calmness all around him which can only but come from God.
2. Patriotism
Prof. has built goodwill far and wide both locally and internationally. A growing percentage of youths regard him as a true patriot of our generation. The just concluded event lays credence to this fact. Well over 500 people were present at the 10th CVL annual lecture to respect and honour this great man.
cVL 10th annual celebrations
I observed two highly respected Nigerians – Elder Felix Ohiwerei and Dr. Muhammed Sa’ad Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto as they sat down patiently for over 4 hours in Prof’s honour. Not only them, Gov.’s  My point is that “the goodwill he has is as a result of the selfless service and patriotism others see in him.
3. Enterprise Development
I know Prof. has been involved in a lot of ventures so I will just mention one that has stood the test of time and that is the “Pan-African University” – would Nigeria still have developed with PAU? The answer is yes, so has the institution played any role in Nigeria’s economic development? Absolutely, show me that one successful corporate titan that has not been to PAU/LBS for one course or the other.
Prof. Pat Utomi’s laudable contribution to this great institution will stand the test of time. An institution that has helped develop business managers and entrepreneurs in their thousands.
At this point, I would like to mention two great companies that Prof. has played a role one way or the other in helping them evolve into top notch organisations. They are:
a. Businessday Newspapers (Mr. Frank Aigbogun) – unarguably Nigeria’s foremost business newspaper since inception.
b. Swift Networks (Mr. Charles Anudu) – Who has changed the face of Internet service like swift? I have a customer of this company for 8 years now 🙂 and I know how much impact they have made.
Go find out how these 2 organisations alone have changed the fortunes of millions directly and indirectly, then you would respect our dear Prof. Pat Utomi more.
4. Youth Development
CFA and Prof Pat Utomi
CFA and Prof Pat Utomi

The Centre for Values in Leadership‘s Role Model Forum (RMF) has literally been a blessing to thousands including yours truly – I have been blessed both as an attendee and a speaker at the event. A monthly programme that brings together young professionals who listen to entrepreneurs who have made, tell them how it all happened.

Secondly, I have often asked myself, why would Prof. endorse Network marketing (a marketing system I believe in too IF done right)? The only answer that comes to my mind is that he has carefully looked at it as business model that can help reduce the rate of unemployment in our dear country.
I could go on and on mentioning all the good works of Prof. Pat Utomi but that would not be necessary at this point. I believe the 3 points above clearly proves that if Christ tarries and long after he has left this world; his legacy will speak for him come what may.
To a Patriot, Scholar, Father, Mentor, Father and Friend; I wish you many more years ahead and I pray that the good Lord will help you fulfil your destiny on Earth in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

Remembering Whitney Houston and Some of Her Choices

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston had a choice just like everyone us and there is no doubt that some of the choices she made directly or indirectly contributed to her death.

Be that as it may, Whitney Houston will be greatly missed by almost everyone who heard her sing. If my late sister were to be alive today, she would also be sad to hear this because we grew up singing and screaming: I iiii eha will always love you…… every now and then 🙂

According to dailymail.co.uk, Legendary singer and film star whitney houston died in her hotel room after a long battle with hard drugs and alcohol that blighted her career. She was 48. The star was found by her bodyguard drowned in a bathtub in a room containing prescription pill bottles, according to sources.

Paramedics battled to revive the singer but she was pronounced dead at 3.55pm yesterday afternoon. Her frantic daughter Bobbi Kristina, 19, is said to have got into a ‘furious screaming argument’ with police who refused to let her into the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles to see the body of her dead mother. Friends of Miss Houston’s cousin Dionne Warwick, who also went to the hotel to try to see the body, have said that she is ‘inconsolable’.

The cause of death is not yet known. There were no illegal drugs in the fourth floor hotel suite but the previous evening she had ‘partied heavily, drank and chatted loudly’ with friends at the hotel bar, claims TMZ.

Death is the inevitable end of every man and woman. It will be one day be our turn, when that day comes what will your story be? What legacy would you leave behind?

Is it a legacy of crime, theft, corruption, wickedness or love, empowerment, motivation etc.?

In 2009, the Guinness World Records cited her as the most-awarded female act of all time. [3] Her list of awards includes two Emmy Awards, six Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, and 22 American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. – Source: Wikipedia

Whitney Houston had a Calling…

Without sounding so hysterical, I strongly believe that Whitney Houston was created specially to glorify God with her voice, now whether she did it well or not is not for me to judge. I believe her “I’ll always love you” track has healed so many broken hearts and mended countless relationships worldwide. If you doubt this, get together with your spouse and play this track and come back to report the results 🙂
whitney houston

She started out singing in a gospel choir of the Baptist church until she was discovered by Clive Davis CEO of Arista Records. She had a church background and those close to her say she would often start singing gospel songs every now and then. It is on record that her first solo performance in the church was “Guide me, oh Thou Great Jehova” Even some days before her death, she performed at a pre-Grammy party hosted by fellow Singer Kenny Lattimore and it was reported that she sang the gospel classic “Jesus Loves Me” with Kelly Price.

I just hope she reconciled with her Creator before or while in that bathtub……

Whitney Houston followed her Heart

Her family members were totally against her decision to marry her sweetheart, Bobby Brown but because she was an adult, who had the right to make Choices, she went her ahead and married him.

You and I can attest that was the greatest mistake late Whitney Houston made, no thanks to Bobby, she became a drunk and an addict of various deadly substance. In 2006, she decided to put an end to the torture called marriage which finally came through in 2007 but then the deed was done.

Until she died, it was all struggles. Her “loving” ex-husband could not even cancel his musical performance that same night in honour of the woman he both loved and destroyed. I must give her kudos to have put up this fellow for so long, I remember that a month after the court gave approval for the divorce, he came back to the court claiming custody of the child plus spousal support. How insane can a man be?

Whitney Houston’s memory lives on….

She came, she saw but she conquered more in music industry than other areas of life. This notwitstanding her memory lives on.

She discovered her passion very early and stayed with it even when she got a job as a model, she kept her eyes on the goal, until the break came the day Clive discovered her extra ordinary talent. She had a choice to either become a super model or stay with music, her very first love.

Whitney Houston was one of the world’s best-selling music artists, having sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide.

May God Almighty in his infinite mercies grant the Houstons the grace to bear this loss. Losing a loved one is a loss that you cannot comprehend, if you have not experienced it.